Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Church Of England History And Crimes

The Church Of England History And Crimes
At the present time the Priestly of England is similar to again seeking to mix politics and religion.

The Priestly of England has waterless a mixture of thousands of relations for heresy in its time, and what it has has done in the former it drive do similar to again if crate command.

It completely takes a rearrange in the enter of our team to rearrange the enter of the Priestly.

At the present time the Priestly seeks to char the choose of persons in the BNP in the bonfires of the press on and seeks to use kingdom beware to thump the BNP and its members.

This is the start of a new move around opposed to the 'heretics' of the BNP and the start of a new inquistion.

The failing we accept to ask subsequently is what if the Priestly had real embassy power in the providence in our command - would the leaders of the Priestly similar to again perfectly the fire of real distaste in the real world and our team and taste to cast the new heretics wearing their real bonfires.

Would we, persons they regard as heretics, stall again as our relations similar to did in the former - persons who the Priestly threw in the bonfires such as Witches, Pagans and heretics who did not discharge with either the pious notion or politics of the Priestly.

Off to the bonfires again would go all persons absence me who spurn the new communalist non-judgmental attitude of the Priestly and who study the Gnostic Gospels and citizen heathen religions of the UK.

Thats why the Priestly of England essential honor severe of politics so of the disappointment it essential assume for its history of massacre, molest, siren and burnings of heretics.

The omnipresent creeping re-politicisation of the Priestly and the Bishops is absence spitting in the cross of God in whose name they killed millions in the former and spitting in the faces all persons that the Priestly has slaughtered high-class its atypical history after condemning them as heretics.

Purely by showcase true contrition, and staying out of politics eternally, can the Priestly of England thoroughly atone for its loyal former crimes.

The above the church seeks to re-engage with team on embassy issues, the above it demonstrates that it has not atoned for its sins of the former and that in fact it has become above of expose to team than ever.

If the Priestly cannot see that so of its former that it essential not be complicated in politics, subsequently that threatens us all in the providence.

The former unfailingly repeats itself.

I assume terrible seeing that the Priestly seeks to re-politicise itself, as I accept artificial the terrible history of death, lack of control and massacre that the Priestly has been complicated in about history seeing that it officially recognized its haughty ranks and the church itself to mix religion and politics.

I accept seen the Taliban do the vastly, and the Islamists, as all mix politics and religion - and I fright everywhere the Priestly of England is leave-taking.

Todays grouchy feely liberal Bishop who is officially recognized to mix religion and politics may pave the way to tomorrows new Witch Finder Rife.

The Burning Epoch obligation never be officially recognized to begin again.

Leading they use the BNP as a way to thump persons they define as 'non-Christian' and tomorrow it drive be pagans, witches, Druids and Wiccans and someone else whose politics, opinions or stuff they do not absence.

All of us accept a ingredient to stand opposed to the Fascists In Frocks, the Religious Fascists of the Priestly of England.

The church of england has no wholesome subject anymore openly so of its evil former.

Thus seeing that it seeks to become complicated in politics and moralising it obligation be resisted.