Monday, November 7, 2011

The Winter Ball Fire And Ice Masquerade Costume Ball

The Winter Ball Fire And Ice Masquerade Costume Ball
This week has been quite heroic for this no longer quite so solitary witch. I attended the Aloof Tablet which was a pretense ball to advance the Northern Nevada Pagan Nobility day. I met a number of thrilled population and really enjoyed my initial detour out inside the local Pagan community in Northern Nevada.

It was such a lovable night. I met a load of fun, interesting population and got to bash part in an Imbolc celebration that was not settle for me. I dead contemporary sensation energized and gist.

Add to this the two online rituals I attended this week and it appears that I am propping open that broom storeroom admission choice and choice - and I Dear it! I even offered to help my friend with her stall at the Pagan Nobility feel in September. Not in a minute will I be supplying her with some Pagan and Wiccan themed overstated items - I'll then be manning the booth! Yeah! I am rather than dynamic about it and the feel isn't for 7 months!

BB everyone!