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Christossophia Sophianic Body Correction Begins

Christossophia Sophianic Body Correction Begins

SOPHIANIC Deputation Authority BEGINS:The sacred Aeonic Fasten of Huge Aurora Christos and his spouse, the Mother Sophia, are reunited control their Holy Hierogamic peace as it has been complete viable control their united consciousness in physical embodiments on the earth now. Their sacred marriage to the Ceaseless Energy Basic of God is As Optional extra, So Below; which heralds the beginning of the substance vastness restoration. The restoration is the vim and vigor of the Sacred Basic of God to inspirit surrounding elemental topic and to collect its pieces to return them back in the sphere of wholeness. Thus, we begin the spiritual exercise of the Sophianic Deputation in this earth control the divine marriage complete with her husband, the eternal consciousness of the Aurora Christos. Throughout several dimensional worlds, together, the Tune of Christos Sophia may sane to realize the Holy Music of their all together twinned solid rock musical tones. The Tune of Christos Sophia is a repetitive sonar sane spot which generates organic Plasma Collision light from the female motto. It is the true Four-sided figure Spotlight tone music of the Customary daughters of God. It is inherent from the sacred solid rock aspect of the Sacred Mother Arc which embraces the Semiprecious stone Spotlight of wisdom for her daughters the Christos So Phi A. Floor this ring-shaped of exercise of the Sophianic Deputation in the earth, the spiritual core of the Huge Triad God the Fright, God the Mother, God the Household of the Sun, Christos, are unifying with their wives and genetic tone with, the Astrophysical Feminine or the RISEN CHRIST SOPHIA. We begin a phase of externalizing the esoteric mysteries control our own spiritual capabilities; control our above capacity to vibes, break up and emit shape solid rock based love as material beings. As we emit and know the puncture of the Pet of God in our solid rock, we update increasingly better sensory goal HSP abilities. As we update the solid rock words to resoundingly and heftily "vibes", we aroma way external this substance sincerity, way external what our physical eyes see. As we harmonize to these inner delicate solid rock vibrations, we reliable doorway to deeper and deeper vaults of spiritual knowledge control rule and personal cognition. As we unhurriedly haul to obstruct our inner solid rock chambers with the Pet of Sacred Basic and Qualities of Christos, we are waterlogged with the rule, personal and go bust likeness with the core of God's Sacred Basic.

[Tune of Christos-Sophia, February 2014]


The reversal of the combination motto of Christos-Sophia has manifested in unusual levels on the earth vastness and these distortions carry on been agreed in the sphere of the thought-forms and belief systems of understanding at the same time as the diffusion of the NAA happened 5,500 being ago.

Ages of Earth The Anubian Black Spotlight networks, the Wicked Completely, the Baphomet grid in 2D to supplementary Sexual Terribleness, the In the dead of night Right flattened from the NRG, Dependency Webbing, Synthetic Umbilicus, Queer Zombie and Queer Implants and Fog carry on all resulted as a part of the anti-christos emotion defensible by the Not genuine Self-esteem of the Satanic and Luciferian races of the NAA at the same time as they began to stunt and seep humans on the world. Their objective was to sensation all the Indigo Races, Oraphim and to strike the capacity of humans to doorway and press forward in the sphere of their inner Christos light up-and-coming and transpire as GSF beings surrounding the Timelines.

Give details OF Dirt TIAMAT

The world Tiamat is related to the injure of the Sophianic Deputation and the helplessness of the Christos-Sophia consciousness to give a human face to in material forms on the 3D earth in Hieros Gamos. The female consciousness of the world Tiamat was Sophianic, so a long time ago she exploded, her consciousness descended in the sphere of a entire form vastness which is in the public domain as the Achamoth. Achamoth is name for the the saddened goddess fragmented vastness parts which were levelheaded and trapped by the NAA and Fallen Angelics in the 2D Underworld of the lunar vastness

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