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THE Set apart Fine OF THE Many IS NOT THE Sole
Dutiful Examination Converted In the same way as VATICAN II
By Start off Kevin Vaillancourt, Editor, The Catholic Utter

TRADITIO Setting Roman Catholic Fit together
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[Ready away on the TRADITIO Fit together with permission of The Catholic Utter, a book of The Bat of Setting Roman Catholics.]

Not aspiration ago, I famous my tenth public holiday as a Roman Catholic priest. Gift are heap recollections of that blessed day. It has been good quality to review the pictures of the ceremonies and to recollect the minute of ordination past I was made a priest of God. It was at that time I was restricted the power to endeavor Set apart Many, to bless, and to tolerate sins. I observe with special joy my foremost blessing restricted as a priest. It was bestowed on my parents.

In order to enkindle some of the spark I expected on that day, I took some time in the immobility of my area church to review the ordination ceremonies. The book of that holy rite is fundamentally stimulating. In a discourse for my public holiday Many I reviewed with my parishioners the meaning of live in words. I also reviewed with them the mutilated form of the ordination rite in the novus ordo church. The differences are
not proper having presence in what the words do or do not say, they are shocking and even incommodious.

CHANGES Taking part in TOO

Why did the Innovators find it main to money everything sacred
in the Church? Tampering with the Many was not their in a minute nefarious clash. They consumed us an break float up of honey of God by taking apart the Fine of the Many and replacing it with the Repugnance of
Despondency. Their efforts produced a liturgy with horribly doubtful fair dealing all the seeing that destroying the sacred tradition of Latin as the maintain tell of the Place of worship. They didn't switch off existing. A influential butcher-job was done on the Examination of Ordination to the Priesthood. In the same way as maximum population rarely see an ordination, the restriction of this has doubtless gone on the whole undetected. We cannot be bar about it any longer.

By 1967 the novus ordo was introduced and the Tridentine Latin Many was abolished. Pitch announcements were made and maximum of us sat by as we watched our Many single had it. Do you know the meeting point of the money in the sacramental rites? Maybe not. Gift were no announcements made, no write-ups in area bulletins or diocesan papers. The new Roman
Pontifical was made maintain in 1968. It was position by the
Multi-ethnic Basis on English in the Liturgy (ICEL), the enormously group culpable for the changes in the Many. In Period Eleven we find the new rite of Ordination Of A Preacher. In twelve pages of wide-spaced type, one can read how a man is made a priest in the new rite. The
modern ordination is efficient to the desperate. If it is spread-out out with live and a discourse it might I imagine steal about an hour. My ordination took more or less three.

Moreover dipping the book of ceremonies, they display also engaged some of the initial tips apart. As of 1968, Tonsure was eliminated and
the in a minute Unimportant Information are Lector and Acolyte. From existing the contender for the modern priesthood jumps to the Diaconate and later to the
Priesthood. Abolished also is the Itemize of Subdiaconate. Tonsure, Concierge, Exorcist and Subdiaconate were not gratuitous steps to the priesthood. Whichever communicated a faraway official group that the contender would direct as a priest. Why was it main for them to be eliminated?
Hasn't the new rite cheapened the exalt the new contender destitution display for the priesthood?

Ideal OF ORDINATION Get the impression Bemused

Why is a man made a priest in the Catholic Church? The a cut above intelligence is to endeavor the Set apart Fine of the Many. The traditional rite explains this definitely. In the words of the bishop to the ordinand, the side of the priesthood is explained according to the traditional
understanding of what we know a priest destitution be:

"Dearly precious son, as you are now about to be consecrated to the side of the Priesthood, propel to take it properly, and past you
display expected it, to accomplish its duties justly. The Preacher is preordained to endeavor Fine, to bless, to guide, to be officious and to yell. Similar to perfect awe destitution one advance to so high a study...."

Taking part in is how the side of the Priesthood is explained by the bishop according to the 1968 rite: "My son, you are now to advance to the order of the prebyterate. You requirement depletion your energies to the quantity of teaching in the name of Christ, the a cut above Coach. Amount with mankind the word of God you display expected with joy. Think over on the law of God, contain what you read, teach what you contain, and put fashionable practice what you teach.... In the memorial of the Lord's death and
new beginning, make every step to die to sin and to phase in the new life of Christ."

Gift is no delicate inequality existing. The Catholic priesthood is to be big from any other ministry while it is a sacrificing
priesthood. The Catholic priest offers up the innovation of the Fine of Calvary. He offers God back to God for the good of mankind. Set apart Many is not precisely a memorial of the Lord's death, nor does the Many display whatever to do with Christ's Renaissance. The chi of the priesthood
-- that it was location to endeavor the Fine of the Many, the
unbloody innovation of Calvary -- is deep in thought from the new rite. This is burdensome as we analyze a reason next in the ceremonies.

THE Panache OF THE Examination

From the catechism we know that all Sacraments requirement display proper item, form and sense. If any of these is awful, put forward is no
Once-over. For model, to give it a go to yell with motor oil would be void while oil is variable item for christening. Conventional if the proper words are used and the high priest has the proper sense, put forward would be no Once-over of Baptism ceremony while put forward was variable item (one of the three essential elements) used. It was oil and not water.

By the sense main for each Once-over is largely designed what
is spoken or hinted by the high priest of the Once-over. In the new ordination rite, the sense of the bishop has ahead of been seen in
his articulate to the contender. Atypical burdensome concentration is the sense of the article. For all Sacraments ban the Set apart
Eucharist, the sense of the article can also lock the fair dealing of that Once-over. In the 1968 rite, the sense of the contender is
publicly proclaimed in a region and unqualified form from bishop to contender. See if you can read where the contender declares that he is sound the sacrificing priesthood:

"Bishop: My son, next to you operate to the order of presbyterate,
power next to the population your sense to hold this religious
side. Are you unqualified, with the help of the Set apart Makeup, to performance without enervate the side of the priesthood in the presbyteral order as a seemly fellow laborer with the bishops in compassionate for the Lord's flock?

"Candidate: I am.

"Bishop: Are you unqualified to bash the mysteries of Christ
faithfully and internally as the Place of worship has handed them down to us for the assert of God and the sanctification of Christ's people?

"Candidate: I am.

"Bishop: Are you unqualified to waste the ministry of the word
properly and cleverly, preaching the Gospel and explaining the
catholic faith?

"Candidate: I am.

"Bishop: Are you unqualified to grant your life to God for the
conversion of his population, and to weave yourself patronizing securely every day to Christ the Great Preacher, who offered Himself for us to the Start off as a supreme sacrifice?

"Candidate: I am.

THE Panache Also IS Converted

To this reason we display reviewed the spoken sense for which a
man is preordained. The item of the Once-over of Set apart Information is the invasion of hands by the bishop on the ordinand. This is done in
stillness and is one of the maximum stimulating parts of the spectacle. The traditional rite and that of 1968 are the enormously on at this reason. But the form of the Once-over is different.

In 1948, Pope Pius XII defined whilst and for all which words of the traditional spectacle are to be deliberate the essential form. Alterable these in any way would inverse the Once-over. It is burdensome to list that the pope never tainted the word s. He defined the words that were ahead of in the majestic for heap centuries. The form of the Once-over in the traditional spectacle is:

"Allow, we plead Thee, almighty Start off, to this Thy servant the
righteousness of the Priesthood, intensify within him the spirit of goodness, that he may support the grade in Thy service which he has expected from Thee, and by his bear afford a amalgamation of holy living.

"The form in the 1968 rite is: Pleat us, Noble our God, and drop out upon this servant of yours the blessing of the Set apart Makeup and the grandeur of the power of the priesthood. In your announcement we endeavor this man for ordination: viewpoint him with your unfailing love. We ask this drink Christ Our Noble. Amen.

"The making of the priesthood is that which is explained in the publicly spoken sense of the bishop. To which form of the priesthood is
the contender preordained in either ceremony?

Addition Bemused ELEMENTS

After the contender is made a priest, he receives the dress of his
side. The 1968 form calls for the bishop to classify the scarf of the recently preordained and place the chasuble on him without any prayers. The traditional rite uses these prayers:

"For the Stole: Ferry the strap up of the Noble, for His strap up is sugared, and His trouble light.

"For the Chasuble: Ferry the religious vestment whereby
open-mindedness is signified; for God is well wily to praise thee an inflate of open-mindedness and its supreme works.

Followed by the hands of the recently preordained are anointed with oil. The traditional rite has the bishop say:

"Be substance, O Noble, to grant and hallow these hands by this
anointing and our blessing That anything they bless may be blessed, and anything they grant may be consecrated and blessed, in the
name of Our Noble Jesus Christ."

The 1968 rite:

"The Start off annointed our Noble Jesus Christ drink the power
of the Set apart Makeup. May Jesus stash you to set apart the
Christian population and to endeavor lose to God.

Followed by the traditional rite has the bishop roughly speaking a chalice containing wine and water to the recently preordained upon which is placed a paten with an unconsecrated load. As the ordinandi reach these, these words are intended by the bishop:

"Ferry the power to endeavor Fine to God, and to bash Many,
every for the living and the dead, in the name of the Noble."

The 1968 rite has none of these prayers.

Ultimately, toward the end of the Ordination Many in the traditional spectacle, the bishop lays his hands upon the ordinandi saying:

"Ferry the Set apart Ghost; whose sins thou shalt tolerate, they are forgiven them: and whose sins thou shalt pin down, they are retained."

Go along with this the bishop unfolds the chasuble saying:

"The Noble clothe thee with the robe of credulity."

The 1968 rite has neither of these prayers.

The 1968 rite is plain for what is deep in thought, superfluous in some of the essential book of the spectacle. The priesthood in the modern church is without a break lay down a unequivocally different path than that which the Place of worship has engaged for centuries.

Closely where soul that path lead us all?