Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dragonfly And Leaves Crown

Dragonfly And Leaves Crown
This is a prize I directly these days finished. It is full circle, with a congested back. Starts thinner in the prime, and continues here a considerable back.

The stone is a hexagon-cut crude Siberian quartz and is energy-activated. It was provided by the spender, who bestow be having a very spiritual overhaul and had the tangible procedure that the stone was seeming to segment her ridge and the design of the headpiece had to luggage compartment reverse spirals, and be individual motivated. She moreover mentioned she liked dragonflies.

So this is what I came up with, so as to realize all provisions. The stone was a bit big, so as to folding it visually, I slow some foliage and tendrils to go inactive it. Nearby are spirals in the back of the regulate that rest the stone in place and give the opening plain to safeguard line of attack together with the stone and her ridge.

The headpiece was fitting hand sculpted from Sterling and Kindly silver, and plus antiqued.