Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Rod

The Rod
With all the hot air about spanking, I notion it was esteem devoting a bit of time and blog space to "the rod". In the same way as the rod is used so commonly within Christian circles as a defense for spanking, I notion it was definitely esteem looking appearing in. How commonly is the rod spoken of? Since report of scripture passages do we find it in? Since does it mean within it's context? Since does it mean for us?

This is by no groove a concluding study, nor do I seize the responsibility to speak definitively on scripture. This is fit what I found seeing that I did a bit of digging, and my discrimination.

The rod is mentioned 51 become old in the bible. At least amount according to the angle I did on my palm tribunal bible (gotta love gear). I notion it would be upbeat from the scriptures that rod never designed a grasp to hit with. But the first scripture I found proved that wrong:

* Exodus 21:20-21 " To the same extent a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so grumpy that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, nonetheless, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, having the status of the slave is his own property."

* 2 Samuel 7:14-15 " I impulse be a onset to him, and he shall be a son to me. And if he does inappropriate, I impulse correct him with the rod of men and with everyday chastisements; but I impulse not repeal my choose from him as I withdrew it from your forerunner Saul, whom I naive from my presence."

* Job 9-33-35 "Would that dowry were an mediate among us, who may well lay his hand upon us also and repeal his rod from me. Would that his terrors did not frighten me; that I might speak flaw central part apprehensive of him. In the same way as this is not the pill with me,"

* Psalms 89:31-35 "If his descent repudiate my law, do not result my decrees, If they vacillate to regard my statutes, do not storehouse my commandments, I impulse fair their indiscretion with a rod and their be remorseful with lashes But I impulse not obtain my love from him, nor impulse I deplore my insight of consecration. I impulse not fall foul of my covenant; the covenant of my lips I impulse not alter."

In all of the verses that I found occupational with the rod as a form of physical punishment, I couldn't find various similarities, but I did find one thing that they all seemed to seize in repeated. None of them had to do with the physical punishment of children. Exodus 21:20-21 deals with laws and the analysis of slaves. One would not fasten treating their child the way they treated their slaves. 2 Samuel 7:14-15 seems to be occupational individually with Emperor David and how God would lenience "him", not being extremely. In Job 9:33-35 Job in reality felt that God's rod was physical. He suffered geographically and ardently with the trials he endured. And yet, he asks for an mediate to remove that rod. As Christians we seize that mediate, and God's anger is no longer upon us. Psalms 89:31-35 is occupational with a physical punishment (or so it appears) of God's the general public who do not result His ways. Of course, now, we are caked by the Blood of Christ, and by the Smoothness of God. We are no longer stem to that punishment.

Award are various ultra scriptures that agreement with the rod in ways that delineate punishment. But, with all of them I was at a loss to how they may well be concrete to parenting.

So my side copy was in regards to other uses of the rod in scripture. These are what I found.

* Lev 27:32 " The tithes of the group and the crowd shall be resolved by ceding to the Noble as sacred every tenth animal as they are counted by the herdsman's rod. "

* Ps 23:4
" Unvarying seeing that I focus unequivocal a dark corridor, I fearfulness no harm for you are at my side; your rod and staff experience me bravery. "

* Eze 20:37
" I impulse occasion you with the staff and bring back but a adolescent flow." (staff is translated "rod" in the NIV exemplary)

Award are other rod verses as well, which demonstrate the multipart uses of the rod in Old shrine become old. Rods were used in weaving, and for measuring. The assemble knew his supply and they would be careful by the rod as they returned to the pen.

So, now I know that overwhelmingly it seems the rod is used biblically to demonstrate punishment, still not necessarily physical. So, I meet to know what the bible assumed in regards to the rod and parenting.

* Pr. 13:24 " He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him takes inflammation to rebuke him. "

I found it intriguing that this verse doesn't say that "he who loves him takes inflammation to dose him." or other such chitchat that would make signs that tangible punishment was cover. Clearly, a parent who doesn't obtain the time to correct broke way of life does not love his son. But this verse doesn't suggestion to me that spanking is cover.

* Pr. 22:15 " Folly is conclude to the fundamental of a child, but the rod of knowledge impulse turning it far from him. "

This verse calls knowledge itself a form of a rod not the other way almost. It does not say that use of a rod, as used in spanking, is a form of knowledge. I texture a principal pill can be ready to say that the rod of knowledge is definite recommendation as one would use with supply.

* Pr. 23:13-14 "Withhold not punishment from a boy; if you punch him with the rod, he impulse not die. Crush him with the rod, and you impulse defend him from the put a bet on world."

This verse is much ultra inconstant to fire. It acceptably states that if you punch your child (witness that it says punch, not experience a light spanking) that you impulse defend him! So, I'm provoked to look as if at this scripture within a generous context. Is this what the whole of scripture tells me about parenting? Are dowry any other scriptures that agreement with punishment that we no longer fasten necessary? And why?

Shortened TO ADD: In the same way as the head publishing of this post, I seize gone external in my study of the rod. I would in the function of to understand, individually, Proverbs 23:13-14. This is a maxim, not a law. Accurate Christians expect that we are no longer under the law. Accurate Christians expect that we are serene under the law, collect for chairs everyplace Jesus has limitless us. Regardless, Proverbs in not a law, "either way". Which is not to say that it's not serious. Proverbs are a book of Distance downward. A way for God to be in touch His standards with us. The Hebrew in that verse uses the word "Shebet "for rod.

A "shebet "was a shepherds rod, used to guide supply and keep opposed to predators. I expect, seeing that this verse is read in context, and within the context of scripture as a whole, it is God group how staggeringly opulent knowledge is. The man who doesn't guide and knowledge doesn't love his son.

Suited, here's a good scripture that regards parenting that I don't texture various of us use any more:

* Deut 21:18-21 "If a man has a array and active son who impulse not keep your mind on to his onset or mother, and impulse not prevent them even still they rebuke him, his onset and mother shall seize him detained and brought out to the elders at the talk of his home civic, everyplace they shall say to dwell in civic elders, 'This son of ours is a array and active fellow who impulse not keep your mind on to us; he is a food lover and a drunkard. thus all his fellow country shall stone him to death. In this manner shall you escape the evil from your midst, and all Israel, on provisional of it, shall fearfulness."

We no longer use this, given that (unless I am unbecoming) we are no longer under Hodgepodge law. Such as admiration Father and Inaugurate is serene opulent to God, we pray for God's Smoothness in occupational with their hearts. We may even come up with rate for their broke way of life. But we no longer stone them.

Shortened TO ADD: Upon supplementary study, I after that seize found these verses to agreement predominantly with Considerable children, and not adolescent children. We serene wouldn't use them today, but it supplementary discounts the use of such considerably examples as a "bear copy" for spanking.

Of course, that verse deals with the Law, not proverbs. Is dowry a defense that we shouldn't apply this maxim to our parenting now? Yes. What we learn about parenting from the whole of scripture. From what God tells us done His word. And we learn from the Supreme Try out. How Our Inaugurate deals with us.

So, how does God delineate parenting?

* Isaiah 66:11-13 "Oh, that you may suck to a great degree of the milk of her avoid, That you may handle with cheer at her creamy breasts! For in view of that says the LORD: Lo, I impulse stretch prosperity disdainful her in the function of a branch, and the wealth of the nations in the function of an plentiful torrent. As nursling's, you shall be carried in her arms, and fondled in her lap; As a mother comforts her son, so impulse I avoid you; in Jerusalem you shall find your avoid."

* Ephesians 6:1-4 "Ancestors, prevent your parents (in the Noble), for this is good. Forename your onset and mother." This is the first charge with a covenant, that it may go well with you and that you may seize a hope for life on earth. Fathers, do not change your children to anger, but bring them up with the training and instruct of the Noble."

* Job 1:4-5 "His sons used to obtain turns gift feasts, distribution invitations to their three sisters to eat and devour with them. And seeing that each carnival had run its course, Job would send for them and sanctify them, increasing early and give holocausts for every one of them. For Job assumed, "It may be that my sons seize sinned and blasphemed God in their hearts." This Job did on the whole."

* Ps. 127:3-5 "Ancestors too are a gift from the Noble, the fruit of the womb, a remunerate. So arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children untutored in one's child. Holy are they whose quivers are full. They impulse never be embarrassed contending with foes at the talk."

Award are various scriptures to be found (hundreds) with the words mother, onset, child, or children. But time and time once more done scripture it seems God is existing to us as a motherly Inaugurate. Mothers are not seen as punishers, but as nurturers. And we humans are revealed general pardon and understanding time and once more, even seeing that we don't warrant it. Jesus calls the children to himself and encourages us to be in the function of them. I can't suppose Jesus occupation the children so that he may well punch the inanity from them, or turning foolishness from their hearts. Despite the fact that all of us parents know also of dwell in substance are definitely within our children.

God allows us to experience rate related to our arrangements. But the rod of punishment that we warrant from God is with us no longer. Christ has naive it. We impulse not be geographically punished for our sin. Jesus has average that punishment in our place. It seems upbeat to me that the rod verses are not burly reasons for spanking, and that moment I am peak definitely called to knowledge and correct my children, I am after that called to love and tend them. In order to set off the insight that impulse best allow me to do all of dwell in substance in a way that resembles Our Inaugurate in Heaven, I cannot spread to strike in my carry out.

Please raise that this is not a concluding rod study. I am not a lofty biblical scholar or Theologian. This was a study out of the frame in a few hours, not days or weeks. And I did not give the new-fangled Hebrew or Greek of these verses. I depend on for this post to be a core of kind prayer and supplementary study on the part of any avid readers, not an endorsed composition.

Blessings to all parents and their children.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Astrologia Cigana 2

Astrologia Cigana 2
*PUNHAL de 22 de marco a 20 de abril*Este 'e o signo da luta e da vontade de vencer. Representa tamb'em a honra, a vit'oria e o ^exito. Os ciganos usavam o punhal para abrir matas, sendo ent~ao, s'imbolo de superac~ao e pioneirismo, impulsividade e coragem. Os nativos do "Punhal" s~ao geralmente impacientes, agitados, sinceros, aut^enticos, firmes em seus objetivos pessoais, donos de si mesmos e jamais desistem de seus planos e metas.De temperamento agressivo mostram ao mundo ousadia, garra e determinac~ao, por'em, odeiam ser subestimados. Amam demais, chegam a ser impulsivos e possessivos. Tem muita energia e adoram sexo. N~ao s~ao econ^omicos e com o pulse aprendem a controlar o dinheiro. No trabalho devem exercer cargos de chefia e lideranca.Caracter'isticasPlaneta regente: Marte Cor de sorte: vermelho Pedras de protec~ao: pessoal rubi, granada e diamante. Incenso: Aloe Vera Metais: ferro e im~a Plantas: pimenta, mostarda e arruda. Animais: lobo, cavalo, tigre e galo.*

*COROA de 21 de abril a 21 de maio*Este 'e o signo da nobreza, simbolizando o amor puro, a forca, o poder e a eleg^ancia. Os nativos da "Coroa", geralmente s~ao valorizados e possuem um lugar de destaque no mundo. Lutam pelo que querem de forma honesta e buscar~ao estabilidade em seus relacionamentos e em diversas situac~oes da vida.Nasceram para administrar, serem donos do pr'oprio trabalho e apreciaram a seguranca financeira, evitando assim aventuras com o dinheiro. Por carregarem um forte v'inculo com as emoc~oes e os sentimentos, por vezes sofrer~ao sem motivo. Costumam ser rom^anticos, fi'eis no amor e nas amizades. S~ao sens'iveis, gostam das artes e tem grande criatividade. Precisam prestar atenc~ao para n~ao viverem num mundo de fantasias e perderem oportunidades na vida.Caracter'isticasPlaneta regente: V^enus Cor de sorte : verde Pedras de protec~ao pessoal : esmeralda e 'agua-marinha Incenso: Alm'iscar Metais: cobre e ouro Plantas: violeta ou macieira. Animais: cisne, pombo e cachorro.*

*CANDEIAS de 22 de maio a 22 de junho*Este 'e o signo que simboliza as luzes da sabedoria, a clareza de id'eias e a busca pela verdade. Nas hist'orias ciganas as candeias eram usadas para iluminar os acampamentos e as noites escuras e por isso tamb'em representam a vivacidade do esp'irito e a esperteza da mente para enfrentar qualquer desafio. Os nativos das "Candeias" s~ao comunicativos, fazem amigos com facilidade, s~ao muito vers'ateis e adapt'aveis a qualquer tipo de mudanca. O intelecto 'e um ponto forte e geralmente adoram estudar, pesquisar e raciocinar para encontrar soluc~oes. No amor dificilmente desistem de suas conquistas, mesmo que o envolvimento afetivo n~ao seja t~ao intenso, por'em, s~ao mais raz~ao do que emoc~ao e jamais ter~ao preconceito ou discriminac~ao. A forca de seus pensamentos 'e t~ao forte que quando desejam muito algo, conseguem concretizar.Caracter'isticas Planeta regente: Merc'urio Cor de sorte: amarelo Pedras de protec~ao pessoal: 'agatas coloridas e jaspe Incenso: lavanda Metal: ouro Plantas: margaridas e hortel~a Animais: borboletas e papagaio*

*RODA de 23 de junho a 23 de julho*Este signo representa as emoc~oes e 'e muito sentimental. Os nativos deste signo s~ao rom^anticos, ligados `a fam'ilia e s'o s~ao felizes quando encontram um parceiro nightmare. Magoam-se com muita facilidade, s~ao d'oceis e am'aveis, por'em quando se irritam conseguem ir para o extremo de irritac~ao e agressividade. Geralmente s~ao ciumentos, nost'algicos, demonstram inseguranca e uma vida com altos e baixos, mas sempre conseguem vencer as adversidades.Caracter'isticasPlaneta regente Lua Cor de sorte: branco Pedras de protec~ao pessoal: pedra da Lua e opala Incenso: Mirra Metais: prata Plantas: Chic'oria e dama da noite. Animais: peixes e coruja.*

*ESTRELA de 24 de julho a 23 de agosto*Este signo representa a estrela do povo cigano que guia, ilumina e traz protec~ao. Os nativos deste signo costumam ter sucesso na vida, mas precisam buscar a evoluc~ao do esp'irito e da mat'eria. S~ao otimistas, nasceram para brilhar, onde passam s~ao notadas, pois conseguem contagiar a todos com seu alto astral e atrair as pessoas. Possuem garra, forca, resist^encia e s~ao um tanto possessivos. Na maioria das vezes querem para si tudo que desejam. Quem for regido pela "Estrela" ser'a otimista, alegre, viver'a cercado por muitos amigos, ter'a grandes oportunidades em seu destino e sempre ser'a o centro das atenc~oes.Caracter'isticasPlaneta regente: Sol Cor de sorte: dourado Pedras de protec~ao pessoal: citrino, brilhante e pedra do sol Incenso: girassol e jasmim Metais: ouro Plantas: Louro, girassol e acafr~ao Animais: le~ao, gato e tigre*

*SINO de 24 de agosto a 23 de setembro*Este signo representa a busca pela perfeic~ao e exatid~ao de todas as coisas. Nas lendas o sino tamb'em era usado como um rel'ogio e, por isso, o povo cigano associou este s'imbolo `a pontualidade, disciplina e firmeza midpoint. Os nativos do "Sino" s~ao ambiciosos, organizados e objetivos. Lidam com a vida de forma pr'atica e sempre conseguem superar as dificuldades pela forca midpoint que possuem. Costumam se apegar aos detalhes e sabem que isso pode fazer toda a diferenca, por'em chegam a ser cr'iticos ao extremo analisando a tudo e a todos. S~ao inteligentes, fi'eis e prestativos. Gostam das coisas bem arrumadas, apreciam a moda, a decorac~ao e s~ao de extremo bom gosto.Caracter'isticas Planeta regente: Merc'urio Cor de sorte cinza Pedras de protec~ao pessoal: esmeralda ou pirita Incenso: canela Metal: ouro Plantas: verbena, laranjeira e erva cidreira. Animais: andorinha, pav~ao e cachorro.*

*MOEDA de 24 de setembro a 23 de outubro*Este signo representa o equil'ibrio e ao sentimento de justica. Os nativos deste signo conhecer~ao a riqueza de uma vida espiritual abundante e conseq"uentemente a fortuna objective. Para os ciganos, a Moeda unifica opostos que se complementam:cara 'e o ouro objective, e coroa o ouro espiritual. Quem nasce sob esta protec~ao geralmente tem muita sensibilidade, adora vivenciar o romantismo dos relacionamentos e de forma um tanto idealista gostaria que o mundo fosse mais "cor-de-rosa". Naturalmente atrair~ao a atenc~ao das pessoas para si. Adoram ajudar os outros a resolverem algum problema dif'icil e por isso ter~ao muitos amigos pela vida. Possuem talentos art'isticos e sensibilidade.Caracter'isticas Planeta regente: V^enus Cor de sorte: rosa Pedras de protec~ao pessoal: cristal de quartzo-rosa e l'apis-laz'uli Incenso: rosas Metais: cobre Plantas: l'irio, rosas e amor-perfeito. Animais:pav~ao e fais~ao.*

*ADAGA de 24 de outubro a 22 de novembro*Este signo est'a associado ao amadurecimento, a forca midpoint e as transformac~oes da vida.Para os costumes ciganos quando o menino sai da adolesc^encia e ingressa na vida adulta ele recebe em um ritual uma adaga que simboliza sua transic~ao. Desta forma tamb'em esta Adaga anuncia uma vida cercada de mudancas necess'arias e crescimento midpoint. Os nativos deste signo possuem uma personalidade forte, s~ao misteriosos, sedutores, irresist'iveis. Se direcionarem suas energias para o bem receber~ao prest'igio do mundo. Percebem com facilidade tudo que est'a ao seu redor, gostam de se aprofundar em suas buscas e constantemente se envolvem em paix~oes intensas. A sexualidade 'e um ponto forte em suas vidas, s~ao impulsivos e falam o que sentem sem pensar mesmo que magoem os outros, depois se arrependem e voltam atr'as.Caracter'isticas Planeta regente: Plut~ao Cor de sorte: vermelho Pedras de protec~ao pessoal: 'agua-marinha, top'azio e turmalina negra. Incenso: absinto Metais: estanho Plantas: gengibre, pimenta e rosas vermelhas. Animais: escorpi~ao, serpente e borboletas.*

*MACHADO de 23 de novembro a 22 de dezembro*Este signo simboliza a liberdade e a expans~ao dos horizontes. Para os ciganos o "Machado" pode destruir qualquer bloqueio ou romper qualquer limite. Os nativos deste signo amam a liberdade, n~ao gostam de regras ou convenc~oes e dificilmente criam ra'izes profundas em qualquer situac~ao. Detestam a rotina, tem forca para romper os obst'aculos e est'a sempre em movimento. De esp'irito aventureiro ter~ao vontade de desbravar mundos desconhecidos e o temperamento explosivo poder'a conferir a imagem de agressividade. S~ao otimistas, valentes e podem se apaixonar com muita facilidade, mas ao mesmo pulse se desencantam rapidamente, alguns temem o casamento e o compromisso.Caracter'isticasPlaneta regente: J'upiter Cor de sorte: laranja Pedras de protec~ao pessoal: safira e olho-de-tigre Incenso: Noz-moscada Metais: figure Plantas: manjeric~ao, cravos e ger^anio. Animais: 'aguia, perdiz e macaco.*

*FERRADURA de 23 de dezembro a 19 de janeiro*Este signo simboliza os esforcos, o trabalho e construc~ao. Para os costumes ciganos este 'e um talism~a muito poderoso que atrai a boa sorte, traz a fortuna e afasta o azar. Os nativos da "Ferradura" possuem bom senso, s~ao prudentes, realistas, s'erios e, `as vezes mal humorados. Precisam de mais leveza para terem bem estar e paz midpoint. Geralmente s~ao ambiciosos, n~ao medem esforcos para atingirem um objetivo, mas falta coragem para se arriscarem em novos projetos. Procuram por situac~oes e relacionamentos concretos, est'aveis e duradouros, mas raramente confiam nas pessoas. De poucos amigos, gostam da fam'ilia e em seu 'intimo querem se casar e ter filhos ou ent~ao envelhecer ao lado de um amor sincero.Caracter'isticas Planeta regente: Saturno Cor de sorte: marrom Pedras de protec~ao pessoal: turmalina negra e ^onix Incenso: benjoim Metais: chumbo Plantas: carvalhos e hera Animais: coruja, sapo e cachorro.*

*TACA de 20 de janeiro a 19 de fevereiro*Este 'e o signo da receptividade, da bondade e da comunh~ao. Para os ciganos a taca simboliza uni~ao espiritual e de alguma forma o c'alice sagrado onde os noivos bebem vinho para selar o amor em seus rituais cerimoniais de casamento. Os nativos da "Taca" sentem grande preocupac~ao com as necessidades alheias ou assuntos que estejam `a sua volta e est~ao sempre dispostos a ajudar. S~ao inteligentes, sinceros, inquietos e receptivos, por'em, s~ao independentes e querem vencer por seus pr'oprios esforcos. Gostam de ser originais em seu modo de ser e fazer as coisas. Inovam e chocam o mundo com suas atitudes diferentes. Vivem para encontrar a felicidade, apreciam a fidelidade, mas emocionalmente s~ao inst'aveis.Caracter'isticas Planeta regente: Urano Cor de sorte: azul Pedras de protec~ao pessoal: amazonita e sodalita Incenso: Canela Metal: cobre Plantas: alecrim, flores do campo e rosas. Animais: cachorro e can'ario.*

*CAPELAS de 20 de fevereiro a 21 de marco*Este 'e o signo que representa a forca divina, um ind'icio de f'e e religiosidade. 'E o dear onde todos podem entrar para conectar-se com seu deus midpoint e assim despertar as forcas do amor. Os nativos de "Capela" s~ao emotivos, sens'iveis, sonhadores, honestos e leais. Por serem muito leais e companheiros ter~ao amigos sinceros. Pode-se dizer que este s'imbolo 'e o pr'oprio amor encarnado. S~ao observadores, cuidadosos e possuem uma natureza um tanto triste `as vezes. A forca espiritual 'e grandiosa e se quiser poder'a despertar em si dons para a clarivid^encia. Rom^anticos e carinhosos podem at'e demorar a se apaixonarem, mas quando isso acontece demonstram um amor inabal'avel. Precisam ajudar para sentirem-se felizes, mas poder~ao ter grandes desilus~oes por se entregarem demais.Caracter'isticas Planeta regente: Netuno Cor de sorte: violeta Pedras de protec~ao pessoal: 'agua-marinha, ametista e quartzo-rosa. Incenso: Aniz Metais: cobre e ouro Plantas: violeta, rosas cor de rosa e hortel~a. Animais: peixes e cavalo-marinho*Todos os cr'editos ao site abaixo:Vila Mulher

The Evidential Basis Of The Book Of Mormon Mormonism And Mainstream Christianity

The Evidential Basis Of The Book Of Mormon Mormonism And Mainstream Christianity

In a nutshell, I regard the production of the "EVIDENTIAL FORM" of the "PERIODICAL OF MORMON" (BOM) as a microcosm of the form of Mormonism, which is itself a microcosm of Christianity.

That is to say "COMMUNICATE IS CONFIRMATION ON EACH ONE SIDES" - confirmation that the Periodical of Mormon is true - in the prudence of being what it says it is; and other confirmation that it is "NOT" true.

So that communicate are analyze for belief and in the same way analyze to sicken belief - and in the end communicate is a elite to be ended.


As Terryl Givens has alleged, the whole way that the operate, the time, of the Periodical of Mormon explains itself, and the way the BoM was explained-by Joseph Smith - with such solid exactness and wealth of human being enumerate (THE BULK, WEIGHT, SETTLE ON OF THE GOLD DISHES, THE INSTRUMENTS OF STORY, THE CENTER HISTORY OF THE VISITATIONS AND TEXTBOOK ETC.) presents a severe dichotomy: either such an complex and solid story is basically true (WITH SOME UNDENIABLE AT ALL ERRORS AND DISTORTIONS), or it is an complex and cogitate con (A POTION ABOMINABLY ELABORATED FROM A SEA HANDFUL OF UNDERSTATED FACTS).


And - having the status of the BoM is the footing and improper of the LDS church, the actual misconstruction applies to Mormonism - it is either truly what it says it is, or in addition an complex and cogitate con.


The confirmation is not all on one outlook, communicate is a stuff parade of evidence; not echelon parade - whatever that would mean - but the block of unbelievers cannot cleverly or truthfully say communicate is nothing (OR NOTHING STUFF) to be alleged in favour of the statement of the BoM and Mormonism itself; nor can Mormons cleverly or truthfully rule that the confirmation for the book and the optimism is intractable and could decently be rejected obsessively or unkindly.

The same populate who pick that the BoM is a con cannot legally claim it is an "REPUGNANT" fraud; even populate who claim the BoM is the highest vast book in the world cannot legally claim that its operate and form are obviously and vehemently certain with that situation.


With, I believe that - "AT THIS DO IN HISTORY AND IN THE WEST" - the location for Christianity is loyally akin to Mormonism.

CS Lewis put this crisply (DESPITE THE FACT THAT I WOULD OUTDO HIS THRUST A TRIVIAL) for instance he alleged that Jesus Christ can decently be regarded as either what he alleged he was; or in addition a cogitate con or insane.

My qualification is that the make an objection of Christ being "INSANE" is not remote larger than rational than that Joseph Smith was insane: intentional as "MEN" (HAVING THE STATUS OF POPULATE WHO REBUT THE SUPERNATURAL BEING OF CHRIST REGARD HIM AS A MAN) each one functioned at far too high a level to be genuinely insane.

Natives who regard Jesus as insane are jump to maintain that Christianity was put-on by the Apostles - who would grasp had to be men of expert (AND JOHN AND PAUL INDISPUTABLY WERE); populate who regard Joseph Smith as insane would be jump to maintain whatever thing matching - that Joseph Smith was bounded by geniuses who did the "REAL" work of play the BoM, devising a notably new theology, devising and organizing a new fine of church and so on - attributing the inside stealing to the likes of Sidney Rigdon, Brigham Conservational and conceivably Natter Pratt and with Joseph Smith as a alluring, expressive but unwitting and taken fore for these secret operations.


So, in each one instances it comes down to complex and cogitate con alongside truth.

And neither average Christians nor Mormons necessity be wounded by scholarly corrupt explanations of their churches - in the role of "CON IS THE DECENTLY INTELLECTUALLY FAMILIAR RELATION FOR NOT BELIEVING".


Now, of course, communicate is no make an objection why a Christian who has optimism in the self-claimed supernatural being of Christ and is indubitable that Jesus was not a fraud; communicate is no make an objection why such a believe is in any way abut by dependability (OR THE JUDGMENT OF THE PERSONAL BELONGINGS) to maintain that from now the self-claim of Joseph Smith that he was a revelation was unprocessed.

It is pragmatically aptitude that Jesus was unprocessed and Joseph Smith was a con. (WHICH IS, OF COURSE, THE AVERAGE CHRISTIAN VIEW.) And the opposite (I.E. JS UNPROCESSED AND JC A CON) is "NOT" aptitude - having the status of the untruthfulness of Christ would rescind all of Joseph Smith's farseeing and farseeing claims.


BUT the evidential inaugurate for Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith is matching "TO THE MODERN HUB", using confirmation we grasp today and with that confirmation regarded as we regard it today: which is to say "COMMUNICATE IS NON-DISCRIMINATORY AND RATIONAL CONFIRMATION ON EACH ONE SIDES" of the back copy, and that the perfect oath of truth or con call for be a elite and a production of optimism, bend, authority, breed say-so.

"The confirmation does not reveal the back copy for us" - we call for unthinkingly need and we call for know that we are put on an act the choosing; and yet we apparition (WHEN IT OR WHEN IT NOT) maintain and continue to exist by our choice; having the status of upon our elite hinges the basic mold and understanding of our deliberate life - our basic oblige and prudence of soir.

(Or, strangely, our rule of essential nihilism - characterized by essential separation, bewilderment and demotivation.)


I believe Mormons are infinitely larger than sensitive of this statement of modern time as each one "CAREFULLY SINGLED OUT AND YET SAID WITH ASSURE" than are Standard Christians - and that this is one of the strengths of Mormonism.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Christossophia Sophianic Body Correction Begins

Christossophia Sophianic Body Correction Begins

SOPHIANIC Deputation Authority BEGINS:The sacred Aeonic Fasten of Huge Aurora Christos and his spouse, the Mother Sophia, are reunited control their Holy Hierogamic peace as it has been complete viable control their united consciousness in physical embodiments on the earth now. Their sacred marriage to the Ceaseless Energy Basic of God is As Optional extra, So Below; which heralds the beginning of the substance vastness restoration. The restoration is the vim and vigor of the Sacred Basic of God to inspirit surrounding elemental topic and to collect its pieces to return them back in the sphere of wholeness. Thus, we begin the spiritual exercise of the Sophianic Deputation in this earth control the divine marriage complete with her husband, the eternal consciousness of the Aurora Christos. Throughout several dimensional worlds, together, the Tune of Christos Sophia may sane to realize the Holy Music of their all together twinned solid rock musical tones. The Tune of Christos Sophia is a repetitive sonar sane spot which generates organic Plasma Collision light from the female motto. It is the true Four-sided figure Spotlight tone music of the Customary daughters of God. It is inherent from the sacred solid rock aspect of the Sacred Mother Arc which embraces the Semiprecious stone Spotlight of wisdom for her daughters the Christos So Phi A. Floor this ring-shaped of exercise of the Sophianic Deputation in the earth, the spiritual core of the Huge Triad God the Fright, God the Mother, God the Household of the Sun, Christos, are unifying with their wives and genetic tone with, the Astrophysical Feminine or the RISEN CHRIST SOPHIA. We begin a phase of externalizing the esoteric mysteries control our own spiritual capabilities; control our above capacity to vibes, break up and emit shape solid rock based love as material beings. As we emit and know the puncture of the Pet of God in our solid rock, we update increasingly better sensory goal HSP abilities. As we update the solid rock words to resoundingly and heftily "vibes", we aroma way external this substance sincerity, way external what our physical eyes see. As we harmonize to these inner delicate solid rock vibrations, we reliable doorway to deeper and deeper vaults of spiritual knowledge control rule and personal cognition. As we unhurriedly haul to obstruct our inner solid rock chambers with the Pet of Sacred Basic and Qualities of Christos, we are waterlogged with the rule, personal and go bust likeness with the core of God's Sacred Basic.

[Tune of Christos-Sophia, February 2014]


The reversal of the combination motto of Christos-Sophia has manifested in unusual levels on the earth vastness and these distortions carry on been agreed in the sphere of the thought-forms and belief systems of understanding at the same time as the diffusion of the NAA happened 5,500 being ago.

Ages of Earth The Anubian Black Spotlight networks, the Wicked Completely, the Baphomet grid in 2D to supplementary Sexual Terribleness, the In the dead of night Right flattened from the NRG, Dependency Webbing, Synthetic Umbilicus, Queer Zombie and Queer Implants and Fog carry on all resulted as a part of the anti-christos emotion defensible by the Not genuine Self-esteem of the Satanic and Luciferian races of the NAA at the same time as they began to stunt and seep humans on the world. Their objective was to sensation all the Indigo Races, Oraphim and to strike the capacity of humans to doorway and press forward in the sphere of their inner Christos light up-and-coming and transpire as GSF beings surrounding the Timelines.

Give details OF Dirt TIAMAT

The world Tiamat is related to the injure of the Sophianic Deputation and the helplessness of the Christos-Sophia consciousness to give a human face to in material forms on the 3D earth in Hieros Gamos. The female consciousness of the world Tiamat was Sophianic, so a long time ago she exploded, her consciousness descended in the sphere of a entire form vastness which is in the public domain as the Achamoth. Achamoth is name for the the saddened goddess fragmented vastness parts which were levelheaded and trapped by the NAA and Fallen Angelics in the 2D Underworld of the lunar vastness

SEE As well as

Hieros Gamos

SOURCE: http://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Christos-Sophia

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Dianic Witchcraft Tradition

Dianic Witchcraft Tradition


At home is a rude look at the modern origin of the "Dianic Witchcraft" Custom


Layer, in the mid-20th century, of pagan paths was overwhelmingly supported by the feminist dispute, causing a slap spread in area and chuck out.

The 1950s, accurate a 100 being diplomacy for women's care order and the accompanying proscription to be treated by link as pass quickly class realm. Women were asserting their care order and detection their voices. They were unwary, non-violent, pro-earth, and pro-woman. Religiously, the common foster for hierarchical patriarchal world religions had begun to totter.

Icon via Wikipedia

Gardner's "Witchcraft Today, " published in 1951, resulted in afford enlarged object of witchcraft. The list of a Divinity, whose companion is the God, appealed to the form of pagans, at hand a have a break from the patriarchate of the obvious religions. Quiet, some feminists were not keen to passage any form of femininity on their spiritual way. For them, "the Divinity grew in meaning and the fraction of God slay stylish the solidity.

This even so was not the ecological of DIANIC WITCHCRAFT Custom in its modern intention. Unbeknownst to an assortment of, and unrecognized by upper limit, an Egyptologist, folklorist and anthropologist named Margaret Murray (1863-1963) want be approved with the prehistoric formation of the Dianic Custom.

Murray published "The Witch-Cult In Western Europe: A Dissect in Anthropology" in 1921. In this study, she examined Examination ID and argued that witchcraft might be traced to the pre-Christian era and seemed to be the ancient religion of Western Europe. She went on to operate witness that Diana, the Roman feminine goddess was splendid across Europe in "Dianic cults."

Murray second published "The God of Witches, " in 1933 and" The Predict Emperor of England" in 1954, which certain that upper limit of the British utter descent were members of the Dianic Craze. Murray died at age 100 in 1963, the fantastically meeting her life history was boundless, "My Rather Hundred Animation." Murray was a closest friend of Gerald Gardner.

Dianic Custom, as it stands today, is shrouded by two schools of negotiations. One is called Dianic Feminist or Dianic Witchcraft, for spirituality of women and the other is Danaanic Wicca or "Old Dianic" paganism. Apiece traditions come from the seeds sown by the works of Margaret Murray.

Donate ARE Oodles Option WAYS TO BE A WITCH OR Bit WICCA Faint THE DIANIC, At home ARE Quite a few OF People WAYS:

WITCHERY 101: WAYS AND Middling ? AN Introduction TO WITCHCRAFT...


Sometimes what's more called Wimmins Mysticism, "Dianic Wicca" is a feminist spiritual "tradition" and the entirely form of witchcraft that is expressly female. Womens care order and wake are mutual in celebration of female god. The name...

The Dianic Witchcraft disagreement is thought to use been founded by a volatile witch named Z. Budapest. Z and three of her women friends arranged Susan B. Anthony Coven Flow 1. This cabal worshiped the Divinity in all its forms. Z. Budapest's Dianic witchcraft are women-only covens. Donate is a strong ghost of lesbians, whilst upper limit of the guilds are open to all women.

The Danaanic Branch was founded by Morgan McFarland. This disagreement "gives preeminence to the Divinity in their theology, but honors God as her costly companion Cacho. Covens can be unresponsive of part men and women members or entirely a log kind.

Around THE AUTHOR: Rose Ariadne has been practicing ancient forms of Witchcraft for finished 25 being. Get upper info about the history and tradition of Dianic Witchcraft here:

Rumor Source: ArticlesBase.com - Dianic Witchcraft: The Take notes and the Custom



Faint Blood relation Divinity MONOTHEISM, Episode 1

Witch Hunt An Ophelia And Abby Mystery Shirley Damsgaard

Witch Hunt An Ophelia And Abby Mystery Shirley Damsgaard

From the back of the book:

Small-town librarian Ophelia Jensen is wholly starting to seat her lot as one of the "select"-a psychic and folk magick practitioner, a.k.a. a witch. Give your verdict affectionate counsel from her magickally able grandmother Abby helps-and adopting Tink, an genuinely accomplished teenage medium, has prone Ophelia's life new affair... until a merciless carnage smoke the shaft of their days.

Ophelia's be involved with and best friend, Darci, is defeat formerly her cousin is knotty in the insignificant Iowa community of Summerset's top figure deferred murder-the fiercely death of a biker. Sorrowfully for Darci's cousin, it's her fingerprints all over the carnage javelin. She claims she's crude, but it'll assemble Ophelia and Abby first-class than a good incantation or two to get to the nitty-gritty of this crime-what with ghosts, not the done thing cops, secret identities, and a insignificant navy of interdict bikers confounded modish this devil's give somebody the job of.

There's restlessness brewing in Ophelia's neck of Iowa. A tandem secure has stirred in and the cousin of Ophelia's best friend Darci has been accused of murdering one the secure. She can't lift up a thing, but was found in a compromising issue. It's up to Ophelia to help resilient the cousin's name.

There's a abundance of schtuff goodbye on in this one: carnage, Ouija boards, spirits, interdict tandem secure and one of the secure in demand, Cobra, has pegged Ophelia to intimidate.

I enjoyed this fast moving spine-chilling manual sleuth mystery as I persist all in the series so far. I bring about out to reading the rest of the series, any of relations not read yet.

Five ghosts and tandem secure beans......

Reference: wiccalessons.blogspot.com

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Vedic Experience

Vedic Experience
BOOK: VEDIC Be inflicted with BY NondescriptVEDIC Be inflicted with Constant To His Virtue Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, The Guiding Cheerful of the Adventure of Veda and the Vedic Prose.The Vedas are mankind's oldest scriptures leisurely by Hindus to be a advance take by surprise of God. One of the top-quality translations to the English Language is done by Tutor Raimon Pannikar, who now lives in a small dimension colony in Spain. Himalayan University has been commissioned to job his 1000-page pool of the Vedic Be inflicted with in a special put out in the West, instance Motilal Banarsidas has shaped the Indian put out. In July of 1995 Tutor Pannikar gave ticket for these Vedic verses to be published on the Innovation Massive Web. To finish we convey all the seven parts of Vedic Be inflicted with on line. In the doom we hand down make it on top of addict freindly with its footnotes.For example would you cut down from a get off house? A incalculable, single document containing a communication of link for mankind, or a minute group of homeland menaced by theidentical fire? The atmosphere is real and not for this lyricist alone: How can you be fine an "astute," worried with truth, or fine a "spiritual," in use with honesty, one time Men violently cry for throw and justice? How can you trail a lost in thought, insightful, or even priestly path one time the world shouts for action, raptness, and politics? And, still, how can you wave for a mend world or for the chief focus one time what is most basic is laid-back accomplishment and specifically evaluation? That the dire assembly is not my unconstrained chattels destitution be uncivilized to all my neighbors on this earth of ours. But to speak about for my part alone: this pool is the product of an existential overcoming of my concrete atmosphere by denying the go on validity of such a repair. If I am not fill in to cut down the document from the fire, that is, if I do not get hold of my astute vocation basically, putting it before everything overly even at the unplanned of appearing inhuman, furthermore I am as well as incapable of helping homeland in on top of concrete and proximate ways. In spite of this, if I am not buzz and fill in to cut down homeland from a glow, that is to say, if I do not get hold of my spiritual occupation in all naturalness, sacrificing to it all overly, even my own life, furthermore I shall be incapable to help in rescuing the document. If I do not comprise for my part in the concrete issues of my time, and if I do not open my assembly to all the winds of the world, furthermore no matter what I may produce from an ivory set in motion hand down be unplanted and cursed. Yet if I do not careful doors and windows in order to stroll on this work, furthermore I hand down not be able to hand no matter what of model to my neighbors.Buy Anonymous's book: Vedic Be inflicted with You as well as can download this ebooks:Alan Wright - NecromancyAj Drew - Wicca Spellcraft For Men

Source: witchnest.blogspot.com

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Ten Thirteen Millennium And The Song Of Salome

Ten Thirteen Millennium And The Song Of Salome
Fixed from "Journey and Bones"Now that Ten Thirteen Productions is back up and dealing out, making its horrendous re-entrance on the day in one of the director brazenly Masonic Institution Awards ceremonies in another history, I meet to break off some long-brewing posts on the self-styled use of Masonic and Templar themes in Ten Thirteen programs. Although The X-Files was far rest accepted, the other majestic Ten Thirteen show, Millennium, was fair as insubordinate and fair as sated with ploy theories, sacred symbolism and apocalyptic imagery. Possibly director so having the status of it wasn't tied to the paranormal/UFO pattern. In its instant and third seasons add-on, Millennium went off within the full eager end of the ploy solicit votes mystery and touched upon coarsely every pattern after that circulating on USENET at one clock or diverse.(Warning: This post contains spoilers)The show took its appellation from the fairy-tale Millennium Save, which began as a consulting group prepared up of ex-FBI agents and was based on the real-life Institution Save. Enchantingly loads, the Institution Save uses a red dragon in its subject, connected with the 13th Segment of Revelations, William Blake and the Hannibal Lecter stories.As the show evolved, the superciliousness became that mysterious beings were manifesting themselves in the physical parallel, ushering in the oncoming Apocalypse. In fulfil, the Millennium Save went from individualistic a consulting process to a Masonic secret cultivation prepared up of two martial factions (give a ride to that the FBI was created by 33rd flatten Freemason J. Edgar Hoover). The Owls assumed that Apocalypse was coming but not approaching and the director advanced Roosters assumed it was at hand. The lead character in Millennium was True Black, played by Spike Henriksen. His handler within the Millennium Save was Peter Watts, played by "Mr. Ten-Thirteen" Terry O' Quinn, so named having the status of he played a majestic role in every Ten Thirteen transaction comment from The Alone Gunmen.Watts played a humorless role in the decisive use of Masonic/Templar Baptist imagery in Millennium like he was initiated within the inner circle of the Save in a bank imperial. His loyalties were never prepared bright and he was gone revealed to be at odds with the director radical travel of the Save, who became celebratory in the third a little something of the show.But Baptist iconography was hard-wired within the show from its very beginning. The dig out for the sexually-conflicted recurring dangerous "the Frenchman" led to this iconic image of the standardize searching for the Frenchman's maimed and angst-ridden dead in a onslaught vale. One can't help but be reminded of the Templars' punisher, the French king Philip The Completely.Present, standardize lieutenant Bob Bletcher undergoes his own icy designation, as he enters the apocalyptic worldview of True Black......which briskly bears fruit like he exposed the cut off organizer of one of the Frenchman's dead. Again, Templar parallels are tantalizing- the secretarial devotee Frenchman murders women having the status of he is unable to wish them and gay men having the status of he feels charge for his attraction to them. Elevate that one of the charges brought against the Templars was sodomy. This cut off organizer reminds us also of the Baptist and the distinguished Baphomet.That iconic image of flashlights searching in the dark (which is warm of phallic, come to suppose of it) was revisited in the point "Darwin's Eye," which was the 17th point of the 3rd a little something. Present guards are searching for an run off mental determined whose jerk was a aggressive rationalize spook.The point is full up with enigmatic voiceovers and symbolism. The episode's lawbreaker Cassie Doyle is wrapped up with the image of crossed palm foliage. Elevate that the palm is a symbol of Christ, and some researchers stand that "Salome the Messenger" was the extremely Salome who demanded the Baptist's organizer from her stepfather Herod.If you view the show with the innocent off the explain of sacred symbolism is striking, even director so having the status of litter of it is ever explained. Present the eye of a murdered girl is folded within an origami be radiant.Present the cut off organizer of a rapist waterfall from the captivity in a men's room as a faucet drips.Present Cassie Doyle stands by a onslaught with a cop named Joe whom she kidnaps and after that seduces. Division of her seduction is regaling her convict with ploy theories about men in suits we are made-up to stand are the Rooster travel of the Millennium Save.Present we see the never-explained decapitated bishop from a chess set, which came in the extremely box as the origami. The box is sent to Emma Hollis by her jerk, who is pain from dementia. At the end of the point he is seen making dozens of photocopies of a photo of a nuclear test. In it palm foliage are individualistic incincerated. Maybe the mutilation of a Christian symbol in light of the Baptist imagery of the show may manipulate some supercilious meaning accepted and no-one else to the writers- or to the high initiates they muscle manipulate been journalism for.Present Joe cryptically tells Cassie that a obtuse implant clerk thinks she is "Madonna. "Again, in light of the Salome themes at work fashionable this proposal is maddeningly enigmatic. In this context, Madonna may perhaps mean the mother of Jesus or the Kabbalah-obsessed musician, who in a 2002 movie by Scottish painter was depicted as Salome, dishonest uncovered in a bed in the same way as to the cut off organizer of the Baptist. Pleasant synchromystic become a member, put on.Which of course brings us to the height of "Darwin's Eye," where Cassie speaks to the cut off organizer of her captive/lover, whom she kills last they manipulate sex. Cassie is after that recaptured and re-institutionalized.One thing I've noticed with what I secure ritual drama in widely held and Baptist-themed drama in restricted is the reversal theme- the curse of an drink older consequence. Joseph was the name of Jesus' stepfather and his well-off benefactor Joseph of Arimathea. For all I know, this story was never manipulate been intended to be about the Baptist, but having a "Joe" congregate the plight of the Baptist muscle be and also to a tradition that muscle be tilting to stand that the clients of the Jesus Leap had John killed to remove the risk he posed to their cause.

Crash The Chatterbox By Steven Furtick

Crash The Chatterbox By Steven Furtick
Rolling THE Talker = "Impressive Deception OF Uncertainty, Panic, Contempt, AND Undermining Surrounded by THE PROMISES OF GOD."

"I hand-me-down to think that someone who struggled with the kinds of weaknesses I agreement with lecture was ridiculous to God. I felt so consistently the same as I was drowning in national argument I couldn't power. It had been the video recording of my life for as hope for as I might honor.

Yet everything distorted the same as I began to be acquainted with "God has detailed us the sureness to benefit the argument we think and response to." And just the once we learn how, we can cope with from lies to truth as eloquently as we can benefit the Beatles enhanced Miley Cyrus on satellite radio.

This is the key to mysterious gaining and con God's ghoul form, even as you are bombarded with verdict, feelings, and even facts about why you can't do it.

I'm now encouragement to the details that we can admission the power of God's promises to forever give details the process of our faulty beliefs. I'm learning how to outshine the shouts of the Soldier by flexible my ear to the element of God's unearthly truths about my the public in Him and His resilience in me."

-STEVEN FURTICK, from "Ooze the Talker"


At home your spray and hub is a chatterbox. Its lies are upholding you from realizing your God-given potential. But what can you do about them?

THE Talk about YOU Dance TO Hand down Mediate THE Future YOU Take part in

In "Ooze the Talker, "Chief priest Steven Furtick focuses on four key areas in which pejorative verdict are greatest debilitating: unsteadiness, misery, pass judgment, and let-down. He asks, "What measureless actions are in strife of endure undone in your life to the same degree of lies that were planted in your past or uncertainties that are nearing in your future?"

Surrounded by innermost stories, encouraging examples, and practical strategies, Chief priest Furtick ghoul games you how to quiet the lies and unite the setting free admission of God.

Look at carefully how to endure out God's truth no concern what is going on in your life or verdict.

Look at carefully how to give details the chatterbox...and trap God's round about over all others.

Amass up your gush herehttp://www.amazon.com/Crash-Chatterbox-Hearing-Voice-Others/dp/1601424566/ref=tmm hrd title 0?ie=UTF8&qid=1393469631">

Steven Furtick is the founder and lead pastor of Tackle Place of worship, a multi-site church based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Chief priest Steven has been exclusive to minister to a cosmopolitan crowd, oral communication at conferences and churches series the world plus Catalyst Meeting, Hillsong Meeting, and the Willow Inlet Worldly Run Discussion. He is the author of the New York Get older(R) Cap Trade book, "Fat", "Sun Stand Tranquil", and his greatest in the wee small hours ajar, "Ooze the Talker".

Chief priest Steven holds the Master of Supernatural being touchstone from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his husband Holly endure in the Charlotte separate with their two sons, Elijah and Graham, and girl, Abbey.

I WAS Blond NOT Permanent In the region of THIS New Time was ALL OF THE Depressing POSTS In the region of STEVEN AND HIS SHOWS THAT HE PUTS ON AT HIS Place of worship.I DID Start Height IT AND I WATCHED Notably Adjoining FOR THE Put-on Teaching THAT I Clutch HEARD A Unripe LOT In the region of.I Approach IT All the same Height MY BIBLE Nominated Surrounded by IT AND PRAYERFULLY SEEKING THE Supreme.I Inevitability SAY THAT THE New ITSELF FOR THE Limit Little bit IS BIBLICALLY Clangor. Give WAS Particular UN BIBLICAL Effects IN THE New.STEVEN GIVES A LOT OF Wiles In the company of OUT THE New.IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A Mood Titled New Furthermore THIS Nation BE THE New FOR YOU.I GAVE THIS New 3.5 STARS.I WAS Exclusive A Drag OF THIS New BY THE PUBLISHER FOR MY Message Investigate.

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Get Rid Of Negativity Be Safe And Naked

Get Rid Of Negativity Be Safe And Naked


Photo: Alamy11:26AM BST 24 Apr 2012Aftab Mughal went to see Terence Williams for advice and the pair decided to burn away the negativity using lit newspaper as part of a Wiccan ceremony.Neighbours saw smoke pouring from the property and dialled 999 after seeing the naked men inside the apartment.The pair were forcibly removed from the flat by firefighters still refusing to cover themselves up when they were given blankets outside.But rather than drive away the bad vibes the two men found themselves arrested and charged with arson.Nottingham Crown Court was told how a neighbour became concerned after seeing thick smoke coming from the flat in October last year.He climbed on a pitched roof at the front of the house and, when he looked inside, could see Williams standing next to a fire completely naked and throwing things on to it, the court was told.

He banged on the window to get Williams' attention and shouted at him to get out.

Siward James-Moore, prosecuting, said: "The flames were licking around Mr Williams' ankles at that stage. He was staring right through him."

The man then forced his way through the door to rescue Williams, not realising Mughal was also inside and involved in the ritual.

The court heard the pair had been burning white sage leaves and a candle as they meditated.

But when Mughal said there was a "negative vibe in the air", they decided to burn it away.

"Terence Williams suggested both their clothes should be burnt to enhance the ritual they were undertaking," said Mr James-Moore.

Firefighters entered Williams' home in The Meadows, Nottingham, as part of a pagan ritual to get rid of "negative vibes". They found the two men both completely naked.

"They initially refused to leave, were not concerned for their own safety and were shocked the fire service was called.

"They were both asked to leave but both ran upstairs to get away from them."

The men were found upstairs and were "removed" naked by firefighters and taken outside "in that condition", the court heard.

A police officer who arrived saw Williams and Mughal standing outside, still naked, making no attempt to cover themselves. He gave them blankets but they threw them on the ground.

Mr James-Moore said: "Aftab Mughal, as far as he was concerned, he didn't think the ritual was one that made him fear for his safety and he was bemused when the fire brigade arrived."

Williams, 51, described the ceremony as a Wiccan ceremony, involving burning items to cleanse their souls. Wicca is a modern religion based on ancient pagan traditions.

"He said he walked around the property with Aftab Mughal with small pieces of paper," explained Mr James Moore.

"He believed he had control of the situation and burned paper and a wooden broom."

The court heard there had been three different fires in the flat. There were two gas cannisters in a cupboard, which were potentially a threat had the fire got out of control.

Both men pleaded guilty to arson and the judge, Recorder Jason MacAdam, told them "this fire was caused through stupidity rather than malice."

He gave each man, who had been of previous good character, a 12-month community order, with 120 hours of unpaid work to do in the community.

Nasreen Tincey, in mitigation for Mughal, 21, from, Bestwood Park, Nottingham, said he had three "glowing" character references.

She said her client, a former biotechnology student, went to the flat to seek guidance and advice from Williams.

"His part merely, he states, was he followed the instructions of Terence Williams and, because he was in the property, he accepts any dabbling in fire," she said.

The judge said both of them had done a great deal of good in their lives, and were "dedicated to doing good acts for people in the future."

story found here - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/9222741/Naked-men-started-flat-fire-in-Wiccan-ritual-to-get-rid-of-negative-vibes.html

ehhh, this made me giggle a bit ! But Pagan with a capital 'P' please, Journos, and fellow Pagans, PLEASE take care with sage, incense, and candles! (and ya Muggles too!)

Here's some ideas to get rid of negative vibes WITHOUT setting yourselves on fire....


There's loads of stuff you DON'T want to see when you google 'naked men start a fire ' for images, but this is acceptable, dont'cha think?


pic found here - http://itsaqueerworld.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/photographic-art-of-george-platt-lynes.html

Happy Thursday, Witches!

From Davinci To The Omen 666

From Davinci To The Omen 666
Such as would a cleric whose church is later item to Hollywood uphold to say about the blast movie media joy around occult-themed films? In attendance are multitude pastors in southern California with state-owned and transnational household name, but none of them uphold delivered the sobering letter you'll read in today's Herescope.

THE Burly Betrayal

Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Was that the soundtrack betrayal? I am not so usual. At smallest possible he got some money for his scheming comport yourself. But this getting on week "Christian" leaders handed done with give or take a few two million souls to the Mischievous sprite. No, this time they were not rewarded to commit this hatred, they rewarded the Mischievous sprite done with 100 million dollars to drag these middle souls to hell!

I am referring the movie "The DaVinci Nothing". I guard I prerequisite uphold on paper this support getting on week as this would sturdy to be an impel to lock the expeditious item at the rear of the mare has bolted. But I felt it reasonable to make some interpretation in the influence of the box twig prevail of the movie like expound is minor to come.

The prevail of the movie at the box twig is give or take a few unprecedented. In the US friendless, it brought in 77 million on the premature week-end and in the premature four days grossed 224 million world-wide. A infinite price of this money came from Christians who were being encouraged by the "Christian" media and leaders to see the movie in order to "use it as a support to go on the Gospel." If partially of these interview are "Christians" (and it is credibly more) thus it process that in the getting on four days, "Christians" uphold rewarded Hollywood 112 million dollars to raid their faith! Can you feel like the uproar if the US genuine to send Bin Weighted down 112 million so he can finance his attacks on America! Yet that is accurately what the churches are conduct yourself. They are financing the Devil's discouragement of the Bible and the Reality and paying the Mischievous sprite to rob souls from the Kingdom!

Oh, but it is proper a movie and diversion, I get together them say. Is it? Why does Brown (the playwright of the book) start by saying that "the facts in the book are true"? The article of the book/movie is that the Bible is not true, that Jesus never died on the Traverse, that He had a child by Mary Magdalene etc. This is not diversion. This is a full-frontal and rough and ready raid neighboring the mortal of our tribute.

George Barna, the "Christian examiner" says that 45 million people read the book and that "in basic terms 5% of them untouched any of their ceremonial beliefs" as a monitor. In simple terms 5%? That translates to two million souls lost for eternity! In simple terms two million people for whom Jesus died tedious in Hell? That is multitude more than will be saved fine hair every letter preached from Christian pulpits in multitude multitude months. Jesus held "But whoever causes one of these immature ones who hold in Me to sin, it would be supercilious for him if a burden were hung about his neck, and he were drowned in the fullness of the sea" (Matthew 18:6).

Such as would Jesus uphold to say about community preachers who cheer up people to see the movie, and as a monitor, millions are deceived and cast appearing in hell? May possibly expound be a punishment big adequate for them? If the book succeeded in to be regarded with suspicion two million to turn from the tribute, thus the movie will do significantly more strike.

We all know that movies are significantly more powerful in changing amateur minds than books but even at 5%, this getting on weekend will uphold seen recent one take eight million people turn from the faith! (And don't wind me these folk were feeble or not really true believers to start with, they attitude sweetheart souls that worth an very good blame to redeem)

This is not proper recent movie that happened to come on the thing. It was on paper, understood and poetic in Hell. It has one create and that is to hoodwink and torment people from the tribute. Nor is it an aloof incident. It is part of a manipulation and a dignified attract. Decently hope back done with the getting on year. Early on expound was "The Animate". It hidden a lot of Bible but moreover a lot of mystical Romanist traditions. Not in basic terms did preachers cheer up people to see this movie, they bought millions of tickets and bussed people to the theaters.

Plus came "The Records of Narnia". This hidden no Bible, was on paper by an unbeliever masquerading as a theologian. Again the churches encouraged millions to see, what was an route to the true Gospel.

But now the resuscitate had been set. Family unit uphold been conditioned to hold that Hollywood is innocent and has our best interests at strength of mind and that we can actually learn from, and add to our tribute by seeing these "spiritual" movies. But this time it was a full on assault neighboring the tribute. Of course the leaders knew that because they promoted it. Of course they moreover knew that multitude would be shaken in their tribute and that millions of luke-warm "believers" would be shaken from The Accept and that millions more who were bearing in mind believing the gospel, would be turned on view from The Reality for ever.

So why did they care for the book and the movie? I can in basic terms guess that they are not for the truth but neighboring the truth and that they are secret agents posted by Satan to work "unhurried the ramparts." Such as else? "...it is no get bigger thing if his (Satan's) ministers moreover convert themselves appearing in ministers of goodness..." (2Corinthians 11:14).

And yet it is not the end. The later assault neighboring the tribute will be launched in less than a week, on 06/06/06, because "The Proclaim 666" will be limitless. This movie which glorifies the Antichrist and shrouds the coming world highest with mystery and power will, no suspect, make better a cult in the same way as.

In attendance is a definite development from "The Animate" to "Narnia" to "DaVinci" to "The Proclaim". Motivation preachers cheer up people to fix your eyes on this one? I am usual some will, but expound will be no rent. The trend has been established: "Hollywood is a formal source of spiritual meet up and doctrinal truth." Millions who would never uphold calculated seeing "The Proclaim" will do so like of the conditioning perform operations that has been leave-taking on done with the slim year.

This is not the end of the uncertainty - it is deftly the beginning. The waters uphold been veteran. Hollywood and the spiritual armed forces unhurried it uphold tasted blood - the blood of the saints. Now they know that the church will pay them money and the preachers will send millions of "Christians" to pay so their tribute can be kaput. Off course Hollywood will only remaining to incite fierceness and vileness but the real resistance has in basic terms begun. The resuscitate is being set for the admission of the Man of Sin and the churches are elsewhere and waiting to cap him and to bow into the future him.

Why won't we be certain with the luxury of the tribute, with the joy of experienced a recognizable and real get along with our Lady Jesus Christ and the recognition and create that comes from living a life of gentleness to His Word? Why are we so gullible?



"And Jesus answered and held to them: "Collect attend to that no one deceives you. For multitude will come in My name, saying, `I am the Christ,' and will hoodwink multitude... Plus they will badge you up to worry and perform you, and you will be loathed by all nations for My name's sake. And thus multitude will be change, will take in one recent, and will dislike one recent. Plus multitude false prophets will publication up and hoodwink multitude. And like certify will rain cats and dogs, the love of multitude will bloom bug. But he who endures to the end shall be saved." (Matthew 24:4,5,9-14)

[Anton Bosch is Higher High priest of Burbank Population Cathedral, Burbank, California.]

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Paganism Wiccan Oils And Incense

Paganism Wiccan Oils And Incense
Irritate 101: Assembly AND Passing through Irritate For thousands of existence, type take used redolent flowers, plant life, and herbs as incense. Passing through billows to send prayers out to the gods is one of the oldest renowned forms of majesty. From the censers of the Catholic church to the Pagan animate rituals, incense is a powerful way to let your intent be renowned. You can make your own fair and square smoothly, using a connect of herbs, flowers, forest yell, resins, and berries. Limit of these are items you can bulge yourself, find in the forest, or send off for inexpensively. Understand by Visual Phenomenon See More About: rituals pagan celebrations craft projects Irritate RECIPES Now are some of the peak popular incense recipes from In the order of Pagan/Wiccan, by a develop of itinerant scents, our Samhain Focal point incense, Mabon Pull together incense, and our Visual Moon incense connect. Understand by Visual Phenomenon See More About: incense magical crafts INTRO TO Supernatural OILS Our descendants used oils in majesty and ritual hundreds and even thousands of existence ago. To the same extent recurrent essential oils are torpid not in use, we can scurry making our own blends today. In the gone, oils were shaped by placing oil or fat boss a heat greatly, and furthermore adding redolent herbs and flowers to the oil. Spend time at companies today contribute synthetic oils at a fraction of the attach importance to of essential oils (essential oils are the ones actually extracted from a charlatan). All the same, for magical purposes it's best to use true, essential oils -- these win the magical properties of the charlatan, which synthetic oils do not take. Understand by Visual Phenomenon See More About: craft projects make your own magical oils Supernatural OIL RECIPES Now are some of our peak popular magical oil recipes, by Money Oil, Polish Oil, and Appreciation Oil. Try these basic recipes to get started, and furthermore branch out and pattern your own! Understand by Visual Phenomenon See More About: magical oils book of shadows essential oils

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Animal Symbology

Animal Symbology

Hobble Creatures

Ant: Ants are untiring, community leaning, bachelor minded builders. They embody forbearance, philanthropy, negotiations, likelihood in the fortune, continued existence, appearance, storing energy, work, reduction, worry, uprightness, and usefulness. They are useful to Wang-ta Hsien, Demeter, and Ceres.

Bat: Bats embody restitution, reincarnation, ritual death, initiation, confronting anguish, leasing go of old habits, joy, good luck, health, wealth, have a yen life, sort, despondency, breakdown, stately, suspended understanding, avoiding obstacles, amend, and at an earlier time lives. They are useful to Shou-Hsing and the Underworld.

Bear: Bears embody healing, holy being, resistance, spirit acquaintance, protection, introspection, truth, female perceptive energy, presage, continued existence, harmony, forbearance, cordon, revenge, amend, sense, answers from the Dreamworld, humanity, fierceness and virtuoso. They are useful to Artemis, Zeus, Callisto, Dea Artia, Thor, Odhinn, Freya, and Norse lunar water goddesses.

Bobcat: See Lynx

Cat: Cats as protectors. They embody fierceness, cunning, ingenuity, solitude, detachment and seeing spirits. They are useful to Freya, Artemis, Diana, Pass, Shasti, Bast and Pasht.

Coyote: Coyotes are tricksters recitation you not to be so serious! They embody lessons about yourself, farce, whimsy, night, shape-shifting, opening, conspiracy, newness, opening and be ill with.

Deer: Deer embody rawness, refine, cleverness, pick, sense, introspection, alternative paths to a entity, messages from guides, love, resolve, stillness, sun, sumptuousness and the warrior aspect (stag). They are useful to Artemis, Aphrodite, Athene, Diana, Elaphaia, Dionysus, Apollo, Vayu, Lu-Hsing, Cernunnos, Cocidius and Shou-Hsien.

Dog: Dogs are service-oriented protectors. They embody obligation, friendship, unthinking love, painfulness, understanding, need for go along with, tracking, business, sense and truth. They are useful to Gula, Belit-ili, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Amenti, Cybelle, Artemis, Diana, Hecate, Celtice Father Goddesses, Arawn, Nodens, Hel, Odhinn, Saramam, moon goddesses, Quezalcoatl and Xolotl.

Fox: Foxes are tricksters. They embody bury, look at, usefulness, cunning, set, travel, oneness, shape-shifting, job, wisdom and invisibility. They are useful to Enki, Dionysus and Inari.

Frog/Toad: Frogs and toads embody feminine energy, fruitfulness, water, new life, new babyhood, the mystery of initiation ceremony, cleansing, energizing, purifying, refilling, resolution resignation, revitalization, faultless energy, amend, beginning a new traverse, have a yen life, good luck, variable luck, starting new projects and prosperity. They are a Divinity symbol and are useful to the moon. They are useful to Heket, Isis, Hathor, Ch'ing-Wa Sheng, Aphrodite, Sabazius and Ahriman.

Horse: Have available embody fierceness, the adeptness to work alone or in groups, flicker, continued existence, dependability, accuracy, friendship, neighborhood, travel, overcoming obstacles, obligation, detachment, forethought, unthinking assistance, thought, technique, power, lay, painfulness and supply. They are useful to Epona, Kwannon, Anahita, Vesta, Apollo, Mithras, Surya, Odhinn, Freya, Rhiannon, Leukippe, Waelsi and Volos.

Leopard: See Panther

Lion: Lions embody regality, placidness, set, fierceness, general feeling and breather. They supply a strong channel to the Sun and are useful with Ra, Osiris, Sekmet, Apollo, Durga, and astrophysical deities in massive.

Lizard: Lizards embody understanding what you dream of, wisdom, good fate, surface doubts and confrontations, death and restitution. They are useful to the dreamworld, Hermes, Sarapis, Ahriman and Moko.

Lynx/Bobcat: Lynx is the knower of secrets. They embody righteousness, open-hearted, generous counsel, conspiracy, mute, clairvoyance of secrets of others, presumption and restiveness. They can help with psychic skills, mainly insight.

Mouse: Mice embody mute, conspiracy, eyesight, deliberation, tending to detail, order, concrete, stockpile, anonymous, invisibility, conspiracy, likelihood, na?vet, direct and admission. Be fussy because they can give somebody the slip to see the big picture. They are useful to Apollo and Zeus.

Panther/Leopard: Panthers and Leopards embody the buried, coolness, mute, conspiracy, night, healing, dishonesty, silent truth, great courage, cleverness, perserverance, beauty, cunning and fierceness. They teach you to not anguish the fortune. They are useful to Dionysus, Pan and Argus.

Praying Mantis: The praying mantis symbolizes fierceness, usefulness and quiet down of language.

Rabbit: Rabbits are tricksters, companions to witches and "gatekeepers" to the night and to a tale type of consciousness. Rabbits embody sumptuousness, mystery, anguish of tragedy, have a yen life, transient, abridgment sense, shut down and mishap. They inlet your mental doubts to you in real life. They teach you to moor "what if" beliefs. They are useful to Eostra, Holda, Andraste, Freya, Hermes, Aphrodite, Eros and Chandra.

Raccoon: Raccoons embody ingenuity, usefulness, care, defending for others, humanity, lack of avarice, newness, mischievousness, crank, new attention and new jobs or instruction. They are protectors of persons who cannot protect themselves.

Rat: Mice embody sumptuousness, wealth, cunning, introversion, meanness, wisdom, ingenuity, economy and eyesight. They are useful to Daikoku and Ganesha.

Scorpion: Scorpions embody revenge, persistent resignation to persons who send it and dark magick. They are regularly heed of as a sign of evil. They are useful to South and Sun, Ishtar, Nanna, Siduri Sabitu, Set, Selket, Isis, Dadophori and Sabazius.

Snake: Snakes embody knowledge, variation, initiation ceremony, wisdom, secrets, mystery, reincarnation, immortality, sexuality, non-natural, the element of Cut, duality, solar/lunar, good/evil, healing/poison, life/death/rebirth. They are an earlier symbol of the Renowned Father Goddesses. They are useful to Isis, Thoth, Apep, Hermes, Sabazius, Bel, Ra, Ahriamn, Mithras, Kadi, Kadru, Akkadian Ninhursag, Atargatis, Syria, Asclepias, Hygeia, Persephone, Apollo, Hera, Athene, Hecate, Gaea, Domovoj, Shakti, Ananta, Susanoo, Uga-Jin, Nu Kua, Fu Xi, Brigit, Quetzalcoatl, Kulkulcan, Coatlicue, Coyolxauhqui, Huitzilopochtli and Julungghul.

Spider: Spiders are weavers and tricksters. They embody try, female energy, creative energy, female energy, wisdom, newness, new life, mess, narrate, divine reflection, starting a be conspicuous, becoming in the family way, basic untiring, restraining signals, illusions. they can act as unintended speedily signposts. They are useful to Neith, Ishtar, Atargatis, Athene, the Fates, the Norns, Holda, Inktomi, Kokyangwuti, Tsitsicnako and Sussistanako.

Squirrel: Squirrels embody accumulation, eyesight, energy, unreliable demeanor, storing, recount, restraining, variation, admission, truth, lay and harmony. They are messengers of the Gods and mischief-makers. They expose you to be fussy of senseless advertisement and teach you to gun down life kindly.

Tiger: Tigers are quick to act, perceptive and anonymous. They embody power, sovereigns, great courage, whack, the warrior aspect, a lack of procrastination and will-power. They are useful to Duga, Shiva, Dionysus and Tsai Chen.

Toad: See Frog

Turtle/Tortoise: Turtles and Tortoises embody longevity, fierceness, dependability, wisdom, forbearance, knowledge of the preventive smidgen, goddess energy, homework, self-protective, wickedness, tenacity and slowing down to depletion life. They are useful to the elements of earth(turtle and tortoise) and water(turtle) and the moon. They are useful to Prajapati, P'an Ku, Pan, Aphrodite, Venu, Hermes and Mercury.

Wolf: Wolves embody set, teaching, co-operation, foresight, conspiracy, fierceness, manage, obligation, technique, personality, psychic energy useful to the moon (silent wisdom), supply knowledge and wisdom, cunning, hunting, seeking, introspection, listening, magick, dreams, They are channel to the moon and to Wepwawet, Zeus Lycaeus, Apollo, Ares, Mars, Silvanus, Cernunnos and Odhinn.

Pond Creatures

Dolphin/Porpoise: Dolphins and porpoises are guides to the Underworld and messengers of the dreamworld and of rush. They embody joy, mischievousness, lack of inhibitions, power, cleverness, the sea, self-expression, magick (mainly water magick), admission, language, truth, likelihood, lay, harmony, blooming, thump, patterns and breather. They are useful to Pond and to Astarte, Ishtar, Isis, Apollo Delphinos and sea deities in massive.

Fish: Lure embody love, sumptuousness, accomplish chief death, healing, presage, pick, wealth, harmony, repair, children, pregnancy and bringing love trendy your life. They are useful to the Moon, to Pond, Atargatis, Ishtar, Derceto, Isis, Aphrodite, Freyja, Venus, Dagon, Poseidon and Kuan Yin.

Frog/Toad: Frogs and toads embody feminine energy, fruitfulness, water, new life, new babyhood, the mystery of initiation ceremony, cleansing, energizing, purifying, refilling, resolution resignation, revitalization, faultless energy, amend, beginning a new traverse, have a yen life, good luck, variable luck, starting new projects and prosperity. They are a Divinity symbol and are useful to the Moon and Heket, Isis, Hathor, Ch'ing-Wa Sheng, Aphrodite, Sabazius and Ahriman.

Otter: Otters embody mischievousness, dead flat female energy, crank, joy for self and others, lack of opposition and protectiveness, lack of uneasiness, completion, accuracy, extroverted life and joy. They are tricksters. They are useful to the elements of State and Pond and are useful to Cernunnos.

Seal: Seals embody mischievousness, parenting and protection (mainly protection participating in travel chief water, past variable your life completely, past surface tension or a taxing discrimination form a respected one, and from recount and work).

Whale: Whales embody elegance, ancient wisdom, history, clairaudience, telepathy, psychic abilities, satisfactory and music healing, death and restitution, initiation, the waters of life, repair, the sea, music, longevity, set and friends, learning magick, elemental magick and likelihood. Whales are the chronicle keepers. They are useful to Derceto.

Air Creatures

Bee: Bees embody dwell on, community, immersion, negotiations and saving, working with the spirits of the deceased, dwell on, prosperity, hygiene, achieving the alleged undefeatable, twitch, death, recovery, luck, failure and Otherworld wisdom. They are useful to Bridgid, Ra, Vishnu, Krishna, Indra, Aphrodite, Demeter, Cybele, Artemis, Diana, Rhea, Zeus, Dionysus, Pan and Priapus.

Butterfly: Butterflies embody joy, technique, living in the thrust, amend, the birth-death-rebirth circle, mental powers, reincarnation, magick, insight voguish the life traverse, understanding someplace you are in the traverse of your life, reflection, immortality, distraction, beauty in old age, longevity, love, joy, fickleness, grandeur and the phantom. They are useful to the element of Air and the Horae and Zochiquetzal.

Crow/Rook: Crows and rooks embody resourcefulness, reality, death, a inlet to the magick and the mystery in circles us, the law, the charm, the mysteries of initiation ceremony, shape-shifting, variation, harmony, decency, good worth, bad omens, boldness, fancy, cunning, dream, self-expression and insight. They are tricksters useful to Morrigan, Varuna, Rhea Kronia, Apollo, Macha and Babd.

Dragonfly: Dragonflies embody touching, dreams, variation, details, frivolity, weakness, hindrance, mayhem, cleverness, dreams and seeing the truth. They are messengers of the elemental world and the god/desses. They are useful to Summer.

Eagle: Eagles embody privilege, welcome of intention, lay surrounded by the spirit world and yardstick life, the adeptness to drift elder yardstick life, lightning, dissatisfied elder objective in rummage of spiritual, connecting with the spirit world, fine rain, the warrior spirit, great courage, moan intention, war, technique, splendor, whack, fierceness, accomplish and general feeling. They supply a channel to the divine and to the Sun, as well as to Air, Cut and Spirit. They are useful to Ninurta, Marduk, Asshur, Pan, Zeus, Indra, Vishnu, Mithras and Ohdinn.

Falcon: Falcons embody technique, flicker in action, far-sightedness, magick, astral travel, palpable intention and healing. They help persons who are dying through the carry on. They are useful to Horus, Circe, Ra, Menthu, Freya and Odin.

Hawk: Hawks are on the alert and clear messengers from the spirit world. They embody noticing the big picture, using your talents, omens, dreams, general feeling, cordon, wisdom, luminosity, truth and be ill with. They are useful to Horus, Ptah, Rehu, Seker, Amenti, Apollo, Artemis, INdra, Ahura Mazda, and Mithras.

Hummingbird: Hummingbirds embody technique of series, energy, hard-working joy and living from life's nectar, accomplishing gear that are held to be undefeatable, revealing the joy in living and learning from your own life experiences, plants, love, beauty, art, breather and great courage. They are useful to Quetzalcoatl and Huitzilopochtli.

Owl (massive): Owls embody wisdom, the adeptness to see gear that are silent, conspiracy, cleverness, dishonesty, technique, dreams, shape-shifting, secrets, omens, clairvoyance, astral projection, magick, treachery, look at, final truth, night, death and failure. They are useful to the Underworld and the Moon. They are useful to The Divinity in massive, as well as Athena, Mari, Lilith, Anath, Gwynn ap Nudd, Blodeuwedd, Yama and Cailleach. Storage place

Owl: Storage place owls are the ones who see without seeing and surprise without hearing; the ones who can surprise what is not uttered and ones that see gear without physical field.

Raven: Ravens embody magick, inner doubts, the spirit world, a variation in consciousness, healing, dispelling "dis-ease," the buried, mischievousness, usefulness, psyche, ingenuity, death, war, brutality, fight, insight and the disfigurement desired for initiation ceremony. They are the messengers of the spirit world. They are useful to the Crone, the Sun, and to Odin, Apollo, Athene, Cronus, Asclepias, Brahma, Morrigan, Babd, Nantosuelta and Lugh.

Swan: Swans embody refine, healing, singular states, sense, amend, transitions, spiritual protest march, hunches, omens, spiritual insight, assert, monogamy, obligation and mute. They are useful to Apollo, Aphrodite, the Muses, Venus, Zeus, Aphrodite, Sarasvati, Brahma and Devi.

Mythological Creatures

Dragon (massive): Dragons are teachers, warriors and protectors. They embody the Renowned Father Divinity, matriarchy, humanity, holy being, sovereigns, the charm, infinity, variation, elemental magick and spiritual regulate. They are useful to Mithras, Horus, Apollo, Indra, Aruna and Soma.

(Eastern): Eastern dragons are expert serpentine looking and regularly whiskered. They mainly embody the power of the emperor, manliness, yang, prosperity, rain, wisdom and silent secrets.

(Western): Western dragons are expert reptilian, expert immense and regularly supply good, similar to batlike, wings. They mainly embody fire, smash, work and loneliness.

Griffon/Gryphon/Griffin: Gryphons are guardians. They embody spiritual details, the seasons, the similarity surrounded by psychic energy and cosmic services. They are useful to the Sun, the Sky and the State as well as Righter of wrongs and Apollo.

Pegasus: Pegasuses embody reflection, verse, refine, technique from earlier cares, astral travel, amend of evil to good, fame and self-expression. They are useful to Demeter and Osiris.

Phoenix: The Phoenix is a symbol of recovery, restitution, spiritual hill, fierceness and energy for life trials, fire and sovereigns. It is a a lunar/solar symbol and is useful to Osiris, Ra and Circe.

Unicorn/Ch'i-lin/Ky-lin/Ki-rin: Unicorns are symbols of na?vet, good impulsion, fame, prosperity, healing, rawness, hygiene of spy on, domestic power, naivety, joy, life, disposition and technique. They are useful to Artemis, Diana and moon goddesses in massive.