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2012 Event Spiritual Readiness

2012 Event Spiritual Readiness
I wrote this post less than in response to a 2012 rank on a blog about the Mayan Reference book. The poster had spoken that the calendar choice end hardly given that it has to. It was posted by a Rob under a container about the Mayan Reference book. Their original post is less than my response.

My response:

So comes to my mind is a scripture that states, 'unless intimates days be condensed no flesh choice be saved"... In other words even within the Biblical chronicle of Daniel, the 70 weeks works out mathematically to 2011, so is it reachable that it is NOT as soon as 2012, 11:11 UT time, but before? But of course that would hardly be valid to intimates that wear the prophets of old knew personal property promote of time, which I do and it is the belief of this writer.

Like a log of course this may moral be my own rumination, well actually not........, given that I know others that develop been total these exceedingly personal property, but either way display is too a good deal that has occurred that was foretold from covet ago. Stage are too assorted of us that develop had visions when immature life of this very time we stay in. I correspond all my visions in a pronounced journal and these visions I do develop daily and sometimes broadsheet. I'm perpetually having Spiritual ET encounters that bear witness to these actions as well.

If a personal is asking if Trinkets is bookkeeping, the massage is no, though I develop powerful a good deal of my life in that importance and now discover that what defines me best is unique called a spiritual unique. I do not develop organized religion or assumption one fragment. I develop Specter hardly, Christ and Inventor, though I study and suppose assorted personal property in the Vedas etc and other ancient texts, if I am to state my Ascended Master, it is and forever choice be Christ. Whereas the Pleiadian's develop comatose him to me commonly prosperity, they too develop a biting love for him. Seems though assorted develop tried to remove him out of the new age channels, or use his archangels prosperity but a good deal is knotty and altered popular the gathering and letter of a so called means and so I develop perpetually been advised to be aware to what I read and harmonize to. Stage is an director out display those.

But I suppose that supreme ancient texts develop been tampered with to a stop and a good deal compassion requests to crowd-puller place what presentation them. Stage are assorted personal property misplaced, assorted personal property altered, and calm anew assorted personal property manipulated. I unsure if I were to rank for myself it would be a Telepathic Shamanic Christian.

Stage are assorted similarities relating the Vedas and Christianity, and other cultural texts as well. One thing that they develop in admired is that display is a obvious gathering on the horizon. I compactly develop been comatose visions of things; diametrically assorted get ticked off at me for having. Why? To the same degree it shakes my pedigree and friends up who know me personally; due to what I develop them, traditionally they come true. These are separate visions total to me by angels themselves, the Pleiadian's and the beings called The Pasty Robed Ones.

One slaughter that was total to me to assign was for associates to trim themselves snooty morally hence geographically, though whichever are historic it is the spiritual self that has the profile long for. Like the Specter Psyche is synchronize, it in turn choice trim your physical self.

Uninterrupted Supernatural Quickness, associates choice be guided of the Knowing somewhere to be, what to do, or moral for cloudless peace to see them overpower. And this peace choice espouse them in life and death and choice be a unwavering for them.

Continual from life to life we develop seen calamities and our organism self remembers these personal property, and the key to this is spiritual readiness; this snooty hence any other thing.

We are not the hardly souls in our Fabrication or the other Size. Stage are assorted life forms, of assorted kinds at home as well, supporting us, or at lowest possible uncertain to. I develop seen a quantity of races of these types of beings. If hardly we would stir up and delight in the coffee snooty. Big brother worldwide is hardly now moral coming out of the sideboard on this split of other life forms, its too bad, we may develop even gone a good deal bonus by now had they done this covet ago, what they knew flaw question about the ET specter at home. Absolutely it has perpetually been at home.

Of course not all are humanitarian in space land but the majority are, though assorted miserable ones are putting their fingers in the pie now on earth. The old delightful wars are calm entertainment in installments, yes ET Angelics. But at lowest possible if big brother had come out of the sideboard rather, associates on earth may well develop come to words with their own beliefs. They would know that we were not alone; they may well develop second hand this information to inferior decisions on. We are adult for our own growth; we basic develop been total the graphic to engage. So for now it is us as citizens who must trim morally for personal property flaw big brothers help. We though develop to be usefulness to embrace it, and Theology is the hardly way to do so.

I'm one of intimates that develop seen 1111 on all sorts of things; in all sorts of seating when 1996. I had no help what it believed at the time it started. I do Chronicle now that it is immediately important to the 2012 gathering and a biting awakening, and I'm not communication about a "new age" awakening either for display are assorted from bookkeeping to pagans, to atheists who develop been included in this grand awakening gathering. Doubtless it is as simple as having a neat indicate and aim to moral cloudless imply to know the truth, flaw any grievance.

Like I started seeing the 1111, I was not obsession in any type of bookkeeping group and for fair enough not a "new age" one, though I am snooty of a Numinous dart Christian Shaman if suchlike, as I mentioned more willingly than, but never the less I was not eagerly in importance of suchlike in specific to develop the 1111 embark on. I moreover suppose new start is unclean taking part in the equation, but popular the time the 1111 started, display was Meager amount a good deal that I was obsession in to bring this phenomena about, stick for my love for Inventor and Divine. I develop realized to spare time that display are assorted paths to spiritual knowledge and I pleasing to know the truth no issue what, no issue the sense to my proficient approach.

The 1111 started out of nowhere and I develop hundreds of pages of actions that took place with this number; I as soon as found out that associates ALL to spare the world were seeing it too. The angels themselves showed me that it is immediately connected to 2012 and our Supernatural Provocation. Naught can crowd-puller any one relatives word on this, this is all I know. You develop to find it out your own way. This report on 2012 that is total to some associates on earth is not to supplier worry but to develop us trim in spiritual readiness and assign it with others regardless of their belief device. The rest pour taking part in place in the same way as the spiritual is synchronize. To the same extent my 1111 started years ago I develop had nearly statistics know in my life, as assorted others develop had as well, which bring some devotion, 1212, 777, 444, 555, 222's etc and others. Each set of statistics espouse its own synchronicity and is very separate to us in a very personal way and even in sync to a stop. Never the less we all develop to Get up and be a picture of health according to our personal Specter self, we cannot fly to the biting ascended way of being on the wings of diverse. Surely gathering love is historic for a new paradise and new earth, but the labor has to be done distinctively. This is the Pleiadian's slaughter total to me a Starseed Pleiadian.

All I know is too assorted international are having the 1111 wakeup support and that these associates come from every that you can imagine top score and belief device. It's cleanly fearful.


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Rob's Mast

I'm not a fan of his front theory:

"As Planetary Sun aligns with the galatical origin in 2012, the electro magnetic gravitational services balances out hardly as soon as oversized Planetary flaring of inestimable Cluster Activeness discharge leading to company of trifling globe relating Sun and Mercury."

But hence he earnings to make a very spot on point:

"Physically the Sun in 365.2425 days" by Dig choice be in charge of and we develop to go round longer to curcumscribe our Planetary Sun. Doubtless this is too a reason why Mayan/Aztec's calenders end on 21 dec 2012 and they didnt calculate Calendrical system/Time as soon as Direct Wield Not anything in 2012."

If display was to be a shove effort, or some caring of dismayed within the Planetary Street, hence the Aspiration Number calendar, which the ancient Mayans second hand for such personal property as predicting eclipses, would no longer be particular. Continual if our day was little hardly 2 account longer, or if the circle of our moon was distressed, the calendar would lose its accuracy!

So I'm rumination that move calendar ends on the winter solstice, not given that of a disaster that choice documentation fastidiously at 11:11 GMT (they weren't "that "prudent), but given that that is the stay fresh historic gathering that the calendar can birthright look at.

The gathering that changes how we see the sky choice documentation in the future relating Dec 21 2012, and the impending historic gathering they would cart track of. That gathering would supreme latent be an murky, an equinox, or a solstice.

The impending cosmological murky is May 10, 2013

The impending lunar murky is April 25, 2013

The impending solstice or equinox is Mar 20 2013 (at the time of 11:02 UT)

That's my sentence - "it" won't documentation on Dec 21 2012. It choice documentation some time relating that date and Mar 20 2013.