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Sibyl Oracles Mysteries Of Osiris And Isis Bible Origins In Ancient Egypt

Sibyl Oracles Mysteries Of Osiris And Isis Bible Origins In Ancient Egypt
June 2, 2011 Blog in black and white by Alberta Province
The Journal of Parade, outlook book in the New Testament, has been accepted as the divine revelation of Jesus Christ for in front of two thousand get-up-and-go. But what if I told you the Journal of Parade is not the divine revelation of Jesus, but more readily the divine revelation of Osiris and Isis what the Journal of Parade is a production from the Sibylline Oracles, which were moreover called the Mysteries of Osiris and Isis? In the ancient Roman world, the Sibylline Oracles were household as the Mysteries of Osiris and Isis. A corrupted reproduction is what is hub the Emperor James Bible. The Sibylline Oracles had been forgery and corrupted by the Roman nobles in order to assign the myths about the goddess of Jesus and the end of the world. In the same way as is in black and white in the corrupted reproduction of the Sibylline Oracles, which is household today as the Journal of Parade is a myth about the End Mature. The Sibylline Oracles make costing to the End of the Age, and NOT the end of the world.
The story of Osiris and Isis is they were gods having been fashioned from the elements of heaven and earth, which in the Egyptian mystery structure represented the goddess called Geb (World) and the god called Nut (Sky). Geb and Nut were the best children of Amen-Ra, the sun god in ancient Kemet. When you read the Journal of Parade and next surplus it to the Mysteries of Osiris and Isis, you see notable similarities directly. The Sibyl Oracles were forgery from the Mysteries of Osiris and Isis, and the Journal of Parade was forgery from the Sibyl Oracles. But the aboriginal major were the Mysteries of Osiris and Isis, who actually were the best rulers of ancient Kemet to the fore human kings began to decree. It is not riotous that gods as soon as ruled ancient Egypt. Direct towards the Sumerian texts presage that the Annunaki (these were the ones whom the ancient Sumerians branded as unit sky gods) came down from the vent and occupied the furrow World re 450,000 get-up-and-go ago. According to Sumerian texts, the Annunaki had genetically engineered Homo Sapiens by mixing their DNA with that of the present humans that were on the furrow at the time. The Annunaki had moreover cohabitated with human women and fashioned seed. The story of the best god and goddess, Asar and Auset, which are the Kemetic names of Osiris and Isis predates any other gods and goddesses in the history of the furrow World. Numerous gods and goddesses worshipped in the ancient world are carbon copies of Asar and Auset, and moreover their child Horus. Jesus is a carbon passage of Osiris and Horus. Zeus is a carbon passage of Osiris and Horus. Krishna is a type of Christ that lived hundreds of get-up-and-go to the fore the mythical Jesus of the Gospels. Direct towards the divine sweetheart of Caesar, who was climax to a severe god in the Roman pantheon in the rear his killing in 44 B.C.E., serves as a forefront to the nonhistorical life of Jesus as well as the crucifixion story. Kind Caesar was resurrected as a god upon a Roman sever in his committal fetter, so was the Jesus of the Gospels who was climax upon a Roman sever. Jesus was Caesar! Acquaint with is no unadulterated historical record of Jesus Christ outer surface the Four Gospels, what he never existed!

Tony Bushby, marker of The Deceiving Birth of the New Testament wrote, "Up until the Leading House of representatives of Nicaea, the Roman nobles deeply worshipped two Greek gods -Apollo and Zeus- but the greater mass of brassy people idolized either "Julius Caesar" or "Mithras" (the Romanized reproduction of the Persian deity "Mithra"). Caesar was sanctified by the Roman Senate in the rear his death (15 Prove 44 BC) and taking into account acclaimed as "the Blissful Julius". The word "Champion" was affixed to his name, its close by meaning unit "one who sows the cradle", i.e., he was a phallic god.

Julius Caesar was hailed as, "God" finished unattractive and universal Champion of human life", and his child Augustus was called the "ancestral "God" and "Champion" of the whole human flare"
(MAN AND HIS GODS, HOMER SMITH, Close, Auburn Else, CATHOLIC Index, VOL. III, Under THE Dossier "THE Mandate OF ITS Hollowness"; CATHOLIC Index, FARLEY ED., VOL. III, PP. 274-9 Under Dossier "CANONS").
Unworried, yet, the Minster accepted the production dressed in its standard and finished it "the basis of Christianity"."