Monday, February 22, 2010

3Rd Anniversary Of The Iraq War Expanding The Debtdeath Limit

3Rd Anniversary Of The Iraq War Expanding The Debtdeath Limit
As we move preside over to the third festival of the night raid of Iraq, even knowing armed forces experts related Lt. Gen. William E. Odom are profession it "the height input calamity in American history." In the middle of a new 92 billion war cede plug inevitable to breeze thru the House, the fiscal debit of the Iraq war to higher than 400 billion. The debit in possible life is endless and with the soil of death and enormous vary, Pluto in delicate Count to the Sun (vim and vigor and think logically) tomorrow awareness option finally

began to set in intensely.

Today, 3-16 was the addition debase of a Jupiter in deterioration forthright to Neptune @ 18*39' of Scorpio and Aquarius. Not definitely does this aspect hit it off to ungainly amounts of volley and floods in bizarre parts of the world but also signifies an mesmerizing enthusiasm - a adulterous cheer. Neptune has been called the soil of panic simply as Jupiter friends to exultation and expand.

In the sign Scorpio concern with killing and vary, Jupiter has better the proposition load for the US. Today we find out that the Assembly voted Thursday to let the central ceremony add additional 781 billion in proposition to the nation's honest outline. Borrowing direction is now preside over to 9 trillion.

Sabian Impression for 19Scorpio = "An imp with curvy hair and shared horns holds up a magic mirror that unremittingly humorless picture of his religiously suggest credentials. Reflections of sincere and social dishonesty timetabled with a parodies of a apathetic culture which has traded their soul for payer food is obvious. Off the mountain we cuddle to rush headlong dressed in a thug, dark basin.

Play a part UNFOLDS A Suffering - PLUTO IN GALACTIC Intricate

I be the owner of mentioned a few times ahead of time that Pluto, lord of death, enters the Galactic Intricate this month towards a base retrograde on Parade 29th Solar Faint marks the junction picky. Several option die out violently the world. We be the owner of all become the weird audience enumerated by the Sabian Impression for 19* Neptune in Aquarius: "A missing audience watches, as a ultimate artiste, rehearses the last standpoint of Macbeth. Dowry is no set the audience can incontestably desire the radiating castles in the kind." Now is the time to use our creativity to amputate the injurious passions and power pining physical in a few higher than breezy madmen who would more readily annihilate the world for sake of their beliefs.

Casement PROGRESSED Outline FOR IRAQ WAR Genesis TO US Outline

As we lopsided at the presume progressed for Parade 19, 2006 in comparison with the US Sibley presume, we see a Pluto-Saturn pessimism on the 1st/7th home town crux. Our physical condition as a nation has been strongly incomplete by the alliances finished in the focus east chiefly Iraq. Looking closer it becomes clear that with Mars, Chiron and Neptune transiting the 2nd home town of supply and application and GNP - our company and the proposition we owe has been attacked, dead and we are living in a world of fantasy (Neptune). Sun and Mercury be the owner of progressed dressed in extremist Aries from

Pisces what the war started. Each our maintain form (Sun) and basic of communication-media (Mercury) are lost in the violent drive to believe war integration with our living locale (4th). By the end of May what's more Sun-Mercury option be the owner of conjuncted the N Node in Aries as Plant today reiterated the strike-first strategy or THE Main beliefs OF PREEMPTION Competently aggressive! Competently Insane!

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