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The Jersey Kitchen Part 2

The Jersey Kitchen Part 2
In an ancient history post, I recalled the "Sport shirt Kitchen" mentioned in the Attendant book of 1932, and how I still remembered it in the 1970s. With the construction of the new Museum, it was gloomily lost, and this is the diminutive part of a guide book, written by Ralph Mollett for the Museum, in 1957, which describes its character, and gives the Jerriais name for each.

Sport shirt Wonders are still baked on a regular basis, and can be found, hot and first-rate to eat, at the Cider Carnival at Hamptonne Stack Museum in October, and at the two Murk Fayres at the Murk Museum, one around Escape Day, and the other around September. Each one events are well utilization a refer to

Existing is not scarcely cider from Sport shirt orchard apples (instead many from English varieties) at Hamptonne, but moreover you can see the moving market at work, and the show jumper tugging the very great building material helm around the cider crusher; show is traditional music, and Morris dancing, personal belongings of hot hurried chestnuts for sale, and a real ale pergola, as well as walks amid the water take, and the sensory garden.

At the Murk Fayres, show are two mist trains consecutive, one very great procedure with restored Victorian carriages, and a slighter one around the inner seep, as well as ample of vintage cars to see, mist engines at work, music, and land vagrant trials around an very crooked pitted seep. In the Autumn, show has sometimes moreover been a threshing entity in contrive.

Not wonderfully, as someone who likes puns, my book which dips arrived the history and myths of the Ditch Atoll is moreover called "Sport shirt Wonders"!

It is a tradition to dollop Conger consomm as part of the Lent Worry on Perfectly Friday at St Brelade's Parish Passageway, nap with cheese and cash and a cup of tea. I forever try to get show, when it is a delicious consomm, and a considering a appointment opportunity - not unit to a large extent of a cook myself!

After the Sport shirt Kitchen, part 2, I hold two recipes for Conger Soup (from the Ditch Islands Convention), if you desire to try your hand. One is an 1870 recipe, and the other is a simpler recipe from 1939. Existing is moreover a recipe from the BBC site for blistering Sport shirt Wonders.

Concerning gathering seaweed for manure (wraic), I still call to mind the lorries coming down the far end of St Brelade's Bay to ruck up the seaweed, but if they come now, show should be far fewer of them, for I conduct not seen them now for everyday go.

THE Sport shirt KITCHEN - Stage 2

A shriveled codfish ("mouothue") hangs from the upper limit, reminding us of the days to the same extent Sport shirt took a very thriving part in the Newfoundland Cod Fisheries ; very great quantities of shriveled cod were brought to the Atoll for home wear out and for retail to Mediterranean Countries.

In the wall show is a ostensible " b'enitier " ("b'en^etchi") ; this one was found in an old guard now demolished. A emerge of them are still to be found in old houses of the antediluvian seventeenth century ; the use of these daydream recesses is humble.

The lanthorns ("les lanternes `a corne") are genuine old specimens fitted with horn windows moderately of period.

The crockery and pewter-ware are from old Sport shirt Kitchens (la vaisselle et l'^etain).

The wool-winder (d^evidouaithe) and the rotating helm (rouet) were in constant use all condescending the Atoll, to the same extent the land were employed in knitting stockings and jerseys, the subsequent sack their name from the Atoll. Large quantities of these were exported concerning the 17th and 18th centuries. The box-like sofa (veille or filyie) formed a seat for the knitters ; and concerning the hunger evenings with an oil light overhead the matrons gathered together, and knitted, and everyday old tales about witchcraft and fairies were no issue told in the ancient Sport shirt communication.

The Sport shirt sort out of knitting (ouvrer) is many from either the English or French way.

Ploughing (`a la dignified tch'ethue), (the big plough) was plausible in Sport shirt in January and February. The farmers would blend and plough their lands with ploughs bitter great big furrows, using teams of at bare minimum 6 to 8 collection. All the rage the first light a bolt was provided in the ancestry, general consisting of very great resist cakes (g^ache d'e p^ate, `a cor^inthe) and a wasteful hand out of cider or tanned. At noon the pot on whose land the one was working gave all his helpers a good meal, and the evening was finished in celebrations.

The vraic (sea weed) bring together was a day's series. Vraic is a costly manure, and was moreover cast-off for kindling to the same extent shriveled. The gathering went with their collection and carts (h`ernais) which were without springs, and fill to the beaches down the stone slipways above all prepared for the operation.After gathering the vraic they returned home with carts in a thick layer irritating, the gathering inveterate on remain after a gravel day's work. Actual buns were prepared and eaten on the beaches called galettes `a vrai. These vraic buns containeda plentiful supply of raisins.

At Easter-tide cakes boiled in break down called des m`ervelles (anglicised to "Sport shirt Wonders ) were prepared, moreover a line of biscuit called " simnel " (simn'e). On Perfectly Friday a dish of flour and initiate boiled in milk called fliottes was eaten.

Bourdelots, apples immersed in resist and p^ate `a soiyi, a kind of apple layer-cake, were in the main baked In the ovens concerning the Autumn and the Remote.

Conger Soup (la Soupe d'andgulle) is still a end dish; the keep order and follower of the conger are boiled, also milk, expand, vegetables and herbs are more to make the Soupe, with petals of marigolds on the brink on the passing away.

At originate tides the Ormer is having difficulties and is a good give to the same extent highly safe to eat.

G^ache `a cr'etons was a "cake" prepared with the vestige from melted pig's fat (cr'etons), unrestricted as cracklings or graves, and apples, multinational in resist.


1870 D'la Soupe D'angulle

Sport shirt Conger Soupe

Recipe: CalculatorJersey.


1 and 1/2lb Conger,

3 Pt's water,

1 spirit of cabbage chopped,

2 leeks,

petals of a marigold or two,

1 quart of milk,

1 oz of sweater expand,


Babyish Conger sore in 3pts of water approx one and shortened hours people and shoulder the watery, remove companion from the bone.

Expand to the pot with the chopped cabbage and leeks, bring to the sore condescending overdue heat.

Add rosemary flavor to appraise add quart of milk and 1oz of sweater Hang.

To dollop sprinkle with marigold petals.

In the end dollop with hurried Sport shirt cabbage recline and churned Sport shirt expand.

1939 D'la Soupe De Congre.

All the rage The Occupation Of Sport shirt By The Germans.

Recipe: CalculatorJersey.

1 lb of conger,( on the keep order )

1 lb tomatoes, ( underdone )

1 onion,( chopped )

8 oz peas,

1 tiny cabbage, ( chopped )

2 Pt's of milk,

saline and hurried ground puncture,

1 scent garni,

marigold petals,

1 oz of sweater expand,


Wash the conger keep order well in lots of water.

Balance in a pan casing with icy water and sore for one and a shortened hours.( A exact cooker is practical for this.)

Culvert and collection the watery.

Sketch companion of the bone and add with the scenery vegetables the herbs moreover the companion to one and a shortened pints of the companion give shelter to survive to appraise and hatch caringly for 20 proceedings.

Sketch out the scent garni, also dollop 3 very great cupfuls of companion arrived a sieve or food processor.

Insipid this outflow to a pulp also return to the pan.

This thickens the consomm and show is no stick to add flour.

Add milk, expand, and bring to the sore very overdue and hatch.

Soir very hot.

Serves four staff.

Soir with the Marigold petals on the top.

Cover with Sport shirt cabbage recline and hurried churned Sport shirt Hang.

Sport shirt Wonders

This recipe makes around 40 wonders


1 1/2 Ib self-raising flour

4 oz expand

8 oz caster pet

6 initiate


Sieve flour and pet and rub in expand, chopped arrived tiny pieces. Add whisked initiate to make a light resist.

With floured hands make the resist arrived golf disk sized shapes. Balance these on a perkily floured dish and casing with a sultry cloth for two hours.

Afterward enter out each of the balls arrived oblongs two inches x four inches.

With a clear-cut prick inequality the centre of each square and wind the top end (of the square) amid the inequality.

Disconnect four to six Wonders at a time arrived a very great pan of hot oil, cook for 2 proceedings on each story until golden saut.

Culvert on kitchen paper.

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