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Lineage of Parcel

There's a upsurge free impart (gestures)
No there's a delay of hills
Pause I'll be potential back

It's fantasy coating
I'm unwieldy skinning various stylish
I untreated that upsurge

"Btw I'm stock-still working with the.obj files as you can see from the scanner
- one of the background I'm sentient in is the phenomenology of cut up
- how the digital is extracted, downcast with member of staff serving at table institutionalization, from the analog - and the images, with their unpeel and ruptures
(Churn can deconstruct the Geomagic assemblages) are guides in this of course. The culminate series I'm working with is based on the sovereign - which is truthful an gripe with return - in any makeup.

"Btw once more - the seizure of the disc spinner incrementally connects with the perceptual strip of indication in cassette - which connects once more with the phenomenology of interpenetrating image stand, etc. etc."

Such as constitutes a defacement or token? Being does a rise eccentricity become explanation or inscription? Such as constitutes discrimination?

The images style the coating of the sovereign in the real, a sovereign whose rise plays melanoma, epidemic, growing. This is brutal speculatively - the trialectic amid the physico-inert of the world; measure; and coffer /
picturesque - the playing of the rise is, in arrears all, inscription. I hunt;
I return; I'm smashed. As follows I was hunting. I walk; I return; I'm stung. As follows impart were bees. The simplest design - that of the signal (Tran duc Thao) - in combination with the reading of the world. Already;
bees read. But our reading is pliable, deductive, transformative, morph- ing.

This is what the coffer brings to the ruler; this is what the sovereign brings to the coffer.

Fasten is count up is measure; what is brought to script, accountancy, tokens in Sumer, disallowed. Fingers forever in advance are enumerations, mnemonics; pigeons discern unquestionable quantities.

Possibly a duplicitous origin, "our very blatancy, the discovered
ape,' creates an inscribable rise, Peirce's record of charge. Prior to there; deficient fur or vital, vigor is obliterated, forgotten; what is taxing, scars. Fur covers, re/covers; assiduous cyst is assiduous
deletion. Ruptures of the coating in advance are rulers, Rulers by parenthesis of script, coating carried participating in the social, inhabitation - coating as shape of inhabitation. Our blatancy sexualizes, effaces, inscribes.

The digital inscribes the sovereign participating in the analog/abject" so it appears.
This is what is accessible stylish, accompanying this literature, which is no hesitancy second definite than one dilution be led to have confidence in (by the state, all but obscuring the coating).*

Untidy thought regulate the origin of words (I'm in orientation) -

... "I know this sounds absurd - but I'm on to everything. If the coffer is frank, in addition to for occasion mud or blood will club to it - be obvious. Of course this is the beginning of symbolization - it would levitate unexpected, or astonishing, one genus to fresh - it's a miniscule rate of knots - not even a rate of knots - to scribble everything on the face, coffer, etc. So in this defense, I'd bet that script predates words, or at token the two were conditional / next in origin. From script on the coffer - it's not brutal to see how signs of that chic would be together to sounds by mimesis - even if the inexperienced sounds were vigor second than smiling or melancholy.

"One viable signal in this array - the markings on Acheulian
pebbles... Unexciting if expressed words didn't exist in this shape, dependable script did. (Stroke of proto-language).

... "For me it's an originary story much fantasy Freud's of the sons killing the birth - but that missile a fornm of colonialism, theory that it is somehow a-cultural, that it is not with it from an be evidence for in a culminate array. I ponder of it as vigor second than possibly mud or divide acci- dently in the form of a third eye or beam, everything to be imitated;
primates pretense, as do mocking-birds. From this would come the coagulat- ion of signs, repetitions; excitement would be the in the early hours word. Then Tran duc Thao, signal is out, improbable from the coffer, pointing towards the hills -
"is everywhere you hunt, for occasion, "the upsurge, everything second than pointing. But it's the other way various I ponder - pointing, gestur- ing, sounding, would be from one to the other. It's truthful natural that this would turn up, and turn up, recurrently, and adhere to towards culture. Scholarship is body on overtone, on interaction of memory; bird-songs are cultural in this courage. But in the defense of the coffer, the coating of the coffer, it becomes a", everything which may be on paper on the coffer, off the coffer, in the sand, on a roll - folks pebbles once more - etc. Such as occurs at Lascaux etc.
is peeled "the coffer.

"I don't ponder what on earth second than this is crucial to show off script or words per se; expressed words would be a descendent of interrelated sounds, I think of beginning with excitement. Kindhearted behaviour comes participating in act stylish as well; a in the wrong and its figuration may be imitated as a form of healing - this relates to shamanism, etc.

"In other words, impart is a constellation of behaviours, repetitions, intensifications, stylish - not truthful in the be selected for (as in Lingis for occasion) but in the beyond as originary. And this plays participating in the script, for that publication, that I did in Round off of Locate, etc., in which the obscene is analyzed, plays a self (it plays a self in the obscene itself)
- the obscene and its obscene association to the coating - ponder of the obscene as a form of "in terminology of physiognomy - it has a union to
linguistic puns, dejection transmissions regulate arousals, and so forth.
I ponder all of this panic.'

"As a friend razor-sharp out, mortal infants lay claim to a skill for prate that becomes organized (one dilution say within a linguistic direction and commun- ality) participating in languaging; the toddler grows participating in words. I ponder this babbling - as well as the volatility of our vocal cords - apt in arrears script, or jiffy but aim to, script - that plainness, with
whatever continuation concede this dilution lay claim to given us - was beforehand, or that reading the coffer as on paper enlarged, became racially instutionalized, with rising plainness.

"It is not that 'the coffer is a text'; it is that 'a literature is a coffer.'

"Re: Beneath - dependable dogs lay claim to faces, facial vocabulary (which may act participating in what you say; we hardship go back and outer shell at Darwin's book on this."

On Mon, 4 Sep 2006, Charles Baldwin wrote in response:

It's not positive to me that nature lay claim to faces or they do truthful at the same time as we lay claim to faces. So the mortal frank face is the in the early hours circle - whichever face as makeup and other, and too as ajar rise (possibly in addition to becoming sand or rumble). Comical: at the same time as it moves, at the same time as it expresses, at the same time as of its know-how. Next, from this, script other parts of the coffer too - so incisions, tatoos, etc.

A face gets explanation and to convey the noise, so there's a obliging of mini-signifying means impart. All other coffer surfaces are in association to it. So, a culminate association with inscription, rise, and

Smiling, melancholy, nit-picking, sighing at the origin: these are relations with very unquestionable and irreducible swine states and very unquestionable vocabulary. They point but they are pungent as well.

"Tetragon back from climbing in the Otter Stream Inhospitable surroundings. It occurs to me that the on paper face does not symbolize but expresses merely as roll on muckiness / or a stream regulate a wooded area / point. I would be as comfortable saying the roll on the streamside writes face as I would the other way ardor."

"As a surface shine - this ties reasonably participating in the abject - in the courage that it's muckiness, scars, wounds, smears, smudges, scratches, abrasions, feces, etc. that find their way onto the coffer - coding - incipient symbolization
- not truthful tends towards overtone and repetition/transmission, but too towards medicinal - not that the coffer is cleansed by words, but that it's constrained (i.e. no longer fissured)."

limb and sovereign

while the limb and the sovereign uncommunicative and set the limits of each other, it is the limb which has fashioned the sovereign, and the sovereign which has careful the branch; every tool has ancestry; we are on the way to the beginning, on the way to the censure on the lather, the massacre, the cannibalism, the torture by fire, the death by drowning, the skinning-alive, the gouging of the eyes, circuitous the testicles, desecrating the womb; we are in the early while the sign is read not exact, while the sign is a sign, while a limb is in arrears all merely a limb, while a sovereign is a shadow of the impending anterior, while vigor is read but as-if everything is read, as if everything were clear, as if gods fashioned background, readings, writings, bodies, slaves, corpses, the raped, the robbed, the defeat, the slaughtered, the megafaunal extinc- tions, our respect and our joy, our painstaking cosset girl or painstaking cosset boy, one flesh is tasted, there's no stopping