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Randy Maugans Interviews Nick Redfern Final Events

Randy Maugans Interviews Nick Redfern Final Events

OCTOBER 27, 2010-Author and peculiar researcher, Nicholas Redfern joins us for a circulate all the rage make telephone system along with a indistinct management military-intelligence group called the "Collins Privileged", and the ET/UFO phenomena which they regard to be address "demonic".

By means of direct information in the offing to Abandon by ancient times MUFON investigator and Anglican priest, Ray Boueche; in what can best be termed a wide right-wing religious draw, the group upholds the US is threatened by an pending Satanic sign, and the pastoral be obliged to be fix down under warring law and the citizenry to be found under packed Old Testimonial Law to thwart the "waifs and strays snatching" plans of the demonic horde.

These beliefs, by the Collins group, are a large amount fixed to their investigations all the rage the appointments of Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons' and the "Babalon Increasing" ritual instituted by Crowley and Parsons, tabled with L. Ron Hubbard in the mid-1940s. (See our test."911 And the Crowley Symbols" with playwright William Ramsey for exceptional on this.)

Frozen the scenario outlined by the group, the American Masterpiece would be revoked and the nation to be found under a type of Biblical Old Testimonial theocracy/surveillance authorize with stopped up borders and resolute penalties for interacting with the "demons".

The Collins research moreover delves all the rage the work of experiencer/researcher, Dr. Karla Turner; and references the new (40 A.D.) works of Emil Schneweis' "Angels and Demons According to Lactantius, as well as Edward Langton's 1949 work. "Basics of Demonology", and plentiful other determining works connected to demonic/spiritist apparitions.

How important are the accomplishments reported by Abandon going on for this imply theocratic takeover? Are factions of the U.S. management strong to the standard of a lock down and false amend to Abrahamic-style nation-state? When is the Dense ambush in the ET/UFO paradigm? We find out...

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