Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hall Of Records

Hall Of Records
I am stable in divide of villa my Waiting room Of Records for my Craftwork Of A Jewitch blog. Organization now, it contains a Confusion of Cloudiness, nine Grimoires (gates) and a Scroll Of Thoughts - for a make of 11 "categories". Eleven is a chief table and represents personality.


Below is the list of the eleven 2-letter hebrew line I suffer promptly select to attract the gates to the categories in my Waiting room OF RECORDS:

Confusion OF Cloudiness - - idea, being, come out, she, he, it


1 (purification) - - sneak, come, in it, move from city to quiet line of work, entrance

2 (aggravation) - - revoke, targeted impulse, pomegranate

3 (symbolism) - - measuring with one's hand, support, vocabulary board, calm ladder

4 (mindcraft) - - skim, pigtail, associate parts together, course

5 (timecraft) - - miracle, verify, need, test, anointing, consecrating, hoist express, webbing, purposeless voguish a particular place, travel, climb

6 (wordcraft) - - everything, all, accomplish, oppress, assume, keep

7 (toolcraft) - - archetype, express, enlarge, stalk

8 (ritualwork) - - patch up, accomplish, accurate, in position, power, entrust

9 (nite cremation) - - meeting place energy on the road to a object, strengthen, repeat entrust

SCROLL OF Thoughts - - full of life, enthusiasm, perfectly, living, chayah ">Technorati tags: Torah Talmud Torah Judaism Kabbalah jewish spirituality spirituality jewish meditation meditation kabbalah iyunit jewitchery jewitch jewish organism sacred feminine divine feminine shechinah lilith spiritual materialize spirituality kosher spirituality hall of archives grimoires gates sefer yetzirah