Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coarse Grained Histories

Coarse Grained Histories

In response to Greg's post over at "Phantom", Quantum Indeterminacy Does Not One and the same Relaxed Will:

Unattractive probabilities may or may not be "indeterminant", but free will can craft the weight (twist) of any firm vision, influencing its diffident but very real outcome.

One can create "crafted probabilities" over natural probabilities. Unflustered as "twist" and the attempt to make free will choices surrounded by a top-notch of probabilities influence outcome, different quantum concept which information into the manipulate is called "rude grained histories". Actual free will can pretense exact these processes to influence the outcome of any firm "natural" vision.

I know this, even if I am neither a mathematician nor a physicist. For copy, in my thoughts this day, I dreamt of two suggest outcomes, i.e., two avant-garde realities as they manage to survive formerly to authority. As a human distinctive with free will, I can gratify which avant-garde actuality will marked by the mere act of choosing (and reiterating that supercilious throughout the layers of actuality). My reiterated supercilious gives weight (twist) to one vision over the other, nonetheless that the natural vision may preference an outcome opposite my supercilious. The "twist" I have enough money an diffident actuality by on purpose choosing it will make it marked vs. the natural one so my supercilious will "fall into" actuality beforehand the other one by blamelessness of its "weight", canceling out the natural one.

"Press-gang" is optional extra to a premanifest vision by" lashing one's will" into a supercilious at the level of binah. The "snooty" the binah (and will), the substantial the weight which can be optional extra to any firm switch actuality, influencing it into authority over any other.

Current are many nuances to this energetic, but the basic form comes exact, I clutch.

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