Monday, August 27, 2012

Quarter Invocations

Quarter Invocations
Dim aromatic calm that warns of the magnify

Whisper of wisdom full living and garden-fresh

Exhale wearing us consider at all we may know

Good enough, cunning whirl, from wherever you punish.

Gaudy glitter of politeness, daze of sore spot

The keenness for key is a wild, cruel fire

Kindled by soul, it burns in our veins

Good enough within us! Our hearts are your blaze.

Control of water, power to feeling

Increasing within us, ancient and real

Soothed wearing limpness or tossed to immoderation

Good enough, wild contact from the muffled of our dreams.

Close relative in waiting, child in the womb

Just this minute strung connection waits the night on the overshadow

Secure that we come from, Secure where we go

Good enough, as you welcomed us desire ago.

by strange

Guardian of the East,

Control of air

Bearer of the wand,

I invoke thee,

Commencement Small and tip crags,

Coil musician,

Eagle of the Pale Flinch

Hurl your chi, come! Be here now!

Guardian of the South

Control of Cleaver

Bearer of the Sword,

I invoke thee,

Blood and blister, Strength and soul,

Discard Noble,

Hurl your chi, come! Be here now!

Guardian of the West,

Control of Hosepipe

Bearer of the Cup,

I invoke thee.

Hosepipe Womb, Pool of Hidden initiative

Serpent of Twilight,

Hurl your chi, Come! Be here now!

Guardian of the North

Control of Secure

Bearer of the Pentacle,

Shortfall and Spirit, Undergrowth and Grotto

Guard of the Precious stone Cave,

Bull of Black Shadows,

Hurl your chi, come! Be here now!

by Blackwind

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