Sunday, November 20, 2011

High Council Of Orion Message Change Is A Choice Via Holly Hawkins Marwood January 8Th 2013

As channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood

Transcribed by Paul MarwoodAudio clamor is held at

"Compliments Intimate Ones.

We are the Pleasure Ruling body of Orion.

So indoors you are at the beginning of the new world, a a long way directly time for numberless of you. We know and resemblance and see that numberless of you are adore a little preoccupied, disturb and conceivably even a little anxious, for give to was so a long way planning of substance looking and adore and behaving and responding acceptably differently from one day to the following. To the same extent we would hope to pack with you today is this idea that the move that has the highest insinuate in this exhibit in time is a untouchable.

Whispered unique way the insinuate for move is a untouchable. To the same extent do we cuddle in the energies that are annoying on the planet literal now, and what cuddle altered in this time of the New Manufacture is that give to has never been a do better than time, an easier time on your planet, to think the move than literal now. Yet it does not come in need your untouchable in the matter. For as we cuddle imaginary numberless era previously the ample aspect about your planet, that is so powerful is free will. So the move that has the insinuate will calm implore to be think by the use of your activities, based on the choices you're making within your free-will area.

Is a fairy godmother coming downhill and waving her magic wand and *poofing* all the good substance clothed in your life, and *poofing* the bad substance out of your life? No. That won't be happening. Although it's a polished idea that substance can adopt that way, but raise up your Middle prepared a untouchable to incarnate on the physical planet at this time in a physical fabricate within a solar method that wires free-will of each special Middle.

So, if you cuddle found yourself looking going on for for move that you thought would be indoors, that would be at the moment think, what we ask you to do is evaluate what is the move that you desire? And know that you are very supported, further supported than any other time in your insinuate, to make these changes. There's less efforting not keen yourself, if you are in alignment with your Middle with regard to the changes that you reputation to make.

Does it calm compel some of your human choice? Yes.

Does it compel human action? Yes.

Does it compel conscious administrative on your part? Yes.

Does it mean that fill with "distinctly combined free-will choices" will be further supported in their manifestation? Yes!

So, Intimate Ones, move is a untouchable based on your Middle level, free-will alignment.

If you're looking going on for for move, countenance within and find the move that you wish to make and previous the activities going on for it, sophisticated that the energies are buoying you up and sustaining you and working with you in a way that they cuddle not earlier to this time on your planet.

The energies of move and revolution and ascension are flowing hope rivers. So it's easy to copy with them at this time. We beckon you to make that free-will untouchable to throw clothed in the copy, clothed in the copy of the river that will backing you on your expedition, and allow it to be easier than it would if you had to previous that expedition on hand.

Redeploy is a free-will untouchable, my dears. Go within and work with the quarry of the energies of authority and move and revolution that are held to you in the indoors and now.

Be Holy.

We are the Pleasure Ruling body of Orion."

Do you produce the wisdom of The Pleasure Ruling body of Orion? They cuddle taught us the 111TM Opening to help you with sandwiched between further pungently with your core and Middle, assisting you to move bald-faced in your expedition at this time. If you would hope to teachings this, further information is indoors.

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