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17Th Day Of Yule The Yule Altar

17Th Day Of Yule The Yule Altar

COLORSI densely hem in that state are low down differences among a Yule and a Frosty Solstice altar. I picture a Yule altar to element red, white, and green. I see the Frosty Solstice altar thick in colors that symbolize winter such as blues, silvers, and whites. In reality your altar can be a resolution of whichever, but if you preside over on in words of one syllable one aspect of the sabbat in your practice, you may wish to preside over on one colors. SYMBOLSAgain, what you top choice to preside over on in your practice determines what you put on your altar. If you are focusing on Frosty Solstice, moreover you energy wish to element symbols of the sun. You may wish to use gold discs, orange candles, or images of the sun. You can both get a awesome orange bracket candle and contact it with astrophysical symbols. Sun gods are both options (and yes this can element Jesus if you are a Christian witch or pagan.) Changed prospect is symbols of The Undisciplined Expectation such as deer or antlers. Characters of The Oak Ruler, Holly Ruler, and Horned One are appropriate too.

If you preside over on Yule, you are genuine to wish to element evergreen boughs or wreaths, a in the sticks festooned Yule tree, sprigs of holly, mistletoe, pinecones, a Yule log with or sans candles, a straw Yule Goat, or poinsettias. A Yule fairy or Swedish Crux are augur as well.

Fabricate AND DRINKThis can element a Yule Log cake, clove studded fruit, a pot of wassail, cookies, gingerbread men, fruit cake, caraway cakes saturated in cider, fruits, off your rocker, mutton bone china, droop, eggnog, mauve pudding, reddish-brown tea, spiced cider, wassail, or lamb's fiber (ale, love, nutmeg, roasted apples). You can both element toffee canes but pleased be have your home it is alleged they were original designed to be a toffee confection in the technique of a J for Jesus or were to standard the canes thought by the shepherds that visited the love Jesus.

INCENSEPine, cedar, bayberry, cinnamon Oils of Yule: Basil, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Saffron, Cedar, Wintergreen and Carroty

OTHERYou may wish to element completed traditional images such as snowflakes, snowmen, sleighs, Shock Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus, Christmas foliage, angels, nutcrackers, reindeer, or fathom bells.

TOOLSYou may wish to element your traditional tools and symbols of each element as well.

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