Tuesday, May 7, 2013


The Gospel of John begins with "In the beginning was the Soft voice, and the Soft voice was with God, and the Soft voice was God." The Egyptians supposed that Ptah dreamed inauguration in his strength of mind, in addition to spar it during being. The Hopi supposed that Tawa and Spider Beast brought the world during existence by words their Company Rattle. We correspond to our pay attention in the same way as we design them during words and symbols: our lecture, our words, our communication is a copy of the Splendid Influential which brought order out of muddle and form out of amorphousness.

Ansuz governs lecture and communications: it holds the key to the family involving the worlds of the Sacred and Impertinent, and to the martial which enabled us to persuade league and to cheep our knowledge to our community and our heirs. Ansuz is the rune which allows us to put our wisdom to use: we cannot learn deficient listening and we cannot teach deficient spoken language. And in its video form, Ansuz is moreover the Rune which contains the secret of all the other Runes.

To the same extent he hung on Yggdrasil for nine days and nine nights, Odin gained knowledge of the ancient martial which created the manufacture. He moreover gained a way by which he can stand bodies for them and speak with them candid. These bodies were the symbols which we fathom the Runes: by knack them and reddening them with blood, we award form to the push. A lot as Vodouisants phantom "tie a paket," a percentage of herbs and sacred things which contains a spirit, the rune contains a living and subsist push which can allow us all to read the world and to make changes within it. By his price Odin appoint communication involving us and the elusive martial of the Runes. Our use of vernacular is a copy in the edge realms of that holy price.

Ansuz reminds us that our words are sacred: they award life to our thoughts and allow us to metamorphose the world. Writing can bring down empires and suppress armies: nation who suspicion this deduce on its own appraise Martin Luther King's "I Dine a Believe" and "I've Been to the Hit the highest point" speeches. But words can moreover work powerful evil. The legislator who deflects initiate pile into with effective lies; the priest raising an Easter pogrom against his congregation's Jewish neighbors; the smooth-talking pimp unbecoming an ingenuous - all these draw upon the power of Ansuz. Ansuz gives us the power to eloquent and persuade: it moreover gives us the task to restricted our lecture carefully.

A lot as Odin spar with the Runes, Ansuz allows us to speak with - and for - the Gods. If Wunjo is the rune of the Prudent, Ansuz is the rune of the Inventive. It allows us to act as the craft by which the Blessed speaks to mortals. (This is no easy path to follow: history shows that profuse a seer came to an tacky end and profuse pitiless prophecies were rejected in service of sweet lies until they can no longer be ignored). Writers and artists can fathom on Ansuz for entrance to the Sacred Senses and the truths which flatter work from honest adept during divinely encouraged.

On a chief everyday level, Ansuz can help us to fraud a stock with nation we wish to grasp. It can be called upon to become softer misunderstandings and to find a subtle way to hand over unhappy information. Community who work on computers may find it a important ally in making fringe bits and bytes are transmitted clearly: it can help you to find and fix the flaws in your mediate. And if you are being targeted by vilification or piece, Ansuz can help to make sure that all truth and lies are revealed. From the Kenaz Filan Blog http://kenazfilan.blogspot.com