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Wizard The Original Wizard 1971 Us Great Heavy Psych Gear Fab Extra Tracks Edition

Wizard The Original Wizard 1971 Us Great Heavy Psych Gear Fab Extra Tracks Edition
The Academe Of South Florida at Tampa, 1970: Paul Forney was playing gigs as a terrible performer because a good friend of his Charlie Souza (taking into account of Cactus excellence) gave him Ben Schultz's table. Ben invited Paul to handwriting a gig with them, without further ado jam. no ritual. Ben apparently took an about to tendency to Paul. Chris Luhn was Brother's roadie. Ben Schultz met Chris here his sophomore time at the Academe of South Florida in Tampa.

To the same degree they were not endorsement on rest, they were rehearsing, idiom and jamming with everyone in ground-breaking. The leadership trips consisted of a 1967 Pontiac Bonneville pulling a U-Haul want ad full of instruments, amps, and a half-assed p.a. reasoning that Ben and their then-manager had soldered together in Ben's cheap room. The lowlight of that ahead of schedule summer "round" was the Goose Swimming pool Public holiday, exterior Detroit.

Wizard crashed with the members of Third Prevalence, and passed out the pompous part of two weeks undeveloped all day. and jamming all night with the Prevalence, and whoever happened to get smaller in. and some of the family tree from Catfish, Frijid Inclement, Bob Seeger. And God-knows-who extremely. By the time they bull shitted their way on to the screen at Goose Swimming pool, they had been together for lately about ten weeks, but had logged about 1,000 hours of rehearsing and jamming. Chris was the oldest belong to of the group at 19 but the guys in spite of managed to accomplish a great trail of satisfaction and put it on in their work.

At the end of the day, Wizard immovable the protection of Decca Record's Bob Fletcher, who brought the group to Atlanta for a testimony period. The period lasted lately a few days. In the neighborhood every song on the documentation The Original Wizard was a "be present" collect (i.e., no dubbing and no combined tracks). The behind winter, they played one of their exclusive household gigs at an in the bounds of dancing in the streets at the Hollywood (Florida) Fair-grounds. Van Morrison was the big pleasant appearance for the night, and they were assumed to be marked with gone on in the genesis. So of some snafu, the band offend up present about the fairgrounds until about 5:00 p.m. because they were wisely shoved onto the rest.

While Wizard continued to perform on the enormously rest with groups poverty Chicago. Coop up, Rod Stewart and Downy Butterfly, they never complete it back happening the council house. Inmost 16 months of forming, the group instinctive so on a whim straightforwardly called it quits. Some time ago the break up of Wizard. Paul went on to handwriting with the trio "Bacchus" for altered living and played a lot of clubs in Southern Florida. He did stints with Timmy Thomas.

Babyish Beaver, Gwen Macrae, and the Jimmy Castor Collection until finally quitting the round knees in 1980 and earning a parallel in Electrical Conscientiousness from USF. He retrained in copy music but now enjoys a trade in urban automation and lives, acting, and works in Southern California. Ben Schultz went on to any be present and council house work with the likes of Carmine Appice, Schultz "> He now resides in Southern California. Chris wandered wandered in and out of college forward settling in in Baltimore everywhere, in 1982, he went back to school, being paid a law parallel in 1985 and set up a law practice in upstate New York. None of the band deludes themselves that this amenable request do doesn't matter what other than persuade some collectors and fizz buffs. While, in the region of it is, for doesn't matter what it is benefit. Some time ago twenty-seven odd living, Ben, Paul and Chris be marked with reestablished their friend-ship, and are humbled to know that near are some "out near" who still diligence about raw, loud, no-holds-barred shake. They coming that this impart satisfies a diminutive pretend of that craving."FROM 1999 CD LINER-NOTES"


1. Technique ("Forney, Luhn, Schultz") - 5:15

2. Ripen and See The Bride ("Forney") - 2:58

3. What Do You Understand Approximately Mary? ("Forney") - 2:25

4. Toil Ate ("Forney, Schultz") - 3:26

5. Found Elsewhere ("Forney") - 1:49

6. Slaughter Daylight ("Schultz, Luhn") - 3:58

7. Got To See My Way ("Forney, Schultz, Luhn") - 2:38

8. Govern ("Schultz, Forney") - 3:03

9. Seance ("Forney") - 3:48

10.Talkin' To God ("Forney, Schultz") - 2:30

11.Evergreen ("Forney") - 3:53

12.Got Dear ("Forney") - 3:09

13.Technique ("Forney, Luhn, Schultz") - 4:03


*Ben Schultz - Operate, Thump Guitars, Vocals

*Paul Forney - Operate Vocals, Deep-rooted Guitar

*Chris Luhn - Drums

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