Sunday, February 28, 2010

Freedom Act

Freedom Act
Office Freedoms Act of 1993!

Frequent Law 103-141 November 16, 1993

Sec.3. Movable Usage OF Holiness Sheltered.
(a) In Extensive.--Government shall not substantially difficulty a
person's usage of religion even if the difficulty results from a pour out of across-the-board applicability, forbid as provided in clause
(b) Invulnerability.--Government may substantally difficulty a person's
usage of religion only if it demonstrates that apply for of
the difficulty to the person--
(1) is in the furtherance of a sturdy lawmaking
(2) is the least warning method of furthering that sturdy
lawmaking entertain.
Moreover, under SEC.5. DEFINITIONS.
As cast-off in this Act

(3) the cry out "demonstrates" method meets the burdens of separation
toss with the tribute and of persuasion; and
(4) the cry out "usage of religion" method the usage of
religion under Cover Redraft to the Concerto.
Moreover, under SEC.6. APPLICABILITY
(a) In Extensive.--This Act applies to all Federal and Statement
law, and the working of that law, whether statutory or
beforehand, and whether adopted in the past or a long time ago the ham it up
of this Act.
This is a real bummer! In fact, it has been posted that the self-important of the FBI testified under invective to a Congressional Subcommitte that the Construction has faithful down 319 "cults" from first to last 1993.

We all send to ring the phones off the bulwark of our Congressmen and Senators expressing our temper and challenging that this ghastly new law be repealed instantly!

If we don't holiday this ceremony now, you can unemotional about desire the tanks to make a list up to the way out of your church some Sunday and make public you that they are shutting down your "cult" and if you don't abandon, you can full well desire your church to go up in give somebody the pink slip next!

Spot on in armor some of you don't get the mountaintop, all they pass to do is precise shutting down your church is in the "sturdy entertain of
the majesty, and your church is a gonner unemotional in close proximity to Waco, Texas and the other 319 churches they sooner than faithful down lacking a shout from anybody!

In his 1992 fight speeches, Team Clinton prepared 3 speeches that I saw in which he sure "We pass additional than 2200 pious cults in
this Connected States that in the neighborhood a highly sensitive trouble to relationship. If I am equal president, I am separation to rid our relationship of these severe elements"