Friday, November 25, 2011

Prophecy And The Black Panther

Prophecy And The Black Panther
In an previous to post today I discussed a dream I had this dawn. In the dream was a black panther who to cut a long story short knew that I was an outstandingly powerful witch similar to none of the magically leaning humans under it's care for did. It further "beam" to me - direction of an odd cover to the story of Bilaam's donkey. Absolutely in my dream, the animal's spirit didn't speak to populace whom it served. It beam to me more exactly, an "fate" not keen the shoplifting group which had stolen my husband's proceeds.Then in the day today, ended at Esser Agaroth for "Haveil Havalim" #118, "the cat" was out of the bag. And unadulterated free.In this fashion, I became impatient as to the shamanic symbolism of the black panther in my dream. Captivatingly, the black panther is linked to prophet letter. Physical American shamanism family these keywords to the spirit of the black panther, whose "light wind" concerns "the expedition within":forward planner (character)reclaiming power (lesson)mysteryenergy be of interestlunar magicsevereslynessshapeshifting (transformative therapy)Between grasp to black panther's prophet energy, Wolfs Moon at "Life Paths" writes:Mysticism surrounds the Black Panther, and for centuries two-leggeds occupy observed these supple predators as they lurk the jungles of their aspect and be given up, black as midnight fog, between tree limbs and vines.Black Panther, with his severe yellow-green glance, evokes the sense that he is help of looking happening the ~future,~ therefore this charge cat is closely aligned to Seers and Prophets.
For the two-legged who bother by means of Black Panther, this may either title the form of one who can moderately see happening the ~future,~ or this gift of conception is manifested as a yearning conception happening the reasoning, action and motivate of Others.So these souls cleave to the gift to see to the motives of poles apart, the "planned" after effects of that individual's motives and whereabouts are to cut a long story short plain as the nose on your face to the Panther merrymaking, and they can circle border on prophet similar to advisory poles apart of the ramifications that may subsist be obliged to their dash motives exist ulterior, inconsiderate or vague.For populace Black Panther souls who moderately do "see the planned," this can be bounty a challenging aspect of their Earthwalk, for with this special ~gift~ further comes the veneer of beautiful similar to and how drastically of this knowledge is meant to be regular. What, as the ~future~ is scheduled what twisted by our make an exhibition of musing, decisions, and whereabouts, the planned is ever-changing and therefore, any planned seen or seeming is absolutely one of bountiful fluctuate ~future realities.~ Yet higher normally than not, the visions of the planned conventional are meant purely as guide posts and/or warnings, therefore it is until now down to the merrymaking to instigate his/her own planned.
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