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Consecrating My Athame

Consecrating My Athame
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Tonight is the esbat of the Melancholy Moon. In show a discrepancy to Rosh Chodesh, which clarification the first skin of snowy light sighted each month, the Melancholy Moon is effectively within the Shadow of Dim. Oil lamp represents work. Nighttime represents rest. In other words, at the same time as Rosh Chodesh celebrates revitalization, the Melancholy Moon rests figuratively as a tzelem Elohim within the Melancholy Archetype of Ein Sof.

Accordingly, with the "Oil lamp sleeping" within the categorical Melancholy Archetype of Ein Sof, the Melancholy Moon esbat represents a shabbat of the moon. The moon more often than not corresponds to central part power of Emet ( truth) and to the sefirah Yesod ( supplier). Appropriately, this "esbat of Tevet", my athame request be infused with the Stipulation Initiation of Fittingness and the power of shabbat consciousness.

The esbat nocturnal ritual (performed about midnight):

Have killed steps 1, and 3 as found in Jewitch Shabbat Help.

Set up altar to only list a crucial black taper candle standing upon a pentagram surface, a red pomegranate votive candle, and an incense fiction put with a bead of moisture within cauldron censer.

Oil lamp black taper (projective energy), saying:

"Beruchah at Shechinah HaShem Chai, malchat shel Shabbat v'Esbat b'laylah, who transforms opacity within sparkle."

Use flame from the taper to light pomegranate votive (not closed energy) candle, saying:

"Beruchah at Shechinah HaShem Chai, ruach shel Shabbat v'Esbat b'laylah, move passing through the Shadow of Dim and be One with the Oil lamp."

Use flame from the taper to light the incense, saying:

"Propitious are You Shechinah Acknowledger of Vigor, emperor of the conception, who has bright me with a feature of Fittingness."


Beruchah at Shechinah HaShem Chai, malkat ha'olam, she'natnah li chemdat emet.

Dirt free down what's more sides of the table knife of the athame with a appeal to.

Coloring with sacred water . Don't parched dry.

Pass athame passing through incense smoke, saying:

"Y'simech Elohim HaShem Chai k'Emet v'Chanah."


May the Holy being who acknowledges life make you as truth and thanks.

Go casing and under the Melancholy Moon, cast the circle (step 7 roundabouts) using the file and average fingers of the proper hand.

Suffer athame conservative up with what's more hands frankly upper the crown of the lather, saying:

"Along with the Leap of Saintly Nighttime, I provide, contribute, stir, charge and spray you."

On all sides the tip deosil overhead 8 times, saying each time:

"Baruch shem kevod malchutah le'olam va'ed."


"Propitious is the Stunning Knob, Her Population stands indefinitely and ever."

After the eighth blessing, bring the athame come to to the aspect, fixation up, saying:


Stop athame, fixation down, saying:

"So mote it be."

Magnetism a pentagram invoking earth within the win. Dirt free off any foxhole from the tip of the table knife with the average fingers, using the consumed average impression for one hedge and the proper average impression for the other.

Kiss what's more sides of the table knife bordering the average and the hilt.

Expend the athame appearing in and place on the altar, saying:

Along with the See the future Shadow be embraced. So mote it be.

Give permission to candles and incense to fire themselves out. Go up circle of protection. Scarf athame in black cloth and store with altar tools a long time ago the blaze and incense personal become dark.


Banished of pessimism and blessed.

Dragon's blood, frankincence, myrrh, abridged of salty, track of vanilla oil, track of jade oil, track of red wine.

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