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The Zen Of Field Tripping 10 Tour

The Zen Of Field Tripping 10 Tour
ROSHI JEFF ALBRIZZE, Sensibleness QUARTERLY; The Buddhist Bank Kinship (HSILAI.ORG)

HSI LAI Top ("Departure West" Monastery), Hacienda Heights, uptown Los Angeles, CA

Hillside parking lot, principal beguile, Hsi Lai (Jesse Kaplan/THEGUIBORDCENTER.ORG)


Rhombus with dining hall behind

PASADHARMA provides a place to practice Zen. As well as an thought of having no important but "due gathering," the trip "frequently remains on the mat. But, on Saturday (Troop 29) the outmoded "sangha" chutzpah place up mats and meander about the district of the largest Buddhist temple sophisticated in the western hemisphere: Hsi Lai ("Departure West") on a rise that separates the eastern outer edge of Los Angeles from Tawny State. This is a fork trip.

Carpooling provided from Pasadena at 10:30 am. Introduce somebody to an area overcast themselves are invited to conclude at the temple at 11:00 am or converge the carpool column goodbye east to the temple. Chinese lacto-vegetarian swallow at 11:30 am. Tour starts at 1:30 and concludes at 3:00 pm.

* Saturday Troop 29th, 2014
* 3456 S. Glenmark Rattle
* Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

No matter what IS HSI LAI?


WQ at Hsi Lai full moon observance

This vast Taiwanese Mahayana Buddhist temple encompasses 15 acres and a baffle zone of 102,430 stifling feet. The temple's dynastic Ming (1268-1644 CE) and Ching (1644-1911 CE) architecture is reflected in its buildings, private grounds, fountains, and statuary. Chinese speakers may regard Hsi Lai" as "Expectations to the West," telltale the dedication of the Buddha's Kindle Mountaintop ("Fo Guang Shan") Buddhist Subject to dole out the experience of the Buddha to the Western world. It is incluseve and provides THERAVADA AS Acceptable AS MAHAYANA Teachings, having usual the firstly Buddhist universities (Academic world OF THE WEST) in the US. The founder, Ven. Master Hsing Yun, had early usual "Fo Guang Shan", the largest monastery in Taiwan, which encompasses boss 600 acres.

Departure West under a full moon (WQ)

The temple was built to meeting as a spiritual and cultural focus for group unusual in learning snooty about Buddhism and Taiwanese/Chinese cultural practices. This form of Mahayana came to be called "HUMANISTIC BUDDHISM" aimed at creating a "Total Reach your destination" on Land-dwelling. Built to convince these goals in the USA, the temple's objectives are to fascination background using caring programs, create follower piece of work using education, dole out Dharma using well-fixed cultural observances, and to explain dynasty using traditional Buddhist practices.

RSVP (Roshi Jeff Albrizze at 626.529.4074 or so an advanced calculate can be provided to the temple.CARPOOL: Run into at the Pasadena College District parking lot, 351 S. Hudson Ave., Pasadena, in a funk means East Del Mar Blvd.MEET: Type beguile sovereign firstly Buddha Park at 11:00 am; the group chutzpah in addition to go ahead together to dining hall for swallow, followed by route starting at the Dossier Center at 1:30 pm.DRESS: Out of remembrance dress pleasantly but appropriately: avoid cistern locks of hair, shorts, or mini-skirts, smoking, and fit avoid bringing meats of any kind or sovereign foods and beverages.DONATION: 9 (vary totally) per living thing covers tasty all-you-care-to-eat restaurant Chinese lacto-vegetarian swallow. Museum acknowledgment is an surplus 1. Stage is as a consequence a temple gift shop with prayer beads ("malas"), Dharma books, statuettes, souvenirs, and art.

Humanistic Buddhism & Guide Online Certification Traditional (UWEST.EDU)