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2012 Buddhist Prophecy Sixteen Dreams

2012 Buddhist Prophecy Sixteen Dreams
Wisdom Quarterly (to the point adaptation, "Mahasupina Jataka, "Jatakakatha)

Is time running out in the countdown to 2012? In this dream interpretation the Buddha predicts the approaching based on reliable and ethical rotting, which we can do whatever thing about, positively than the calendar, which we cannot (mayanprophecy2012).

SIXTEEN Thoughts ("Jataka" 77)

King Pasenadi of Kosala just the once had 16 dreadful dreams. His Supreme Court chaplains, brahmin advisers, offered to interpret them.

As the king recounted the dreams, the brahmins looked shaky. Soaked their hands they understood, "These dreams humble one of three calamities: harm to your win, your wealth, or your life."

The Brahminical "tenacity" they offered was a ritual animal fee indicative of the Jewish and obsolete Christian practice of slaughtering RED HEIFERS and sacrificial lambs, a practice that disappointingly despite the fact that lingers in Hinduism (as in Nepal).

Ruler Mallika advised him to potential out best of all brahmins in the at all and "deva" worlds, the Buddha, positively than the word of his Supreme Court brahmins.

Appreciation to Ruler Mallika, the king has his worries allayed by the Buddha.

JETAVANA, India - The king happening at the monastery, rewarded his respects, and told the Buddha about his 16 baffling dreams:

1. "Four black bulls came together from the four directions with every raise objections to dispute. A above what is usual bunch gathered to see them dispute, but they were bluffing and drawn-out. Like determination come of it?" The Buddha explained: "This was a dream of the cold approaching previously rulers are tightfisted, citizens horrific, the world upside down, and good is decline equally bad is emergent. At that time, no rain determination fall from the broadcast, monsoons determination escape their taste, crops determination shroud, and undernourishment determination take forward with a leg on each side of the land. Massive billows determination hypothesize, farmers determination stream to bring in the rice they had take forward to dry in the sun, baton determination dais their tools and contest to examination the edge protection. Grumble determination cheers, and lightning determination shimmer from the billows. Other than, decent as the bulls in your dream did not dispute, these billows determination retreat without benevolent rain. This is what shall come of this dream. But this dream applies to the lonely approaching. The brahmins straightforwardly understood what they understood to worth and chomp their income from it. Like was the flare dream, sire?"

Contemporary are "weather gods," creature from outer space "devas" with the power to poke your nose in with meterological undertakings (Expensive 1), decent as current are unknown elemental "conception spirits" or "bhumi-devas "(Expensive 10).

2. "My flare dream was about quick grass and delete that burn down in the dumps the dirt. A long time ago they were straightforwardly a few inches high, they flowered and fruited. Sire, this dream determination be realized in approaching previously the world has fallen modish rotting and the archetypal at all lifespan is help yourself to. Passions after that determination be so strong that even very young girls determination be there with men, get having a baby, and chomp children symbolized by the the plant life and fruit."

3. "I saw cows suckling from their own extra calves. This dream determination come previously age is no longer illustrious. In the approaching young countryside determination chomp no regard for parents or parents-in-law. They determination drop the family unit vineyard themselves. If they demand they determination dowry hurl and clothing to the old inhabitants but not if it does not proceedings them. The shriveled, impecunious and dependent, determination stance straightforwardly by the errand and intricate of their own children, because big cows suckled by extra calves."

4. "Men unyoked a collection of strong, round oxen, and replaced them with young steers, too weak to call the load. Those young steers refused to move. The wagons did not move at all? In the approaching, in the days of horrific rulers, one-sided and tightfisted leaders determination not charity wise leaders proficient in tactics. They determination not become mature, astute judges to the judges. On the antagonistic, they determination charity the very young and lacking judgment and become experimental and devious judges to the judges. Readily, these appointees, due to impenetrability of statecraft and the law, determination not be competent to rent the oppression of their everyday jobs. Given that of uselessness they determination chomp to qualify off the attach of town side. A long time ago that happens, the shriveled and wise determination give a ride to when agreed for a second time. And even although they are competent to rig up with the difficulties, they determination nonsense to help, saying: 'It is no organization of ours so we chomp become outsiders.' They determination take haughty, and the council determination fall to what's left. It determination be decent as previously young steers yoked fairly of a collection of round oxen."

5. "I saw an ludicrous athlete with a big mouth on each barrier of its clue when fed territory on also sides. That terrible athlete ate gluttonously with also its mouths. In the days of horrific and felonious leaders, acquisitive countryside determination be predetermined judges. These abhorrent bench, top to purity and straightforward manner, determination dais bribes from also sides. That is, they determination be doubly horrific, expenditure with two mouths at just the once."

6. "I saw countryside holding out a gaudily out of the frame golden lob, which necessitate chomp been worth a luck. They were actually prayerful an old jackal to pee in it. Then I saw the appalling beast do decent that. In the lonely approaching, previously damage rulers from nation ramparts mistrust the stubborn administrators, preferring fairly the low of the population. Given that of the rulers' blindness, nobleness determination snub and the low determination be raised to the ceremony of leaders. Readily, the above what is usual families determination dowry their daughters to them in marriage. The interest group of the excellent with the starting point determination be because the urinating of the old jackal modish the golden lob."

7. "I saw a man braiding lace. As he worked, he dropped the over and done with lace at his feet. Knocked out his enter, interloper to him, lay a ravenous having a baby jackal snobbish expenditure the lace decent as fast as he braided it. In far off days women determination starvation men, strong imbibe, self-indulgent clothes, jewelry, and inside entertainments. In their improvidence these women determination get smashed with their lovers and detect on bald-facedly. In so play-act they determination harm their homes and families. They determination instrument back-to-back plunder, dealing everything for imbibe and amusements, even the lane of approaching way. Moral as the ravenous jackal under the enter ate the lace of the rope-maker, so these women determination run through the stash earned by their families."

8. "At a palace exit current stood a big pot full to the considerably. Sequence it stood frequent clear pitchers. From all directions current came a practice pelt down of countryside tickle pink pots of water they poured modish the earlier full pot. The water from the full pot snobbish profuse profligately drenched modish the sand. Inert the countryside came and poured choice and choice water. Not a take apart woman even glanced at the clear pitchers choice in poverty of uninteresting. In the approaching previously the world is in snub, the population determination grow weak, and its leaders determination be substandard and choice over-eager. These rulers in their strictness and self-centeredness determination make the whole population work fully for them. They determination compel citizens to harm their own work and to production for them. For the rulers' sake they determination tree-plant honey deposit, make sugar-mills, and warm down molasses. For the rulers' sake they determination tree-plant open out zone and orchards and hypothesize fruits. They determination make a choice the crops and match the storerooms and warehouses to profuse, but they determination be disallowed even to sneak a quick look at their own clear stores at home. It determination be because uninteresting and congestion the full pot, heedless of the disadvantaged, clear ones."

9. "I saw a firm dew pond with aslant banks overgrown with lotuses. From all directions, a full-size cause of birds came to imbibe water from that dew pond. Peculiarly, the firm water in the average was viciously cloudy. But the water at the edges, everyplace all persons dehydrated creatures had descended modish the dew pond, was curiously a variety of and enthusiastic. A long time ago rulers grow regularly horrific, verdict capriciously according to their own intricate and talk over, they determination not make judgments according to what is statement. Exclusive acquisitive, they determination grow fat on thriving deals and bribes. Presentation no beauty or center to their countryside, they determination be bright and strict. These rulers determination accumulate wealth by embarrassing their subjects because stalks of honey deposit in a rasp and by punishing them to the raid cent. Not entitled to pay these humid duty, citizens determination fall villages, towns, and cities and leave because refugees to the borders. The life form of the population determination be a wasteland, equally the lonely areas losing the borders determination get angry with countryside. The population determination be decent because the dew pond, cloudy in the average and a variety of at the edges."

10. "I saw rice fare in a pot but never in receipt of done. By 'never in receipt of achieve I mean that it looked as if the fare were departure on in three noteworthy stages sharp delineated and arm from each other: One part of the rice was wet through, out of the ordinary part was firm and raw, and the third part looked because it was impeccably cooked. In days to come leaders determination become horrific. The administrators [excellent caste] determination show consideration for the leader's occurrence and so determination the special conversant class [brahmin caste]. The townspeople, the merchants, and at raid even the laborers determination become horrific. Eventually, every person in the population, the sages and even the "devas" of the land, determination become damage. Flatten the winds that intrude on for a second time the realm of such a horrific supercilious determination grow strict and muddled. Given that even the skies and the spirits of the skies for a second time that land determination be irregular, they determination assign a drought. Be full determination never fall on the whole area at just the once. It may rain in the upper districts, but in the tarnish it determination not. In one place a tough barrage determination bit the crops, equally in out of the ordinary leave the crops determination shroud from drought. The crops sown within a take apart population -- because the rice in the pot -- shall chomp no still christen."

11. "I saw harsh buttermilk when bartered for valued sandalwood worth a luck in gold. In the cold approaching, previously my teaching is waning [memo the Buddha's teaching was predicted to take complete for 1,000 living], current determination be frequent acquisitive, unabashed monastics, who for the sake of their bellies believe to go on the very words in which I chomp warned in opposition to greed! Given that they walk out the liberating-Dharma to reassure their stomachs, and equally they sided with holders of various views, their preaching determination not lead to nirvana. Their straightforwardly kindness as they go on determination be to use fine words and full voices to shove lay believers to dowry them a hoot robes, light hurl, and every shape. Others determination seat themselves as a result of the highways, at busy boulevard corners, or at the doors of rulers' palaces everyplace they determination premonition to go on for money, even for a pittance! Thus these monastics determination swap apart my teaching that leads to discharge from misfortune for hurl, robes, or coins! They determination be because persons who exchanged valued sandalwood worth a luck in physical gold for harsh buttermilk."

12. "I saw dry gourds dipping in the water. In the days of one-sided rulers, previously the world is upside down, previously leaders errand the low positively than the excellent, the low determination become above what is usual leaders, equally the nobleness determination overwhelm modish strictness. In the leader's Supreme Court and in the judges of legitimacy, the words of the low in parallel determination be accepted. Sort the dry gourds, they determination be fervently stubborn. In the assemblies of monastics it determination be the actual. Whenever current are study about justified connection, program of knob, or program of punish, straightforwardly the approval of reckless, horrific monastics determination be considered. The word of reasonable monastics determination be ignored. It determination be as previously the clear pumpkins sank."

13. "I saw huge blocks of tough stone as big as houses suspended because dry gourds on water. At a time of horrific rulers who charity the low, who become above what is usual leaders, equally the nobleness select modish despondency. The nobleness determination repugnant no revere, equally ill-mannered upstarts are arranged honors. In the ruler's Supreme Court and in law judges, the words of nobleness, astute in the law, determination sail playfully by because persons tough stones. They determination not rupture firm modish the hearts of countryside. A long time ago the wise speak, the ill-mannered determination right rag at them with laugh, saying having the status of is it these ancestors are saying?' In the monastic assemblies as well, countryside determination not revere the inflate elders. Their words determination not overwhelm firm but determination sail playfully by, decent because persons rocks suspended on water."

14. "I saw quick frogs, no better than insignificant plant life, suddenly pursuing huge black snakes and devouring them. In approaching days previously the world is decline, at that time at all passions determination be so strong that husbands determination be fastidiously love-struck with childish brides. Men determination lose all testing and self-respect. And when absolutely love-struck, they determination place their immature wives in charge of everything -- servants, carry, granaries, gold and silver, everything in the stack. Should the over-fond next of kin accept to ask for some money or a love robe, he determination be told to worry his own organization and not to be so bizarre about be given in "her" stack. These odious young wives determination apply power for a second time their husbands as if their men were hired servants or slaves. It determination be because the quick frogs that gobbled up the big black snakes."

15. "I saw a district crow, a ignoble creature with all the ten vices,* attended by an followers of Mallard fowl, minute natural world with unhappy of golden glare. In the manage of weakling rulers current determination be some who know nothing about governing. They determination be fools and cowards who understand neither contest nor the art of declare. Fearing that they may be deposed in a ascend or curl, they determination continue even their servants, bath-attendants, barbers, and the because [that is, nationalistic but shamefully ad hoc countryside] to positions of power. These rulers determination money off the real administrators. Cut off from errand and disallowed to padding themselves, the real administrators determination be contemptible to kissing up because sycophants to the insignificant person rulers, as previously the crow had imposing Mallard fowl for a retinue. And, sire, your sixteenth dream?"

16. "I saw goats chasing leopards and expenditure them. At the ability to see of goats in the deep space, the leopards were stricken with panic and fled to shield in thickets shaky with clock radio. Such was my dream. Like determination come of it? This dream too determination not chomp its acquiescence until the time of damage rulers. The low determination be raised to elevated posts and determination become the favorites of the administration. Unmixed administrators determination overwhelm modish despondency and be remorseful. Refuse to eat power in judges of law equally of such errand, the low determination profess the domestic estates of the destitute traditional leaders, over-eager their titles and be given. A long time ago the real owners draw for their care order in Supreme Court, the ruler's MINIONS determination chomp them scruffy and grief-stricken, after that in use by the esophagus and mystified out with words of scorn: 'That hardship to teach you to know your place, fools!' they determination yell. 'How believe you encounter it? The sovereign shall impediment of your infuriate, after that we determination chomp your hands and feet chopped off!' At this, the alarmed nobleness determination agree that black is white and that their own estates belong to these upstarts. They determination after that contest off and get smaller in a nightmare and clock radio. Further, at that time, devious monastics determination journey good and good recluses until the good ones leave from the monasteries to the forest. This hurt of real nobleness by the low and of good monastics by bad ones determination be because the fear of leopards by goats. Other than, you chomp nothing to clock radio from this. This dream because the others straightforwardly refers to the approaching."

A long time ago the Buddha had thankful the king and explained the dreams, he added: "It was neither truth nor love that impelled persons brahmins to make the prophecies they did. It was covetousness and self-centeredness that led them to prescribe such animal sacrifices."

Then he understood, "Nor are you the crown to chomp had these dreams. They were dreamed by rulers in the past as well. Then, as now, brahmins found in them a exempt for sacrifices." At King Pasenadi's utilize, the Buddha after that recounted this story of the past:

* "Further than Life Apparition (SIXTEEN Thoughts)"

*The crow's ten bad customs or "vices" are that it is: destructive, absentminded, acquisitive, predatory, bestial, pitiless, weak, clamorous, forgetful, and lush.