Sunday, August 11, 2013

Three Minutes To Sunrise

Three Minutes To Sunrise
It is three minutes preceding the sun rises this Aloof Solstice Day!

If I was a good witch, almost certainly I would be out shaking on some obsolete hillock or clifftop, or at some harebrained Megalith with a plight of habituated druids, waiting and opinion for the high rays of the sugar sun to commotion across the ice-bound land, heralding a new day and the spasm of the court.

But I'm not a good witch - I'm a bad witch. And if you are reading this at 8am, totally as this post goes go on board, hence I am at this time bent up compact in my caring bed, fast asleep off a hangover.

My rig - it's been a weekend of some brute carousing. Hand over was my work's Christmas do on Friday hence two terrific Yule carousing on Saturday and Sunday. Or, at most minuscule, I am assuming the one on Sunday force put up with been terrific.

You see, I'm not impartial a bad witch, I'm what's more a bit of a cheat, the same as I'm writing this blog on Sunday afternoon preceding goodbye to the bunch - hence redeployment the entry to go go on board for Monday daylight, December 21.

And I've totally subjugated the net boss - the rays of the delayed afternoon sun melting the blizzard that has fallen arrogant my garden and making the ice and droplets of water shine and animation. So, it isn't really a picture of a sundown, or a break of day - totally a extremely winter's day.

Pleasantly, I visualize you put up with a terrific Midwinter Solstice, anything you are acquit yourself.

Genesis today in London is at 8.03am. Dusk is at 3.52pm - I push be up in time to see that :)

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