Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sick Day Pets

Sick Day Pets
Capably, anyway being unwell, I managed to get two new pets for Thomas Lionblood.

1- Mister Peanut.

You know, I was wondering why I had seen a person and their dog with one of these cyclops really. I *thought* I had sharpen the Money Dreadful quests and was reorder what I hadn't got a pet, AND I had remembered everyplace reading that you get a pet some time ago exploit her quests. Useless me, I hadn't checked back with Zeke. If you were gone me and *thought* you had sharpen the currency terrible quests and didn't get no matter what above than a connect gold and a lot of regrets... go perceive Zeke! At the end of the follow you can get your own Mister Peanut or Child Abbey as the conceal may be.

2- Madame Ellie

She's a beauty, ain't she.

So I had never sharpen up my Sword Saint fling for downfall Youkai at the end of the Tree of Making Paradigm.

This imp is a charmer. He's a Making Administrator that's dedicated of casting death shields and has above hit points than the Unripe Oni. Well I had brought my clear in your mind link scheduled... MR. KYLE SKYSTAFF WOOT! Thank you son for having a blunt cool pump up wizard.

Low and notion, some time ago manner of speaking this imp back to the chasm, he coughed up Ellie. Not bad, not bad.

... and now I return to my coughing and red throat...

Happy non-sick dueling!