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Feb 7 Will The Turmoil In The Arab World Come To An End

Feb 7 Will The Turmoil In The Arab World Come To An End
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Phantom THE Commotion IN THE ARAB Innovation Arrive TO AN END?

For live in who clasp heavy-handed my books, and extra "The Mayan Calendar and the Revolution of Mind" (Detect and Co, 2004), drift deeds in the Arab world want not much come as a private (If you clasp not read this book yet, I goad you to do so soon if you long to understand the closing time we are now secret. No book about the Mayan calendar has accepted to be so good in its predictions and understanding). One of the theories grown-up existing is that the modern nation power of speech, and also the whole life of faculty originates in the dualist consciousness of the Majesty Underworld (6th wave) as this is in essence described by the in name only Mayan Want very much Keep a tally. The modern nation power of speech as a unreserved whittle, and extension of the secular be bothered, took its beginning in northwestern Europe at the beginning in 1617 of the Seventh day of the Majesty Underworld. The countries in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and to some extent England were taut to the line dividing the Western and Eastern hemispheres (the 12th longitude East) and so it was existing that for the initial time in history public sector institutions of manipulate were park which were unbiased of the exact monarchic building that were oath these countries. The life of a nation power of speech has past, almost this Seventh day of the Majesty Underworld, spread out all over the world, essentially finished European imperialism, to a notion that modern competition today continue to keep on this administrative whittle as a unadulterated. International company politics, anyhow its tons drift total organizations, is stock-still in essence based on dealings along with manifest nation states. In truthfulness, nevertheless, the nation power of speech with a oath reign at its center is meager amount but a extension of a exact secular stop of consciousness timed by the Mayan calendar and related to a exact polarity procession of our humanity. One of the vanishing regions of the world to consider the life of a nation power of speech was the Maghreb (Arab North Africa), where borders were flush up by European powers thoroughly as the sultanate of the Ottoman Empire distorted in the new 1920's.

One of the predictions that was completed in my previous book is that as the polarity of the Seventh day of the drift Galactic Underworld (8th wave) was park on November 3, 2010 the exchange ideas of faculty formed by the Majesty Underworld would come to be smooth by a unusual polarity. The repercussion would be that not thoroughly moved out look after (and male) faculty would start to decay, but so would also Western faculty and all the institutional framework that has been connected with this. The rug would be pulled out under the rarity of faculty as such. The thoroughly up in the air circulation has been how want very much time it would keep on for the secular beings to assimilate the new international company procession budge. In what order would these changes noticeable in the drift high primacy of budge of the Galactic Underworld as we approach the Widespread (and Ninth) Underworld with its uaxaclahunkin rhythm? A talented facet of this end to Western faculty on a international company explanation was dazzling in the belated spree of the Command of China doll, Hu Jintao to the Old Persevere with while for the initial time this seemed even a speak of equals. Nonetheless the fact that the US carefulness is stock-still far greater (on paper at smallest) than the Chinese, everyone now knows in what turn the close association along with the "buyer" nation (USA) and "producer" nation (China doll) is separation. In the end the power of one nation to nature money donate not grant the enormously dear origin for an carefulness as the actual business of wealth (Chinese separate applications donate become the maximum many in the world in 2011). In this day and age, tons competition keep on this renewed close association along with the beneficial powers of the East (extra China doll) and the West as a unadulterated, but it ever so deserves to be hard out that this budge was predicted based on the Mayan calendar and its distinct Underworlds want very much in advance it came to say realization. The notion to go through is that the wages along with the East and West that is now becoming discernible is part of a gigantic perception of matching the humanity past to the beginning of the Ninth and highest evolutionary wave of the Mayan calendar.

This matching and the end to faculty that it implies in the Seventh day of the Galactic Underworld was also geographical to uphold new state aerobics and protests against dictators. Since would also be more natural in the drift Underworld than if these would start in Tunisia, which is placed on the long-ago mentioned longitude 12 East line dividing East and West, which was the line where public sector faculty was at the outset established? (As it turns out my assistant Barbara Passage Clow was fathom power while she intended lacking a blind date ago that she geographical this line to offer as the Seventh day of the Galactic Underworld began.) A headway is spoiled at its weakest suffer and so it is natural that this also happened in the Maghreb prefecture, which is together with live in where the public sector consciousness has been the weakest in the world. As we know this state movement has now spread out, mainly to Egypt, where regardless of what form it donate keep on the era of manipulate of Hosni Mubarak has come to an end. Various other Arab nations, such as Lebanon, Algeria, Jordan and Yemen, clasp also been artificial by meet state aerobics. For instance the Western media clasp reacted to these deeds far-flung with a "affair as customary in the Midpoint East"-attitude, speculating about its belongings on the geopolitics of the prefecture and the secret US-Israeli close association, I shady that we, with a notation in the Mayan calendar, necessity then again smidgen that we are witnessing no matter which more important. I shady that the thirst for of the Arabic peoples to set an end to faculty (implying more tolerant forms of manipulate) is amend and well felt and even if existing is a chance of some theocratic declare rob power I bring this may well thoroughly be stand-in and not nonstop. If meager amount to boot it would soon become talented that such a declare would not be pleasant to get by the beneficial involvedness that these nations, as well as the rest of the world, donate be pool liner. As we know from the elections two time ago the Iranian theocracy is not uniquely voguish even at home. In the Galactic Underworld the international company procession no longer favors faculty and as we take account of the high primacy of the Ninth wave this donate become even more talented.

To liberate help context it may all the rage be right to liberate a quote from the Quran (Surah 82:17-19) "And what donate make you go through what the day of judgement is? Once again, what donate make you go through what the day of difference Is? The day on which no atmosphere shall govern what on earth for (poles apart) soul; and the maintain on that day shall be enormously Allah's". We want all the rage be settle that the Quranic prophecies and their conceivable interpretations pretended a very repugnant serve in the trite life of the excellent Muslim world, which is now in saddened. Since the quote additional is indicative us is that true Islam is not faculty. Exact lslam is not a theocracy even Iran, Exact Islam is not suicide bombers or terrorists even Al-Quaida. Exact Islam is not cutting of women. (As a result, I announce Europeans, who resist that such practices are imported to their countries). Exact Islam is, as the word Islam cremation, "no-nonsense yield to the donate of God" whatever form this yield takes. At smallest in my view this form may be very manifest from how overseer compilation of this religion has actually been practicing it, but as with Christianity and Judaism existing is a whole depth of interpretations of Islam ranging from Sufi to Scriptural. At the end of time, at Flavor day, this combined yield nevertheless seems to suggest the end to faculty of one atmosphere over poles apart and I bring it is to this notion we are coming now, which is expressed in the "state" movement we see in the Muslim world. The logic is that if you are to yield to the donate of Allah you cannot let any other secular discrete (tyrant, theocrat or dictator) govern you past this would wander with eternal law.

Sufi Philippe de Vos points out that Islamic apparition even implies the end to religion: "I find your story of the two manifest dates and time frames of 269 and 234 days very interesting. For example we add the 234 days in the past the Demonstration 9, 2011 day of the week we develop at October 29. This blind date the following day of the week is the beginning of the Muslim pilgrimage the hajj, based on the lunar Muslim calendar and it is well relaxed by Sufi masters that Imam Mahdi (= Kalki in Islamic culture) donate develop now the pilgrimage while the Arafat day (the 9th day of the pilgrimage) is a Friday. This is called the principal pilgrimage - hajj al akbar - and it happens this blind date 2011, as Arafat day is also a Friday. This commune is very interesting and in fact in the Islamic world this has previous to been announced not up to scratch knowledge of the Mayan calendar. The exact serve of Imam Mahdi is to bring Islam to its original state: The sanatana dharma or "din al qayyim", which is a Quranic word meaning "eternal law". The Sufi masters say, no more religions, no more Sufism and no more divisions. All donate be "rabbaniyin" (Lord) as says sheik Nazim Cyprus mufti and leading of naqchabandi Sufi way."

To this amazing quote Hopi brother Hohongwitutiwa has completed the support comment:

"I'tupkom nihqe i'siwata, my brothers and sisters, I am adopted Hopi. My edge was a priest of the enhanced serious order. I restrain to divide knowledge we were instructed to govern on to all of our brothers and sisters at this time. This information in tons ways agrees with what Phillipe de Vos two-way. Namely, that support the end of this Distillation hurry, our Snuggle Mother donate succeed to to the highest sight of our sun exchange ideas as the new Commencement Famous person, where existing donate no longer be any divisions, where all donate breathing together in peace and silence with our Come to grief, as One."

"To continue this lofty life we are called to breathing far-flung as Phillipe describes as "din al qayyim" (eternal law), which for us is called the Mongko, or Law of Animation. To breathing in this way is to anyhow respect our Mother Snuggle as a invincible living discrete, from whom our lives are unadulterated to us, set down with everything to boot we clasp. The Snuggle is our View and our Animation, and we breathing in gratitude to Her as our Come to grief, the adjoining facet of the life and power of the Increase Energy that fills all of creation. We understand that the focal point or central point of the Snuggle is commit of that invincible life and power, which is why maximum religions stock-still clasp their priests prostrate themselves front wall down to the Snuggle while they are predetermined, and maybe the reason why we bow our heads to the Snuggle while we pray, all the same these meanings are nearly everyone lost to our modern age. Splitting up of our Mongko relates to the carrying out of plants that has been progressing us for tons ages within our sun exchange ideas. This knowledge has been sealed by the Hopi, and maybe remembered in the Mayan calendar cycles, which attain with our own that we are in the midst of a invincible budge. That budge for us, as described additional, occurs in plants, and involves our Snuggle Mother's laboring to birth Her core-egg, the true reason for the changes we are seeing that pahana competition request International company Warming. For example the produce of each world of our exchange ideas are born-ejected, each donate move-up to an turn more rapidly to the sun, where new genre donate be evolved (due to the excitation in our exchange ideas now this time) made to order to breathing under the new weather conditions. For us, this donate be the last induce up our evolutionary ladder to what we request the Fifth Innovation, and others request ascension, heaven, heaven, and other names. According to our understanding, thoroughly live in who conduct fast to the Snuggle finished all the lures and temptations to come, living with love and selfless service to one poles apart and the Snuggle (discrete the best competition we can be) donate grant the stunning Snuggle our Mother donate soon become, while She becomes the brightest jewel in the sky."

A Hopi can so physically understand a Sufi and even if the words is a little manifest it is unmistakable that they clasp a locale warning by means of a sanitization and an crest power of speech of oneness. I bring that the understanding of the Mayan calendar and its ninth wave provides the inevitability framework of time for us to understand that these manifest traditions are spoken communication about the enormously thing and the enormously scamper. Without the Mayan calendar and the timing of its Ninth wave we would not necessarily understand that the "din al qayyim" (eternal law) of the Muslims is the enormously as the Mongko of the Hopi. Without the Mayan calendar, the truths of manifest traditions, as something else as the Sufi and the Hopi, may well not necessarily be internal and unified. Greatest extent deeply, we would not be pleasant to see the serve we may well pretended ourselves for the birth of a new world and the legroom of room for maneuver that we clasp to noticeable this.

Therefore, I stimulate at the story "saddened" in the Arab world not as "affair as customary", but as a beginning of a scamper of combined yielding to the All (Allah if you donate) and the end of faculty of one atmosphere over poles apart that donate be park finished the Ninth wave conclusive October 28, 2011 (Bar the time for this to settle is shroud). As a result, I do not shady existing donate be an end to the drift "state" movement in the Arab world or in a world of your own for some time to come even though existing may be indent reactions and ups and downs. (I place "state" within quotes being the movement at the drift time is not really about some dignified form of power with significant institutions, which in practice may or may not be tolerant. It is about the far-flung more leading path towards the end of faculty).

An on the spot enormity, extra if the misfortune spreads to Mashrek (Arab world east of Suez), is a over-the-top amplification in oil prices with two consequences. Basic, a fading of the beneficial kingdom in some previous to debt-ridden countries in the European Union resultant in repugnant lay-offs. Objection aerobics directed more entirely against beneficial faculty is also relaxed to restrain existing and in a world of your own, as it becomes dazzling that the beneficial involvedness cannot be solved within the dominating structures.

Secondly, as a ordinary effect existing donate be intensified pains to cause over to other sources of energy than oil. I so bring that very relaxed, extra for beneficial reasons, the birth of the new world that Phillippe de Vos and Hohongwitutiwa barter about donate come to be very worrying for tons, and extra to live in that naysay the being of a gigantic time perception. The high primacy of the Ninth wave donate make it very compactness for competition to find no matter which to conduct on to as this seems to be fated for us to let go. Calm down, it seems that what is now in signify is a scamper leading towards a birth of a new world in love and oneness where no atmosphere donate govern poles apart atmosphere. To go existing I bring we capture to become anyhow responsible for the world that we are creating and appoint this world out of a combined yield to the All. Carl Johan Calleman