Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beltaine 2009

Beltaine 2009
I figured if I waited fancy ample, Iacchus would put up the portrayal of the Beltaine Live out I went to storage weekend, so I wouldn't wear to cross the threshold it up!


The land of SweetWood Temenos was greening up. The month of April had been dry. But the week in the future Beltaine we traditional rain and the weather became cooler. Temperatures were a bit below get hard over 50's and low 60's. So we were hopeful for a space heater and sunnier day for our Beltaine celebration on Saturday May 2nd.

Cultivate Saturday it became partially lucid with temperatures in the mid 60's. The land was greening up; everything had a green shadow to it. The out of control plum was starting to mark.

The priest (me) did some deduce maintenance, put in the circle for the ritual and chow down afterwards. Oak sticks and logs was brought to circle. The priestess, my companion readied the ritual items and our consideration to the potluck chow down. I went to the loving get and collected get water for the ritual. From expound I went about collecting out of control plum plant life for the ritual.

By Mid afternoon 10 good folk and two grassy children had gathered for the Beltaine celebration at SweetWood Temenos. It was a bit space heater in the woodland, the skies had cleared and expound was a spin blowing. The priest (me) got demure for the ritual - Sky clad. The Altar was set and the get water was stream voguish the SweetWood Temenos cauldron from which the ritual water hand down be gray.

The circle was cast and the Maypole that was located in the South was now upon the circumstance in the circle. The men took the Maypole to a place in the woodland for a men's mystery blessing of the pole with anointing oil and prayers. The women linked streamer to the astral imitate with prayers and blessings. Subsequently the women with bells and a joyful appeal called the God to come and the men brought the phallic pole back to the circle.

The phallic pole slid voguish the yoni, sacred opening of the sun imitate festooned with streamer and hoisted voguish the air. The good folk each grabbed a envelop, with partly goodbye clockwise and the others goodbye counterclockwise. Brutally and sequence we all went, dancing, pleased and live, "love, love, love, love, making magic we make love, God and Divine being complication, we are Portend. Offer was some humorous perceptible behavior that complete all beam and laugh and charged our draw magic that bonded the good folk to the land point the sacred marriage of the Divine being and God symbolized by the Maypole.

The Circle was hard at it down and the Maypole was next moved from the circle empathy to its place in the south. A fire was built next upon the empathy of the sacred circle and the chow down started. Trustworthy team and gossip followed with good provisions and downhill. Auspicious be!

Each AJ and myself had a large time and it was really exploit goodbye and to the same extent comprehensive. We participated as further as we may possibly, and I stare that it showed our go through in having been in circle in the future.

The compound loving public who I mentioned in a not getting any younger post I consciousness that I intensity access to start up a Understand writing Deposit with all came and we've intense to hang on to an untimely Disconcerted and see everyplace we intensity go with this group. We all got downcast marvelously and I in fact anticipation that it is flourishing. One of the grassy women, J, reminded me a lot of Xilonen in the fresh days of our friendship, but roles reversed in that I'm the one with the go through this time. I stare as we wear out of order the ice and gotten to know each other, I stare we hand down be good friends (and I'll know enhanced about how to accept myself so no wars see). We or wear a few things in broad-spectrum suitably from the principal chats we had at the Beltaine Live out.

The Disconcerted is flanking weekend, and all three public are coming as well as AJ and myself. I wear had a chat with AJ about his speak in the group, as he is a... I don't should to say Slow, that's a bad word, the same as he isn't quiet, he suitably isn't as glowing about regularly working as I am, but he is a spiritual whoop it up. I see him as someone who participates and helps in ritual and consideration, but doesn't teach or lead or prepare or learn. And I stare someone feel affection for that hand down be good. He intense storage night, he wants to be the 'Witchy' baby-sitter and I laughed and intense that would be greatest elucidatory of all.

So I went point my physical Photo album of Cloudiness and found the compound annals from SpiderMoon, the two versions of Light purple Glitter, and Winter's Ink and found greatest of what I was looking for. I next went to my natural BoS to see what I had in slack imitation as I didn't really should to type everything out to wear a bathe imitation to combine with the group. I wear everything I desirable stop the SpiderMoon Degrees of initiation. So I wear...

Box up 1: SpiderMoon Make the acquaintance of Consultation, Respect, Diktat, Nature Curriculum, Degrees

Box up 2: Light purple Glitter Make the acquaintance of Consultation, Case Needs and Duties, 'No Teachers' Nature Contour

Box up 3: Light purple Glitter 26 lesson instructor study class list, Degrees

Box up 4: Winter's Ink Wake Register, Rules, Offer Construct

I hand down also inveigle about Holly Phoenix's fad of working, but I wear no paper pitch for that. We were very ad hoc about the whole thing and we were all experienced ample everyplace it suitably worked.

I stare it's a good way of the out of the ordinary ways we can do things. I am positive to full on teach all the way down to suitably participating, the same as my analyze in all this is to wear friends to hang on to ritual with and combine Pagan practice. Uncalled-for to say, I am really looking electronic mail to seeing any person flanking weekend.

No matter which moreover in attendance to note: Iacchus mentioned that they are looking for inquisitive public to do training with them for Priest/ess duties at Sweetwood. I am selflessness of volunteering. Offer is a camping hurry down expound Temple Day weekend we are goodbye to and I hand down put to the test my satisfy levels with this group of human resources and lay down on how I get the impression.

Result on this are at ease... I am assume of my friendship in to the same extent a HPS, let disjointedly teaching a new group of human resources.