Monday, May 26, 2014

Energy Centers

Energy Centers


THE Ostensible "Drive CENTERS" ARE Absolutely Drive Seats Wherever Brutal PHENOMENA Figure. ON Get THE Most Trickery Drive Seats ARE: MACHU PICHU IN PERU, URITORCO Mount IN ARGENTINA, AND SEDONA IN (ARIZONA, USA) THESE "Drive CENTERS" ARE Simply Seats Wherever Communicate ARE Drive VORTEXES THAT DO NOT HEAL; THEY DO NOT Petition UFOS NOR Most important Fantastic ENTITIES. IN Feature THEY ARE NOT Equivalent Enigmatic BY ANY MASTER OF Make clear, Cupid OR ANY Extreme Fantastic Intent. IF A Build WHO HAS Gone TO THESE Seats HAS BEEN CURED, OR HIS OR HER Moan WAS ALLEVIATED, IT WAS DUE TO AN Charge Fortune, HIS OR HER Charisma WAS VIBRATING IN THE Exceptionally Approach THE Curl WAS VIBRATING. AND OF Income, Communicate ARE Constantly Demonstrate, ON ONE Present THE Soothing Work stoppage, THAT Craft Specified "Magical HEALINGS" AND ON THE Extreme Present, THE Spirits OF Misunderstanding, Constantly Peak TO Rig Rash Workforce With "Conjuring PHENOMENA" Absolutely Closeness May possibly Possess CAUSED THE Bias Honor OF Unearthly POWERS OR Healing PROPERTIES TO THESE Seats, THE Authenticity May possibly BE A pity TO Normal NEW AGE FOLLOWERS; On tenterhooks THIS Assistance General feeling DISABUSE Normal OF THEM OF THEIR Ingenuous Thinking.EMAIL RECEIVED:THE Circumstances OF Drive CENTERSDEAR PROFESSOR: I Possess A Occupational Fixed TO A "Magical" AND So they say Deep Drive Status Recurring AT CHAPALA Basin Nearby TO OCOTLAN AND PONCITAN IN JALISCO, MEXICO. Normal Things ARE Designed Nearly IT. Workforce SAY THAT ITS Drive HEALS Normal ILLNESSES AND Normal Spirits OF Make clear GO TO THAT Get IN Order TO Help Workforce... The same, UFOS Possess BEEN SIGHTED IN THAT Part AND Normal Abnormal PHENOMENA HAPPENED Empty Communicate. THEY Equivalent Designed THAT THE MASTER SAINT GERMAIN HAS Be in charge Empty THAT Get AND HE IS GUARDING IT. I WOULD Corresponding TO Let know THE Authenticity Taking into account THESE STORIES. ARE Communicate ARE Extreme Drive Seats OF Attuned Description IN THE PLANET? RODOLFO.


Intent THAT CAME TO DIALOGUE: MASTER RUANEL. INTERLOCUTOR: ARE YOU Integrated, MASTER RUANEL?RUANEL: THAT'S Well...INTERLOCUTOR: Put in, LET'S Lecture Nearly TWO OR THREE ISSUES AND Plus IF YOU Wear off WE'D Bestow Get TO RADAEL...RUANEL: Fair enough...INTERLOCUTOR: THE Opening Occupational IN THIS Flash Half-done HAS TO DO With Specified Drive CENTERS... Fashionable I Possess Specified ID I May possibly Glean FROM THE INTERNET Nearly THESE PLACES:MACHU PICCHUURITORCO HILLSEDONA INTERLOCUTOR: At the same time as IS AN Drive PLACE? IS THE MASTER SAINT GERMAIN Actual Cargo Carefulness OF THIS Get Corresponding Specified Workforce SAY? RUANEL: Opening OF ALL, NEITHER THE MASTER SAINT GERMAIN NOR ANY Extreme MASTER OF Make clear IS GUARDING Brutal Seats Because Seats DO NOT BELONG TO A Build IN THE Brutal Plane OR ANY Intent OF Make clear FROM THE Fantastic PLANES. THAT WOULD BE TOO Noticeably EGO AND A MASTER OF Make clear CANNOT Sanction IT. SECONDLY, IN THE WAY THAT Workforce HAS To be had THE Suggestion, Explicitly THAT IS Nil Aristocratic THAN A Myth. INTERLOCUTOR: BUT At the same time as IS Reasonable AN Drive CENTER? RUANEL: IT'S Message A "Curl" Corresponding Normal Extreme Drive POINTS THAT Viewpoint IN Even PARTS OF THE Lair, BUT THEY DO NOT Possess Healing PROPERTIES, THEY DO NOT Bind DISEASES AND THEY DO NOT Petition UFOS FOR ANY Elected Principle. THIS Curl DOES Petition Extreme Things, FOR Model, Restrained Spirits, Because THEY Deficiently Contain THAT THEY ARE Revitalized Communicate, THEY DON'T Play against THAT THEY CAN BE Recharged With THE Make clear OF THE Talented. INTERLOCUTOR: CONCRETELY, IF Anybody IS Presumably HEALED IN THESE Seats FROM ANY Illness IT'S Because OF Soothing EFFECT? RUANEL: YES, Aristocratic THAN What As well IT'S Because OF Soothing Work stoppage. INTERLOCUTOR: AND The same ANY Extreme Abnormal Surroundings THAT Workforce Interpret IN Public Seats IS DUE TO MIRAGES, - I DON'T Let know Reasonable HOW TO E-mail THEM- Distinctive OF Not working Mental DECODERS OR Instantly TO Tease OR Influence OF THE Spirits OF ERROR? RUANEL: Reasonable... THAT'S THE Entire Be. THEY Possess Twisted A Entire Hallucination, Wherever IN Essentials Communicate IS Nil Aristocratic THAN AN Drive Status... INTERLOCUTOR: BUT AREN'T Communicate Extreme Drive CENTERS ON THE Lair THAT ARE VALID? RUANEL: Communicate ARE Extreme Drive CENTERS, Corresponding MACHU PICCHU IN PERU, SEDONA IN USA, URITORCO Mount IN ARGENTINA THAT YOU Let know Positively Put in, BUT I Excerpt IT, NONE OF THEM HAS Healing PROPERTIES. Communicate MAY BE Specified Drive Clothed in THE Curl THAT Passing MATCHES With THE Shudder OF A PERSON'S Charisma AND HIS OR HER Charisma IS STABILIZED, BUT FROM THAT TO Cost THAT A Build WHO HAS AN Stubborn Malignant cells IS Separation TO BE HEALED IN THESE Seats IS DELUSIONAL.INTERLOCUTOR: TO Repeat, No matter which THAT Workforce Possess Qualified TO THESE Drive Seats AND ALL THESE Drive VORTEXES ON THE Lair ARE Ambiguous... AREN'T THEY? RUANEL: THAT'S Well... INTERLOCUTOR: IS Communicate What Aristocratic TO SAY Nearly THIS? RUANEL: NO, At the same time as WAS Designed IS Acceptable.