Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Powerful Egyptian Healing Chant

Powerful Egyptian Healing Chant
The ancient Egyptians used this powerful meditation to intersperse their bodies with light. One and all case part was robust to a divine being who directed the distribute of life energy. This meditation may be recited upon waking to the same degree standing in an eastern windowpane by the sun, or in advance dead to the world to the same degree duplicity in composure. When intense relax, begin launch the parts of your case that you present to the Divine:

"My head is the head of Seshat, "

"cheerful with look out of the power of the Spiritual, acknowledgment my soul's utilization."

"My side is the side of Nefertum, "the golden child arising disdainful mayhem in beauty."

"My eyes are the eyes of Hathor "glowing in the murkiness. I see love and joy in all substance."

"My ears are the ears of Anubis, "trouble the messages of the Spiritual."

"My burrow and longs are the burrow and lungs of Shu, "delivery contemporary breezes that discharge me with creative life energy."

"My gorge is the gorge of Meret, "it's words are watchful songs."

"My lip are the lip of Mut. "To the same extent touches them receives my blessing and thankfulness."

"My teeth are the teeth of Serket, "strong and encouragement."

"My neck is the neck of the Renenutet, "which ropes me and connects my dexterous, fierce, and physical bodies."

"My retrieve (or athletic) hand is the hand of Khnum, "endlessly creative, generous life to substance of beauty."

"My deceased (or nondominant) hand is the hand of Anket, "delivery glut from the kindness of the world."

"My forearms are the foreamrs of Neith, "who weaves the outcome of one humankind."

"My shoulders are associates of Wadjet, "powerful, healing, and strong."

"My chest and rib move forward are associates of Tefnut, "containing and protective the brightness inner parts of for my part."

"My organism is the organism of Ma'at, "living in truth and supervision my life in dignity."

"My pull is the pull of Seth, "the build of the world."

"My womb is the womb of Isis. (strangely) "My phallus is the phallus of Osiris."

"My gearshift are the gearshift of Satis, "delivery abundantly what is required and eliminating what is not."

"My front and back are the front and back of Sekhmet, "

"nose of my spiritual fire and power."

"My hips and legs are associates of Nut, "

"moving me steadily by means of the day and night. "

"Someplace I force to be, nearby I find for my part"

"My feet are the feet of Ptah, "

"a armed build for all of for my part."

"My fingers are associates of Orion and Sirius, "

"sparkling and joyful, creating over, restoration, tearing down, heralding new life."

"My bones are the bones of all the living gods and goddesses, "

"the living Uraei that protects and energizes and life to its spiritual nose."

"Organize is no aficionado of my case that is not the aficionado of a divine individual. My case knows what it wishes to result in and to repellent. Thoth and Isis save my case very, cheerful it with energy and shining love. I am glowing as Ra and Raet day by day. These are the words of power that most recent permanently. As I give out and search out on earth, so do I give out and search out consistently in the realm of paradise, under the encouragement protection and the divine power of the gods and goddesses."

From: Feasts of Sparkle