Sunday, June 2, 2013

Goddess Of Fire Statue

Goddess Of Fire Statue
Height 8 " graceful and 3" in diameter, this statue presents an artifice submission of the Holy being of Elementary fire. Height serenely stylish the fire, with her eyes blocked and hands upraised, she is clad now in the flames that dance up her dead body and garb her as period a eclectic gown, untouched by the heat of the fire and steadfast in its disguise. With fire deluxe from her hands believe comparable torches, she holds her fingers up as period in a motion of blessing, presenting the neutral and unbearable rank of fire in its full national. Finished out of hand-painted coldness cast resin and accented at the crux with a ring of robust, multi-faceted gems, this statue would find a pleasurable home upon any altar or in any home.

Elementary Holy being of Fire Doll Specifications:

Actions 8" graceful x 3" in diameter

Finished from coldness cast resin

Jam dyed