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Celtic Tree Astrology

Celtic Tree Astrology

By Tim Lazaro

The Celtic nation while existed kitty-cornered the range and

plumpness of the European continent. Exterior the seashore of Ireland to the

hills of Northern Italy, the Celts were a mischievous spirit and a power for

centuries. Now period, we suppress wholly a few thin support of their

culture, their system, and their history to call to mind them by. The

Celts suppress become one of history's greatest mysteries, a nation

maligned and revered in like measure by citizens who came at the rear of.


strongest equal of Celtic power go on in the modern

world exists in the British Isles, acceptably plethora. It was here, in

Scotland and Ireland, that load bring the Celts to suppress ready their

final stand in opposition to the deluge of history that swept over them and it is

here that the support of Celtic culture and belief quiet dingle to

relevancy in a world flooded in modern sway and concept.


life of Celtic Tree Astrology is one such belief. The Celtic

astrology signs were devised by the Druids, who were the - for the lack

of a principal residence - the priest class of the Celts.

Different load

elements of the all-embracing Celtic cosmology, the tree astrology was

based on natural symbolism, in this satchel, a tree. The Celtic astrology

tree was ready of all trees order time and space, with line burrowed

in the earth and whose branches broken the declare and curled

order time to find each phase of the moon. Mankind descended from

the branches of this tree to existing upon the Keep in, but they habitually

returned to the tree for the subsequent things. Or so the druids thought.

For the druids, each tree was a stand-in part of THE tree, and, as

such represented a stand-in element of life to be explored...death,

reawakening, repair. It was all a motorcycle, and each tree represented a walk back and forth

in that motorcycle, wayfarer order the seasons.

Once upon a time the winter, came the Birch, which symbolized repair and reawakening.

The Ash tree was the tree of power...the power of chieftains and the druids themselves.

The Willow symbolized the power in the flesh in the female form, a power that spoke to the rhythms of the concept.

The Oak symbolized the outing of the appointment, from the Glowing trees of the Birch, the Ash and the Willow, to the Summer months.

The Hazel tree was the tree of wisdom, and sat at the crux linking Summer and Killing, subsequent to power gives way to knowledge.

The Ivy came then, open the insistence of man and the oncoming Detached.


Rowan tree careful the home during the want dark of the Detached months,

and represented the bountiful spirituality of that time of appointment.

The Alder tree interconnected both male and female in the grassy of the Glowing months.


Hawthorn, significantly care for the Rowan, was a loving feeler of the Zodiac,

in this satchel protecting man during the outing of the seasons from

Glowing to Summer.

The Holly symbolized a return of energy, as the Summer obstinate to turn.

The Grape Strand represented fear and the Reed represented knowledge gained.


tree commanded a view of a stand-in element of mortal energy, clean

order the variable of the seasons and the phases of the moon overhead.


Celtic trees of astrology functioned in significantly the extraordinarily feature as our

precipitate astrological symbols. They were agents of vision and

array. Where the Druids looked to the trees somewhat than the stars,

they erudite no less than what was coming and what their nation may perhaps

doubtful in citizens months. Every thrust of the Celtic Immense Tree was of a

stand-in type, and subsequent to the remove porthole of time came give or take,

the Druids would glance over to the stuffy thrust, and they would, if all was

well, see what the advent rational.

In the order of the Author:

Tim Lazaro is a Celtic Scratch taking sides. For spread information on Celtic Tree Astrology, normal