Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back Home At The Toadstool

Back Home At The Toadstool
Fountainhead, I am currently back home at Mushroom Condo following nearing a month unfashionable. My mother is having faulty back obscurity and wish be having function on the 23rd. She was barely polite to move until a new cramp administrative mandate gave her new meds and injections that dine seemed to help. Of course, she won't be turning strain wheels anytime quickly, but in addition to she wasn't until that time either! On the other hand, she did dine a preferably fierce life which has come to a screeching end. My aunt has industrious extra her conscientiousness to bound me a break. The old man and I haven't ever been unfashionable from each other for higher than a few days so we're up and comfy like once more. Gods, I did miss him and the Schmoodle terribly! We'll team leader back up to my mom's future week to be in attendance for the function, staying a few days - Wendy Straightforward and Hecate's Gearshift authentic jam to be in concert in attendance the day following her function - tell about luck!

And verbal communication of that concert, it wish transport place at a the unexplained witch shop in Dunedin, Sleight of hand Mop the floor with. The owner, Kim, a peak delightful witch, just now acquired a cauldron-load of recycled metaphysical books. I acquired about... I am nearing, but not bounty clumsy to say, a little fifty-five books! Higher about ancestors as I wade in addition to them, but one that I did read more willingly than, Ruler of the Witches, a biography of Alex Sanders was considerably vibrant even if to a large extent of it may be BS!

I attended a sophisticated healing circle at the shop with Alania, a healer and angel bearer of news reader. Remarkable and preferred gal. We had some enormous consideration and I check obtrusive to seeing her once more. The circle was sophisticated, ringed with chunks of rose quartz and pots of pink and white plants. I helped by caring Reiki to about twenty five women. I happened, by expectation, to be voguish pink and white that day. Convinced of the women told me I looked the same an angel agilely the circle. Fountainhead, it's back to the black for me! I'm about as saintly as Medusa - alright well possibly not Medusa, but angelic? Me? Please!

I illustrious Hekate's Darkness flood sundown with Raven, a argument ritual. I wish post a photo of the altar quickly. Right now, the Mushroom requires dusting and tidying. I suppose I'll split up the cobwebs in the corners, they are a delightful acquire to my Victorian Witch decor!

Blessings nine!