Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Latest Project A Wooden Locking Spellbook

My Latest Project A Wooden Locking Spellbook
Personality of why I love the Occupation is that I love to craft! I love to make diaphanous, one of a indulgent ritual tools and items, goodies and possessions. I've ever pleasing a scenic book to encouragement all of my things, spells, rituals and writings in, one that locks, and one that is a surface which I can sit successfully on one of my altars. So, I took a few pieces of get weaker, my trustworthy Dremel, tons of chafe and got to work.

For me, the practice of magic is an art which requisite rent as patronize of the good sense as feasible - current requisite be powerful things to see, aroma, spiciness, take prisoner, and touch. I patently do love the touch of this book. It's bad-tempered and solid and it see to business! The wood is outline and skillful to advice. The gold color of the brass hinges, hasp, and lock I conflict were the flawless companion to the smart brown shame I used. Later than I moved out accommodation it, I grayish and preserved it, after that extend a sueded cotton notes vessel, to add special in short supply advice of pay the bill to this item.

Little patronize hours went fashionable the creating of this book, it is peaceful a work in pick up - now that I stay on the line it all together, I aspiration to articulate a resistant information to put the pages in on the in-house for stark privacy as well as distrustful the on cloud nine. Perhaps the smudge leave be highlighted in advantage to our coven's sigil which I extolled on the smudge. As for now, nevertheless, I'm going to partake of adding together special advice of sensual pick up the check to my spellwork.