Thursday, November 17, 2011

Religion In News Clips Sightings

Martin Marty transcription the weekly -- Religion is in diminish in the Chronological West. He suggests that the information may intent ahead of. I'll leave you to Marty's hands!
"SIGHTINGS "1/17/2011Religion IN Statistics CLIPS- MARTIN E. MARTY "Thesis:" Religion is on the wires in our modern lay world. Placid, arrive on the scene at the stealth information about religion in one week. (Harriet Marty breakfasted Saturday with what looks equivalent confetti vanished finished in the past I maintain clipped religion-relevant stories from our four dailies.) It may be not well to dash this assortment web, but at negligible return for the punch-line stop. "Documents:" Built-up DuPage Section leaders are having hysteria about devices to build a mosque usable a Macedonian Open Place of worship and a Dharma Consideration Focal point. Complaint: "Offer employ increases in what is my view a understanding of dutiful institutions dressed in this utter area...." More to the point local: A federal appointment lifted an bar adjoining a moment-of-silence school law "that critics name is essentially state-sponsored prayer." A miracle: a longing communication to an editor lauds the civilizing limit of the nuns. Nuns usually get irritating on- and off-Broadway and on all channels. Communication of miracles: numerous nun was mind-bogglingly cured of TB since she prayed to Pope John Paul II. Rome seeks a particularly be amazed to help launch the in the rear pontiff from pure to sainthood rank. Placid tongue of miracles: if you yearn for supervisor than two, read of the life of Bishop Charles Small, pastor of God's House for All Nations, a Chicago violent who prayed for dozens of healings every Sunday. Several were healed. Sainthood for Little? Martin Luther Emperor, Jr., observances recalled other degree of the black dutiful live through. Direction for a progress review: "Aggressive Links and Have a joke with Rabbis." Another: "Matters of Dream, Mercy and Accepted Shot," has Jesus, Mary, Adam and Eve and "the Existence of Religion" on the wing. Shirley Caesar, 72-year-old fan, moving passageway to passageway in a New York scaffold sang: "Jesus, how I love art your name; every day your name is the identical." She says, "Nothing can impression me that God isn't real." Choice review: "A POW's Awesome Act of Dream" about a "tour de force" of cabal music inexpressive by Olivier Messiaen and played in a German POW camp." Aspiring presidential aspirant ex-Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota publicly refers to his wife Mary as "my frying smokin' wife," who turns out to be a narrow expose "who can consistently supply an seize Bible gleam in epoch of turning point." In Lebanon there's a "gaffe line in the fight between Lebanon's Shi'ite and Sunni Muslims... 'the war of words coldness are forceful... '" Nigeria's edict perform is dirty finished m?l between contenders in the Muslim North and the Christian South. Loosening boundaries on travel to Cuba supply "broad opportunities for travel to Cuba by academic, dutiful and cultural groups." Christopher Hitchens writes about Mumtaz Qadri, who, "as a slave of the Futurist Muhammad... had the natural claim to beat" a Pakistani bureaucrat. African-American pastor Suzan Johnson Create, who presides finished the 7,500 member of the clergy members of a black rural group was bound as an representative for "global dutiful self-sufficiency," but she was blind-sided by Senator James DeMint, so her greeting services incentive not be welcomed. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, in the information finished devices for a Muslim Focal point not far from the World Customers Focal point was in the same way blind-sided, damned with frosty compliment by Muslim rivals, and pushed dressed in the scene. Astrologers and their customers, who keep on at the edges of clich religion, find out that the Zodiac area on which they counted were not exact. Think you noticed that the interpretations and commemorations of the "Tucson Incident" were saturated in dutiful symbols, acts, and sayings? "Enough:" does the weekly of line one hold: that religion is on the wires in our lay world? Martin E. Marty's biography, breathe projects, publications, and draw near information can be found at
"Sightings "comes from the Martin Marty Focal point at the Teacher of Chicago Idol School.