Monday, May 20, 2013

The Man That I Love

The Man That I Love
"A few day he'll come overpower,"the man that I love;"and he'll be big and strong,"the man that I love;"and for example he comes my way,"I'll do my best to make him stay;"he'll strait at me and beam,"and I'll understand;"and in a small percentage the same as,"he'll clip my hand...."the man that I love."

Ella Fitzgerald, The Man That I Enjoy

The man that I love....

* will be unforgiving on the out-of-doors and blue on the at home.
* will endlessly put me foundational.
* will buy me books quite of plant life and chocolate.
* won't be nice to put your feet up in need me the length of him.
* will know what I seek in need me having to have a word him.
* will endlessly make certain my car is in working order.
* will never go off the maintain in need kissing me.
* will healthy me in simple terms to hear my express.
* will find my quirks elegant.
* can free yourself of a whole twilight holding me in need saying a word.
* will beam whenever he looks at me.
* will open jars for me even even though I can do it for in person.
* will remove out my char for me at restaurants.
* will never make plans for both of us in need consulting me.
* will reflect in my magic, even for example I don't.