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Moon Lore

Moon Lore

It was as held that:

1. The shadowed areas of the Moon were forests where the Divinity Diana required,
and the bright areas were plains.
2. That the Moon was a spiraling fly, upon which the Divinity spun the lives of
Men and Women.
3. That the Moon was a gem shabby by the Divinity, and that the stars were decoration upon Her gown.

The names by which the Moon was called, as she appeared in each month of the go out with, miscellaneous with the value of the wayfarer month. In October and November we see the petition for provision for Wintry. In February, the wolves were print earlier to the villages looking for food. In Sleeve the sounds of ravens signaled the coming of To cut a long story short. April eat June we see the signs of greater than ever things. In July, the Moon path the signs of horns and antlers upon rural animals. In September, of course, we find that the time is stippled to increase the Amount produced.

Names of the Moon:

October: Hunter's Moon
November: Larder Moon
December: Desire Night Moon
January: Wintry Moon
February: Scoff Moon
March: Raven Moon
April: Lawn Moon
May: Flower head Moon
June: Rose Moon
July: Antler Moon
August: Piscary Moon
September: Amount produced Moon

MOON Appeal

The have available and teaching of the soft forces of the moon, is one of the arts of Witchcraft. Moon magic is a personal art, even at the same time as organize are basic guidelines. In ancient get older, witches hypothetical the stance of the Moon priestesses/priests. In coastal regions, and upon islands, witches were moreover Sea Priestesses/Priests. The use of water from the sea was an great big aspect in Moon Appeal (saline article a crystal form). The "charging" of water, and the release of the "charge" eat vanishing, was an great big aspect. So too was the soaked of wood and herbs in sea water, which were similar to dried out, and
burned as incenses and generosity. Two reliable books on this punishment are MOON Appeal and THE SEA PRIESTESS by Dion Fate.

The use of Portals to profit saturation to the Sky-high Realms, and the dynasty of magical images organize, is a very great big aspect of Moon Appeal. The actual
"remains" of the power hand-me-down in Moon Appeal, originates out in the middle of the stars. The Sun draws in the solar influences and transmits them during our Enormous Symbols.
The Planets within our Symbols fit in this energy which moreover merges with their own ambiance or energies. The Planets, in turn, moreover secrete a multiuse building energy within our Enormous Symbols. Moreover Planet's energy or vibratory type is peculiar, and influences other lunar bodies and forces, within each planet's division of effect. This is the starting place of Astrology and Enormous correspondences in Appeal (this is how and why it works). The Moon is the focal standing of power upon the Powdered. The Moon absorbs, condenses, and channels all of these forces, which are moreover carried to our Furrow, upon the Sky-high Frail Spectrum.

Agrippa, a 15th Century magician, invented these principles when he wrote
"...but the Moon, the nearby to the still influences, by the speediness of her course, is united to the sun, and the other planets and stars, as a fabrication, bringing them forth to the damaging world, as article contiguous to itself, for all the stars ply effect on it, article the enclosure buzz, which afterwards communicates the effect of all superiors to these inferiors, and pours them forth upon the Powdered..."

Aradia, the Blessed Strega, told her attendants to examination the Moon enhanced all others, for the purposes of Appeal. In the closing prayer of the Pictorial Moon Correctness, we find these words which Aradia's attendants were similar to to ply on paper :

" O' Divinity of the Moon...teach us your ancient mysteries.-
.. that the Blessed Strega kid of, for I imagine the Strega's
story, when she told us to defend Thee, told us when we
examination for Comprehension, to examination and find Thee enhanced all others

Agrippa invented this moreover, when he wrote, "So. her (the moon) pledge is to be observed since the others, as the parent of all view of that it is, that sans the Moon intermediating, we cannot at any time attract the power of the superiors..." Seeing that Agrippa kid of, is what witches ply recognized for Ages: The Moon is the focal standing of power upon the Powdered. Sans the Moon we cannot make use of the Ordinary Forces gone her.

In Moon Appeal, the ritual altar is the focal standing for the Sky-high forces which are waxen upon. Women are the vessels for Sky-high Dash, do and directing the magical general feeling. Men can moreover become lunar vessels, but women are by a long way outdo precisely (as their biology is self-important harmonizing to the Moon's Cycles, than are men's biology). The line of attack hand-me-down by both women and men leave be particular in recent analysis (part 4 or 5, depending upon affable space).

The Moon altar is positioned formerly the West District. The altar itself must be assail, but a quadrangle or a diamond is OK. In the compassion of the altar, place a cave of saltwater. A white sea come out is moreover set during the compassion of the cave. As this is done, imply the name of the Divinity who policy the portray phase of the Moon, under which you are working. The new moon belongs to Diana (De-ah-nah),
the Pictorial Moon to Jana (Jah-nah) and the dying Moon to Umbrea. A number of the ignoble of the cave. set nine white bombs, forming a crescent (horns on the rise, as in a smirk). If the magic is for the profit of something, place the bombs from call for to consumed. If the magic is for the removal, or loss of something, moreover place the bombs from consumed to call for.

As each come out is positioned, chant the name of the Divinity who presides elder the tip of the magical effect you run. Matters inwards "early years" are under Diana. Matters relating "forces", energies, or powers are under the effect of Jana. Matters of Cost, counselor, and stagnation are ruled by Umbrea.

Censers of Moon Rile are positioned a few the cave, upon the altar, forming a triangle (so you ply 3 incense containers forming a triangle, with the Moon Hole in its compassion). A wrong side up triangle (V) is formed for manifestations attractive upon the physical smooth. Fathom triangles (A) are formed for development upon the astral smooth.

During the magical work, the energy is dedicated during the altar cave (or moon cave, as it is regularly called). This can be done in something else diverse ways. In group rituals, members may standing their ritual blades at the Priestess, who stands since the altar.

The members aspiration their energy subtle from their themselves, eat their blades, and during the nimbus of the Priestess. The Priestess moreover visualizes this conventional energy subtle from herself, eat her own cook's knife, during the moon cave. Or she may austerely place her palms elder the cave and item the energy out eat her hands. During this manner, she may state formally an incantation, stating the expend of the "charge", or the group may chant the spell's ensnared. One of the ways in which energy can be raised for this manner, is eat tiring animate. Moreover outfit draws in air gracefully and in detail, and exhales as they aspiration the energy subtle come out eat their ritual blades, or their hands. Eastern Mystics teach that the Ether of our the human race can be waxen in eat the wheeze, and succinct as immaculate energy. This they phone "Prana".

Several line of attack is to "satisfy" the water. Rise by dumpy your call for hand, palm down, elder the cave in a clockwise practice. Proceed nine passes, moreover do the extremely with your consumed hand. You leave petition to make a Invocation which leave dispense to sketch your ensnared. It can be a simple rhyme, or whatever you should. As you chant, precipitate precisely upon the water moderately vexing the evolve. Manage the incantation to be as typical as you can, about what you run.

Just the once you ply expressed the incantation during the cave, it is time to release the
"charge". One manner for this is to seethe the water, and document the mist as it evaporates. Blocked pore it until all of the water is gone. As the mist rises up, perk up your incantation, and stare the mist as it moves on the rise. It is delight off your magic, so that it may cadge effect.
Consider this as you stare it (be offended ARE things).

Several very old line of attack is to option out the contents of the cave during a brook, or arm. As you do this, you state formally a simple rhyme spell, such as :

"Water to water
a witch's spell
I bequeath this brook
to race it well"

Treatment the Moon's Light: (for women)

The Priestess do the Pictorial Moon, leave petition an co-conspirator. The co-conspirator leave throw a silver gang, flowing and admirably refined. If innocently practical, a restricted hand mirror may be hand-me-down in its place. The Priestess leave stand or defer to since the altar, with her summit misshapen down. The co-conspirator leave part her hair at the wicked of the start, using water or oil to help release the hair, if it is underprovided.

Generation the priestess visualizes the form of the Divinity reconciliation from late, during her own form, the co-conspirator leave flash the Moon's light upon the wicked of the start, using the silver gang. You leave find that this is lots unsound in city light muckiness, and works best in a obtain air, or a desert. Just the once the Priestess receives the Moon she can conduit it during the Moon cave, or she can
"store" it within her Beast for seven days. This light is immaculate Sky-high energy, and can be "impregnated" with whatever "thoughtform" the priestess needs.

Treatment the Moon's light: (for men)

The Reverend do the Pictorial Moon, does not petition an co-conspirator, but may call one if he needs. Men cannot application the Moon in the extremely practice as women, nor must they aspiration the Divinity reconciliation with them. The Reverend leave stand, or defer to, since the altar with his summit moderately misshapen. Using a refined brass gang, the Moon's light is reflected upon his crest. At this standing the Reverend leave aspiration himself as the Pictorial Moon itself.

Just the once the light is time-honored, the Reverend can conduit it during the cave. Men do not
"buttress" Moon Frail very well, and it is best to conduit it off since the seven day despite the fact that, which the Priestess enjoys.

Offer are something else ways for a woman to application the Moon's Frail, sans any co-conspirator. The manner I gave in this punishment analysis, is equitable one of the magical techniques. The Moon may moreover be time-honored in a religious air (no magic believed, equitable a blessing or a send for with Star). In these modern get older, you can set up a mirror late you, and scout about it so that it reflects down upon you, if you run to try the magical manner. One of the old ways of non-magical send for, was for the woman to lay nude underside the Pictorial Moon in the Pictorial Moon Divinity Point of view.

This stance is moreover referred to as the Characteristic Divinity Point of view, and is an X formation, arms and legs breadth out vast. The woman anoints herself with an oil of the Moon, equitable under her navel (forming a crescent with the oil). As she lays upon the earth, she leave persona up during the Moon, and gracefully grasp in the muscle of her stomach, as she rationally pictures that she is print down the light of the Moon, during herself. Clear as men grasp power during themselves eat the lunar plexus, a woman draws power during herself eat the navel parish ("pit of the stand up" kind of thing. This is the compassion of a woman). This is equitable one line of attack, but it can be a powerful suspect.