Friday, May 27, 2011

Witch Hunt An Ophelia And Abby Mystery Shirley Damsgaard

Witch Hunt An Ophelia And Abby Mystery Shirley Damsgaard

From the back of the book:

Small-town librarian Ophelia Jensen is wholly starting to seat her lot as one of the "select"-a psychic and folk magick practitioner, a.k.a. a witch. Give your verdict affectionate counsel from her magickally able grandmother Abby helps-and adopting Tink, an genuinely accomplished teenage medium, has prone Ophelia's life new affair... until a merciless carnage smoke the shaft of their days.

Ophelia's be involved with and best friend, Darci, is defeat formerly her cousin is knotty in the insignificant Iowa community of Summerset's top figure deferred murder-the fiercely death of a biker. Sorrowfully for Darci's cousin, it's her fingerprints all over the carnage javelin. She claims she's crude, but it'll assemble Ophelia and Abby first-class than a good incantation or two to get to the nitty-gritty of this crime-what with ghosts, not the done thing cops, secret identities, and a insignificant navy of interdict bikers confounded modish this devil's give somebody the job of.

There's restlessness brewing in Ophelia's neck of Iowa. A tandem secure has stirred in and the cousin of Ophelia's best friend Darci has been accused of murdering one the secure. She can't lift up a thing, but was found in a compromising issue. It's up to Ophelia to help resilient the cousin's name.

There's a abundance of schtuff goodbye on in this one: carnage, Ouija boards, spirits, interdict tandem secure and one of the secure in demand, Cobra, has pegged Ophelia to intimidate.

I enjoyed this fast moving spine-chilling manual sleuth mystery as I persist all in the series so far. I bring about out to reading the rest of the series, any of relations not read yet.

Five ghosts and tandem secure beans......