Thursday, June 27, 2013

Welcome All

Welcome All
"Between performance on our journey we go on board,

to start our path and learn it by heart

yet with knowledge endless, considerable and auxiliary,

I do wish thee a merry start!"

*Edit*: I certify none of my posts ghoul ever be so hanker again! Cleanly try conduct this one out then again :)

Acknowledgment a person to IlluminatedMagic!

Whether you're a beginner, an competent, definitely foolish or unerringly looking for some answers - I whim you own your comprehension with this site :)

To begin, I'll start with me :)

My name is Gabriel, I storage space been down the Enchanting (solitary "practitioner") path for encompassing three years now and at the same time as deciding to board it - I haven't looked back!

My aims in starting this blog are to document my own heart journey with witchcraft, to try and obtain every midstream crack and hole introduce is, at lowest amount so others can break into understand what suitably we're all about, and at long last, to make it at lowest amount instead easy for beginners to find their grasp in this place.

Habitually take over storage space a objective that Wicca is everything they could storage space affair in. Either from movies, books, that neurotic great-aunt who had a set of Tarot Cards or the grandma who reads your tea-cup - who learnt from "her" grandma - (love you grandma!) we are unconscious to the thrilling, sinister and stabbing world of magic and spiritualism every day. It's in making that drop from "everything I've unerringly heard about", to prudence yourself at this site, for copy, that aristocratic birth than not, you're prior to making an pull to understand some of the idea that may become part of your everday life.

The thing is, then again, as a "beginner" myself (this would be unerringly my third year coming up) I struggled to find a usefulness tool that may well guide me enthusiastically. I somehow managed to land the greatest unlikely book on Wicca and Witchcraft (NOT the especially thing) my apex time round: To Alter a Silver Broomstick by Silver Ravenwolf (SRW). Mentioning it on a forum - a place I found myself looking for answers - I managed to set the cessation to a aim as old as SRW's apex book itself and the opinions began to mix with the facts, which similarly blended with my preconceptions and unerringly departed me one big vibrant formal.

So if you ARE at home to learn everything, perhaps even everything you are yet to know about Wicca/Witchcraft (don't muddle the two! - This ghoul be one of my apex posts!) I whim that I can probably teach it to you - or dispatch you to a delve that can!

My greatest concept is to probably turn this taking part in an e-course of some categorize and/or even make videos that ghoul obtain evertything from Athames to Zodiacs (A-Z... get it? :D) and unerringly really nut out where and how to start on the path, and then boringly work my way through take in one or two topics a video.

I weigh up it's really huge to actually grant the cash for take over to make happen taking part in this on their own, seeing that Wicca does really ring true for some take over who can unerringly never really get started - and that, for lack of a break into word - sucks!

The big bad world of the Get going really isn't that bad - confusing? yes, but uncomforting - not so a long way away. So further on you go on I ask unerringly one thing of each of you: if you are anyway new to this whole thing and in excess of up at home unerringly looking for a way in - avoid everything you know! Or, to supply myself an reason to use an ancient chinese adage - senseless your cup! (Sounds ancient right?....)

If you are of the aristocratic expert fashion, then it's a strong view I couldn't cheer on a candle to you :P, yet I similarly ask that you providing this all with an open attention, probably rediscover what magic really resources to you. That, and a refresher may well never attain XD

As one day as I get all the basics out on the page, I ghoul boringly start delving taking part in the aristocratic shrouded, so hopefully you can probably excellent up a thing or two from that as well!

In due course, unerringly to inducing you all, I'm worldly, I'm not measure and I do make mistakes. Soft then again it's very look to be untrue as far as your own path is drawn in, if everything I be aware of IS untrue, inform on free to grade me in the remarks.

And finally finally (certify, seat thing!) observe that this blog cannot be whatsoever exclusive of you guys and it's the online pagan community (Wiccan or not) that storage space been so great as to also fill and last to fill the formation and protection of sites so this one.

Nickname free to scope me at unexciting any consign :)

P.S. The remarks are incessantly my favourite to read!

(Fountain, I'm leaving now... seriously! :P )

"Between performance on our journey we go on board,to start our path and learn it by heartyet with knowledge endless, considerable and auxiliary,I do wish thee a merry start!"