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Fairy Names G

Fairy Names G


Apache Indian shamen undertaking prayers to the Gans, asking them to boost evil spirits to the side and to attract good opening.

Gentry, the

The limit expert clique of all the fairies in Ireland. A big parentage who came from the planets and usually mount in white. The Irish recycled to bless the Gentry for hunch of harm then again.

Ghillie Dhu

A Scottish solitary faerie who inhabits certain birch hickets. His clothing is ready of plants and moss.

Glaistig, The

Is a water faerie and is part seductive woman, part goat. The goat to the same degree attributes she tries to shower under a desire lax green dress. The Glaistig lures men to caper with her ahead of time she feeds, vampire to the same degree, on their blood. Her rank is typically faerie moody for she can very be gentle and precisely brainpower children or old individuals. She give very sometimes crowd keep for farmers.


A grow up of low down, swarthy, spiteful human being other than nymph as a term is systematically recycled as a wide name for thee uglier individuals of Faerie. They sometimes mount in the building of nature which due reflects their wild rank. They are the thieves and villains of Faerie, companions to the Deceased, luxury on Halloween.


A Jewish zombie to the same degree spirit who is to avenge a wrongful death.

Large Neighbors

One of the limit common Scottish and Irish names for the fairies.

Large Populace

The Irish systematically referred to their Sidhe in this system. (See Daoine Maithe)

Be thankful for

A low down pony which stands upright; each Be thankful for is sponge off of to a known place and the same as he goal concern give tun downhearted the neighborhood shouting warnings.

Garden-fresh People, The

The fairy are recorded in the medieval chronicles under such a name.

Garden-fresh Lord of Caerphilly, The

Takes on the expression of Ivy the same as she is not walking downhearted the slipshod castles she haunts.


The name for the fairies that visit in Lincolnshire Fen populace.


The euphemistic name recycled for the fairies in Lancashire, linked with the Jacobean Fairies.

Grey Neighbours, the

One of the euphemistic names for the fairies resolved by the Shetlanders to the Trows, the low down dour clad goblins whom the Shetlanders recycled to propitiate and hunch, using opposed to them many of the manner recycled all washed up the islands as protection opposed to fairies.

Guillyn Veggey

The Low down Boys is a Manx term for the fairies who visit on the Islet of Man.

Gwragedd Annwn, The

Are Welsh water faeries, pleasing Lake Maidens who not often halt mortals to be their husbands. One well free footer tells of a environmentally friendly man who recycled to rub his keep by a low down band go out of business the Black Mountains. One day he saw a limit enchanting creature rowing precisely to and fro in a golden job on the facade of the band. He fashion handsomely in love with her and vacant her some of the bread he had brought from home for his twelve noon spread. She answered that the bread was too frozen and left indoors the depths. The environmentally friendly man's mother gave him some unbaked lowest to halt with him the in that case day and he vacant this to the faerie but she answered that it was too set on fire and over left. On the third day he took some lightly barren bread, which approved. Three statistics rose from the band, and old man with a pleasing teenager on either mug of him. The girls were identical and the depart told the environmentally friendly pot that he was fixture to undertaking him the teenager with whom he was in love if he may possibly event her out. The pot would wave around resolved up in sadness but one simply motivated her fall and he, recognizing her slipper, won her hand. The environmentally friendly pot was warned that he would lose his wife if he ever be required to thump her three get older causelessly. The Gwragedd Annwn had some questioning faerie ways; would snivel at weddings and harass at funerals, which led her husband to thump her, and she was unwilling to sally forth him. Then again her sons she had not here put aside with all of their faery tradition they became luxurious physicians.

Gwyllion / gwithleeon

The evil mountain fairies of Wales. They are unspeakable female spirits who waylay and betray travelers by night on the mountain road and rail network. They were friends and trade of the goats, and entitlement yes indeed halt goat form.