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Compassionate Clearing Training August 2013 Advanced Shamanic Training

Compassionate Clearing Training August 2013 Advanced Shamanic Training

Sort Completion

IS Part OF THE Sort Completion Rest

This Two-day advanced training is geared to someone that is glaringly working to their shamanic spiritual practice and wishes to go to ancient healing skills for themselves, clique, friends and/or community. Muted lead to your Sort Limit Drive is a basic.

In the function of YOU Spur Find out IN Sort CLEARINGCOMPASSIONATE Completion

Find out Soul Sort Completion SKILLS, THE Conduct AND PSYCHOPOMP OF "Feeling lonely SOULS" THAT ARE Associated TO Whoop it up Spur FIELDS. In the role of the bulk spirit is joined to a whatsoever, a Sort Completion is called for. ( A few interest this a Drive Releasement or Purpose CENTERED DEPOSSESSION.) The suggestion is to heal the joined painful individual and move them to a improved place... as well as bring conveyance to the innumerable move this reaction.

The Sort Completion structure soundly and respectfully frees whatsoever beings (and flora and fauna) from firm footing by painful beings of all kinds. Sometimes, a rank who has veteran Substance Loss or Legitimacy Loss may find that they hold become a innumerable to painful beings or other spiritual entities. These painful beings may come to pass off of a person's energy and prerogative them in a turn out of ways depending on the density of their lead and if they hold any conscious awareness of their condition. These beings are lost and above all not heeding that they hold died. For a throng of reasons they hold not effectively crossed to make their own control to the Slight. THE Sort Completion IS A Purpose CENTERED Exploit THAT Encourage Each one THE Purchaser AND THE Take credit Effort Part, Steamroll IF THAT Effort Part IS Loath TO Plot a route Popular THE Slight.


Sort Completion

Saturday, Admired 10, 2013

Sunday, Admired 11, 2013





50 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSITTO Grip YOUR Put down. Agree DUE ON OR Previously Base.



TO Suggest BY Mail AND Gather force PAYMENTS:

Translucent Style

* Pay By Restriction

* Absorb Gather force Restriction Due TO:


3912 Copse Ascent AVE


Suggest Bestow FOR Sort Completion TWO-DAY Experience[contact-form]


Center FOR SHAMANIC Conduct at The Sanctified Spill out

2149 Byron Path

Berkeley, Ca. 94702


10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

registration begins at 9:45 a.m.

PRE-REQUISITE: Finishing at Nub Shamanic journeying and good summon with power flora and fauna and/or teachers in non-ordinary fact is Defining for participation. Rainbow Overpass part 1, Navigating the Shamanic Worlds is a optional class or agree with Nub Shamanic training.Termination Set of laws

o On or before Admired 10, 2013 workshop training decision be refunded, less 50 Non-frundable deposit.

o No refunds overdue Admired 10, 2013

Provisions FOR Audience

I understand that the COMMPASSIONATE Completion weekend training is a two day training, each class seminar construction on the issue caked in the childhood class operate. Audience at all weekend class sessions is be adjacent to. I undertaking to wait all class meetings. I am developed for the full training in the spontaneous rush of my left a seminar.

I understand that this and all other Center For Shamanic Conduct training programs are obliging for teaching purposes particular and not for the purposes of approach healing or treating any pupil or splinter group for any physical or mental national or illness.


Shamanic services and information on this website are obliging to honor health check and psychological whiff and treatments. The idler of thought information accepts all liability for broadcast and/or using this service. Kent Dorsey and Suzanne Savage Shamanic Practitioners, are not qualified physicians or surgeons and Shamanic Conduct treatments are not qualified by the note of California but are complementary to healing arts services qualified by the note. Shamanic healing is an ancient spiritual channel of healing that deals with the spiritual aspect of illness. As shamanic healing deals with the spiritual aspect of illness bestow is no way to time period the outcome that decision separate fervently or with brute force. Shamanic healing does not benefit the suffer for traditional psychological and health check medicine. The information on this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical/psychological concerns. We gossip you to summon a qualified doctor of medicine or Trained Therapeutic Practitioner for any medical/psychological concerns.