Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You Say You Perform Some Of Your Rituals At The Time Of The Shadow Moon When Is This

Yes, I perform compound rituals at the time of the Tail Moon, utmost drastically my Voodoo Cherub working. The Tail Moon shines down upon the etheric aircraft, and is by chance best seen as an deputy moon to ours, a mirror thought in the clandestine realm. The phases of the Tail Moon are firm to ours, but can in words of one syllable be planned bit in spirit wish.

At the time of the Tail Moon, the air buzzes with sparks of orgone energy on this aircraft, and so this is once I set out for my ritual face. This is a globular grove of foliage on the site of an ancient temple hand-me-down by the Romans and Celts, but shaped from outside by the magickians of the Dreary Britons.

This arrange is powerful and inspirational at any time, but fastidiously so once the Tail Moon is at its termination.

What time dowry, I typically light a negligible fire and sprinkle a spare synchronize infusion of herbs and powders on it. This exciting haze attracts the "otherworlders" and in the same way helps me land the gleaming realm of the etheric aircraft.

Out cold the ruthless light of the Tail Moon, I in the same way recite chants and incantations to draw down the invisibles from the ether. The invisibles, or otherworlders, do life and cheerfulness on the ritual items, such as amulets, talismans and servitor mannequins