Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Colors And Their Magickal Properties

Colors And Their Magickal Properties
This is specifically a guide. You want use whatever colors you manipulate pleasant with to drench your magick......

Red: Belief, Desire, Standoffishness, Instruction, Passion, Bite, General feeling, Vitality

Blue: Reclamation, Thoughts, Tell, Forgiveness, Ceasefire, Calm

Green: Reclamation, Wealth, Material comfort, Luck, Vibrancy, Loveliness, Task, Adolescent

Yellow: Clairvoyance, Intelligence, Tone, Divination, Intuitive Powers, Mental Powers, Mind

Pink: Passionate Belief, Fix, Sensitivity, Peace, Fix

Turquoise: Conception, Thoughts, Moon, Originality

Sea Green: Passionate Reclamation, Downer

Rose: Core Belief, Pretty Associations

Orange: Standoffishness, Significance, Historic, Joy, Well-founded Matters, Strike

Purple: Magical Instruction, Exorcism, Intuitive Conception, Third Eye, Mind, Reclamation

Age-old Blue: Life-threatening Mind, Intuitive Conception

Gold: Sun, Trade and industry Matters, Material comfort, Yang

Silver: Moon, Feminine Vitality, Yin

Peach: Weak Standoffishness, Joy

Black: Assimilation & Knocking down of Negative Vitality

White: Ceasefire, Hygiene, Legitimacy, Swathe, Source of pleasure, Holiness, Halting Converse, Standoffishness, Custom

Lavender: Forewarning, Nobles, Magical Observe

Brown: Reclamation Animals, The Boarding house