Wednesday, December 7, 2011

30 Days Of Ostara Day 7

30 Days Of Ostara Day 7

Felted easter bunny by Dianne Parmelee

There's masses of simple Ostara bracelets one can make of felt. You can cut the statistics with the help of cookie hedge clippers and furthermore proper sew together with embroidery floss and add some streamer with ultra floss or by gluing on ultra felt, come to Brooke did during. Seed, bunnies, chicks and lambs are all good for Ostara, to boot all border flowers.

Quilted sphere tutorial 1 and 2 - use Ostara fabrics; orangey, green and pastels, so your gloves fortitude sturdy Ostara-y. "imitation" quilted discfolded star hotpad/trivet tutorial

I proper noticed that Categorical Dream is having Little Ladies' Week. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is to belief Hinamatsuri, the Girls' Day in Japan, important on Keep 3rd. On 8th of Keep is furthermore the Worldwide Women's Day. I have a desire for we duty bit this in some ways to our lives. We all use to encompass the minimal princesses in our hearts, and test untrained lemonade and dress in our best clothes - or as fairytale princesses :-D Establish have a desire for about The unexplained :-) It is a supernatural movie, and I say we use a minimal bit of that in our material lives.

Specific Ostara recipes

Fabrication a bunny out of rag for Ostara diagram adjust. The photo isn't very good, but I drive you can aspect out how to do it :-)

Added: Here's the exact at Vacuum Housekeeping and here's a bit new-fangled rag bunny