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HERMES, signal of the gods, was the son of the god Zeus and of Maia, the youngster of the Titan Plan. As the special servant and demonstrative of Zeus, Hermes had winged beach sandals and a winged hat and beam a golden Caduceus, or magic wand, tangled with snakes and surmounted by wings. He conducted the souls of the dead to the underworld and was made-up to possess magical powers ended put your head down and dreams. Hermes was furthermore the god of associate, and the safeguard of traders and herds. As the deity of athletes, he tenable gymnasiums and stadiums and was made-up to be at fault for all good luck and wealth. At any rate his sufficient makeup, Hermes was furthermore a audacious foe, a practical joker, and a thief.

On the day of his set off he wrap the cattle of his brother, the sun god Apollo, obscuring their spread untidily by making the day-sack junction go backward. As soon as confronted by Apollo, Hermes denied the breaking and entering. The brothers were in the end reconciled each time Hermes gave Apollo his lately invented lyre.

Hermes was represented in first Greek art as a ripen, bearded man; in perfect art he became an energetic formative years, stripped and beardless.