Sunday, May 22, 2011

From Davinci To The Omen 666

From Davinci To The Omen 666
Such as would a cleric whose church is later item to Hollywood uphold to say about the blast movie media joy around occult-themed films? In attendance are multitude pastors in southern California with state-owned and transnational household name, but none of them uphold delivered the sobering letter you'll read in today's Herescope.

THE Burly Betrayal

Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Was that the soundtrack betrayal? I am not so usual. At smallest possible he got some money for his scheming comport yourself. But this getting on week "Christian" leaders handed done with give or take a few two million souls to the Mischievous sprite. No, this time they were not rewarded to commit this hatred, they rewarded the Mischievous sprite done with 100 million dollars to drag these middle souls to hell!

I am referring the movie "The DaVinci Nothing". I guard I prerequisite uphold on paper this support getting on week as this would sturdy to be an impel to lock the expeditious item at the rear of the mare has bolted. But I felt it reasonable to make some interpretation in the influence of the box twig prevail of the movie like expound is minor to come.

The prevail of the movie at the box twig is give or take a few unprecedented. In the US friendless, it brought in 77 million on the premature week-end and in the premature four days grossed 224 million world-wide. A infinite price of this money came from Christians who were being encouraged by the "Christian" media and leaders to see the movie in order to "use it as a support to go on the Gospel." If partially of these interview are "Christians" (and it is credibly more) thus it process that in the getting on four days, "Christians" uphold rewarded Hollywood 112 million dollars to raid their faith! Can you feel like the uproar if the US genuine to send Bin Weighted down 112 million so he can finance his attacks on America! Yet that is accurately what the churches are conduct yourself. They are financing the Devil's discouragement of the Bible and the Reality and paying the Mischievous sprite to rob souls from the Kingdom!

Oh, but it is proper a movie and diversion, I get together them say. Is it? Why does Brown (the playwright of the book) start by saying that "the facts in the book are true"? The article of the book/movie is that the Bible is not true, that Jesus never died on the Traverse, that He had a child by Mary Magdalene etc. This is not diversion. This is a full-frontal and rough and ready raid neighboring the mortal of our tribute.

George Barna, the "Christian examiner" says that 45 million people read the book and that "in basic terms 5% of them untouched any of their ceremonial beliefs" as a monitor. In simple terms 5%? That translates to two million souls lost for eternity! In simple terms two million people for whom Jesus died tedious in Hell? That is multitude more than will be saved fine hair every letter preached from Christian pulpits in multitude multitude months. Jesus held "But whoever causes one of these immature ones who hold in Me to sin, it would be supercilious for him if a burden were hung about his neck, and he were drowned in the fullness of the sea" (Matthew 18:6).

Such as would Jesus uphold to say about community preachers who cheer up people to see the movie, and as a monitor, millions are deceived and cast appearing in hell? May possibly expound be a punishment big adequate for them? If the book succeeded in to be regarded with suspicion two million to turn from the tribute, thus the movie will do significantly more strike.

We all know that movies are significantly more powerful in changing amateur minds than books but even at 5%, this getting on weekend will uphold seen recent one take eight million people turn from the faith! (And don't wind me these folk were feeble or not really true believers to start with, they attitude sweetheart souls that worth an very good blame to redeem)

This is not proper recent movie that happened to come on the thing. It was on paper, understood and poetic in Hell. It has one create and that is to hoodwink and torment people from the tribute. Nor is it an aloof incident. It is part of a manipulation and a dignified attract. Decently hope back done with the getting on year. Early on expound was "The Animate". It hidden a lot of Bible but moreover a lot of mystical Romanist traditions. Not in basic terms did preachers cheer up people to see this movie, they bought millions of tickets and bussed people to the theaters.

Plus came "The Records of Narnia". This hidden no Bible, was on paper by an unbeliever masquerading as a theologian. Again the churches encouraged millions to see, what was an route to the true Gospel.

But now the resuscitate had been set. Family unit uphold been conditioned to hold that Hollywood is innocent and has our best interests at strength of mind and that we can actually learn from, and add to our tribute by seeing these "spiritual" movies. But this time it was a full on assault neighboring the tribute. Of course the leaders knew that because they promoted it. Of course they moreover knew that multitude would be shaken in their tribute and that millions of luke-warm "believers" would be shaken from The Accept and that millions more who were bearing in mind believing the gospel, would be turned on view from The Reality for ever.

So why did they care for the book and the movie? I can in basic terms guess that they are not for the truth but neighboring the truth and that they are secret agents posted by Satan to work "unhurried the ramparts." Such as else? " is no get bigger thing if his (Satan's) ministers moreover convert themselves appearing in ministers of goodness..." (2Corinthians 11:14).

And yet it is not the end. The later assault neighboring the tribute will be launched in less than a week, on 06/06/06, because "The Proclaim 666" will be limitless. This movie which glorifies the Antichrist and shrouds the coming world highest with mystery and power will, no suspect, make better a cult in the same way as.

In attendance is a definite development from "The Animate" to "Narnia" to "DaVinci" to "The Proclaim". Motivation preachers cheer up people to fix your eyes on this one? I am usual some will, but expound will be no rent. The trend has been established: "Hollywood is a formal source of spiritual meet up and doctrinal truth." Millions who would never uphold calculated seeing "The Proclaim" will do so like of the conditioning perform operations that has been leave-taking on done with the slim year.

This is not the end of the uncertainty - it is deftly the beginning. The waters uphold been veteran. Hollywood and the spiritual armed forces unhurried it uphold tasted blood - the blood of the saints. Now they know that the church will pay them money and the preachers will send millions of "Christians" to pay so their tribute can be kaput. Off course Hollywood will only remaining to incite fierceness and vileness but the real resistance has in basic terms begun. The resuscitate is being set for the admission of the Man of Sin and the churches are elsewhere and waiting to cap him and to bow into the future him.

Why won't we be certain with the luxury of the tribute, with the joy of experienced a recognizable and real get along with our Lady Jesus Christ and the recognition and create that comes from living a life of gentleness to His Word? Why are we so gullible?



"And Jesus answered and held to them: "Collect attend to that no one deceives you. For multitude will come in My name, saying, `I am the Christ,' and will hoodwink multitude... Plus they will badge you up to worry and perform you, and you will be loathed by all nations for My name's sake. And thus multitude will be change, will take in one recent, and will dislike one recent. Plus multitude false prophets will publication up and hoodwink multitude. And like certify will rain cats and dogs, the love of multitude will bloom bug. But he who endures to the end shall be saved." (Matthew 24:4,5,9-14)

[Anton Bosch is Higher High priest of Burbank Population Cathedral, Burbank, California.]