Sunday, August 18, 2013

Havana Fast Facts

Havana Fast Facts
* Havana (La Habana), is the conurbation and main waterfront of Cuba.
* The Spanish spelling of Habana was up to that time Havana.
* Havana Nicknames: 'Princesa del Damage (Sea Princess), 'Ciudad de las Columnas' (Capital of Columns).
* Havana was founded in 1515a
* Language: Spanish
* The township founder was Diego Vel'azquez de Cu'ellar
* Ideology - Add up 278.4 sq mi (721 km^2)
* Country - Add up 2,141,993
* In 1848, Havana became the third township in the world to educate gas explanation.
* Demonym Havanan (habanero)
* Havana is the rush main township in the Caribbean state, on one occasion Santo Domingo.
* King Philip II of Spain contracted Havana the specify of Capital in 1592.
* In the fundamental of Havana's John Lennon Normal is a effigy likeness of the leading Beatle. It was unveiled in 2000.
* People: 60 percent Spanish rise, 22 percent mulatto, 11 percent African rise, 1 percent Chinese
* Religion: 47 percent Catholic, 4 percent Protestant, 2 percent Santer'ia (abundant Catholics more to the point practice Santer'ia)