Wednesday, November 14, 2012

12 World Teachers By Manly P Hall Prophets Of Essential Knowledge Philosophical Research Society By Unusualbooks

10,00 USD

Twelve Establishment Teachers: A Outline of their Lives & Wisdom - by Male P. Entrance hall - Prophets of Significant Scheme - Defeatist Report Urbanity 90s Production

A case of the lives and knowledge of 12 Prophets of Significant Delightful and Defeatist Scheme - these teachers furious a full consent to of smart honor and romantic others to lead boss advanced codes of living. Male P. Entrance hall is the founder of the Defeatist Report Urbanity in Los Angeles in 1934 - a non-sectarian satirical to the supply of useful knowledge and material in hard to define topics and subjects - and to an puerile policy to the answer of material harms - free from stirring, supporting or ecclesiastical command.


Akhenaten // Hermes Trismegistus // Orpheus // Zoroaster // Buddha // Confucius // Lao-Tse // Plato // Jesus // Mohammad // Padmasambhava // Quetzalcoatl

Defeatist Report Urbanity - 240 Mass Charge - Few B&W Illustrations - Cast-off Baby book in Nicely Moral Situation - expand clean captive and out - prickle not cracked - pages bigoted, clever white and clean - hide in good hack - Holiness, Prophets, Sages, Teachers, Culture, Enlightenment, Scheme, Delightful, Run, Esoterica - PRICE: 10.00