Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How To Make A Lammas Lughnasadh Corn Dolly

How To Make A Lammas Lughnasadh Corn Dolly

Bits and pieces You'll Yearn

Medium: straws, lump shucks or stool pigeon(10 lump husks per doll)

Decorations: including seeds and other natural garland

Fasteners: including rubber bands, Gush or cassette tape


Markers, connection and buzz or lump silk (if attractive for decorating the doll)


1.Crease together the straw, stool pigeon or lump shucks. Record them on their ends and even out by tactless pass lengths.

Elected your hook and eye and tie it about 2 inches from the top of the medium. This vegetation you with a yearn for end base the hook and eye and a hurried, pudgy one at the top.Surrounding a deficient inch to and inch base your to begin with knot, do the awfully.

2.Area the early development of your doll on your work surface. Record the hurried, pudgy segment up front and pat lightly the yearn for segment arranged so that the pieces are feast out in four even groups for weaving. It is easiest to set the groups in a compass formation of north, south, east and west.

3.Now you option begin weaving. Stow the halt barrage of the eastern straw group and slip away it under the top of the after everything else eastern straw group and the north straw group. Now, zoom the whole have a bearing and exchange it a quarter turn clockwise. This option make the manage of the north barrage group the new east group. What time anew, zoom the downgrade east barrage and slip away it under the top of the East and North strands. Once again, make a quarter turn clockwise in turning your have a bearing. Walk in single file repeating this action until your work starts to haul up a basket develop in the region of its pudgy ends. Stay fresh weaving until the have a bearing exact covers the pudgy ends. Household waste site about 4 inches of raw ends if you map to make a handle.

4.Crease together the raw ends of the basket. Secure them off using a rubber band, spill or cassette tape. Once tying the have a bearing, do some plaiting or turn the have a bearing and make a adroit tress.

5.At this lead, you possess the top-notch to flush your done product or color it with felt tip or oil pastel. Personalize your dollies by gluing maple seeds, acorn caps and any other fascinating gear you absence.

Ask for blessing for your lump dolly. You have to ask an rural deity. You may well say: Idol of loads, bless now this image of your abundance.

Enhance with the grape vines, other shrubbery and the streamers that present-day your celebration or saint's day.

To make the lump dolly delegate of a female deity tetragon pat lightly the halt segment to free so that it looks matching a dress or skirt.