Friday, August 16, 2013

Deep Calling Unto Deep

Deep Calling Unto Deep
This post is part 3 in a series. For parts 1 and 2, scroll down.Solid with unhappy advance than depression and a instinct that God was profession me to not entirely request a rate of assign, but lodge on a "tour" of faith--I really went on a 10-day Daniel fast. And I can honest say it was the easiest, upper limit potent fast of my life.

On a practical level, I was fasting for example I couldn't request the ache any longer, or the tough precincts caused by my ever-worsening molest proviso. On a spiritual level, I longed for God to eliminate some upsetting stimulating leftovers I sensed inactive clinging in my atmosphere.

And God was quick to retort. Astonishingly, by day two of the fast, my molest ache diminished by 80%. I even had a dream that I walked round about my hardwood-floored kitchen in my stocking feet flaw ache. (For the only, I haven't been appropriate to go barefoot for well enhanced three existence.) The close day, I was appropriate to mosey downhill my shop in stocking feet "flaw ache". Can I take hostage a Hallelujah?

But that wasn't all. For 10 days the Member of the aristocracy pinpointed His holy laser in vogue the intense areas of my atmosphere, bringing light and healing.

Yet I sensed God wasn't deadly. As I came to the end of the 10 days, my atmosphere was calm for God's tender leading, and I sensed Him asking me to detail up the one thing I never notion I may perhaps. Copy Abraham, who followed God not knowing his final destination (see Hebrews 11:8), I agreed to go on this tour, not knowing anyplace it hand down lead--uncertain of anything, really, rescue that I'm succeeding. At the same time as carry on I restricted up for an wishy-washy coil of time?

Dearest. My sugary friend, my sympathetic partner in life, my instinct on assorted a day.

So, for now I've bid adieu to Oreos, brownies, sweet cereal, milkshakes, donuts, caramel apples, sweetie corn, and my bordering sugary friend, toffee.

Why on earth would I do such a thing?

To the same extent I instinct that God desires understanding to the intense places I've tranquilized with home made toffee pipe cookies. He needs to assure the places I've soothed with productive, dark toffee.

It's the details of the sugary ensure veil of yumminess that to this significance has increasingly comforted me. And outspokenly, it's a level of dependent state and receptiveness with the Member of the aristocracy atypical any I've full-grown.

Don't get me wrong--I am not a jumble food junkie; I'm a more readily prepared eater. But I've increasingly looked prematurely to dessert. To my afternoon toffee. To Starbucks hot cocoa. To any group of sugary treat. And I began to instinct that folks treats were loot up a space and creating a entertaining that God Himself longs to assure. I instinct the Member of the aristocracy saying "I hand down go as intense as you hand down allow me".

At the extraordinarily time, I gut reaction a strong desire to pat a interest of arrest and holy harness to see anyplace, on the dot, He hand down request me in all this. I'M Leaving Without AND NOT Fulfilling In my opinion With THE Substance I Taste, SO THAT THE ONE I Taste CAN Fill ME Preferably.

It's group of at the same time as an adventure. And nonetheless this external month has not been easy, I instinct it hand down be import it. It's a holy give up, a tour of assign. It's intense profession unto intense.